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How to decorate my house like a model home

How to decorate my house like a model home?

Have you ever gone into a model house and instantly wanted to buy it because of the interior design? Did the house appear to be welcoming? Have you attempted to recreate the look in your own home? Your home was certainly never designed to seem like a model, but every seller wants their home to look like one! 

Model houses are usually welcoming, tidy, and furnished somewhat better than even the most well-designed home in the area, but how do they do it?

You can decorate your house like a model home by focusing on neutral colors, sticking to decluttering to give the minimalist feel, and setting a focal point which is very crucial. Focusing on lighting is also very important. Add some storage, wall art canvases, and you will have the perfect model home.

In this blog post, we will see how to:

  • Neutralize with color 
  • Declutter your home 
  • Focus on lighting 
  • Create a Focal point 

When people come through the door of a model home, they perceive an ideal home. It's impossible not to fall in love! Continue to read this article if you are ready for interesting ideas on how best you can make your house just like a model home. 

Here are a few tips for making your home seem like a model, whether you're selling it or not.

how to decorate like a model home

I) Neutralize with color

The color palette of model homes is usually something you don't notice. That's how they're made! Neutral tones like gray, white, and taupe are used to paint, furnish, and embellish models in order to highlight the home's qualities. Of course, utilizing paintings, throw cushions, or dishware to add a splash of color isn't a bad idea, but neutral hues are the simplest way to make your space more elegant. 

Layer several tints of the same color for an elegant and sophisticated effect if you're trying for an all-neutral outfit. Any wood, such as flooring, trim, beams, fireplace surrounds, window frames, and even brick or stone, may create warm statements inside the modest space with this type of layered color scheme.

To pick colors that are harmonious, follow the advice of paint chip families:

  • Walls should be a lighter color than the upholstery.
  • Choose an area rug that compliments the wood flooring while also being somewhat darker than the walls to make the furniture stand out.
  • Select carpeting that is a deeper tone than the walls.
  • Use items that include some or all of the colors you've chosen to tie the area together. 

II) Declutter your home

We all want to improve. If you want to enhance your relationships, work, or general health, start by creating a well-organized place where you can be the greatest version of yourself. After all, how can you grow positively if your wardrobe is bursting at the seams, your foyer console is piled high with mail, your kitchen sink is overflowing with dishes, and your pantry is overflowing with outdated food? This is when knowing how to declutter your home comes in handy. A well-organized house may increase your productivity levels in the same way that a clean inbox does.

Don't put off dealing with your mess any longer. Use these decluttering strategies to start with a clear slate.

1) Use Storage Wisely

Consider your storage options and make sure they'll work for your home and family. Sturdy hooks work great for jackets, dog leashes, and bags. Make sure the hooks for kids' backpacks and jackets are mounted within easy reach so they may be responsible for their own belongings. If you live in a no-shoe home, shoe racks, cubbies, or labeled containers and baskets will suffice.

how to decorate like model home

2) Fewer Products in Storage

In your wardrobe, quality over quantity stays true, and it can also be applied to your bathroom. Gill says, "Treat yourself to high-quality cosmetics, perfume, hand soap, and bath products because these are stuff you use every day." After all, the more high-quality items you have, the less times you'll need to replace them.

3) Don't Forget About Your Counters

You're not alone if your kitchen feels messy all of the time, but there is a solution. Simply ensure that everything has its own distinct location. Clutter attracts itself to kitchen surfaces. When household goods, mail, and papers do not have a designated place, the accumulation occurs. Take a few minutes to clear out what doesn't belong in the kitchen, and be sure to give stuff like mail and ongoing work tasks a permanent place before they pile up on your counter.

4) Suspend Some Hooks

What, no cabinets? No worries. Hooks are the clutter-control answer you've been looking for in the bathroom. When bathing or cleaning your face, hooks are useful for hanging bath and hand towels, robes, and even watches or jewelry. Don't spend cupboard space on bulky towels if you're low on storage space or don't have a linen closet. Put them away!

model home upstairs loft decor

5) Divide the mess and conquer it

Get everything out before you start to arrange more efficiently. Remove everything from the medicine cabinet and empty drawers and shelves to edit before organizing. After you've finished editing, put additional towels, one-time-use items, first aid, and pharmaceuticals in labeled boxes in your linen closet. In the bathroom, use drawer dividers or shallow containers to keep your supplies and cosmetics tidy.

6) Wire hangers must go!

If you want your closet to feel clean and streamlined, avoid using wire hangers. Instead, invest in a stylish wooden or velvet hanger to quickly elevate the look of your closet. Use identical hangers and arrange hanging objects by kind, style, and color to create a fashionable, streamlined aesthetic. To keep everything appearing clean and easy on the eyes, choose one design and color of the bin or basket for accessories.

7) Go with Vertical Shelves 

If you're short on space, go vertical. You don't have to waste valuable floor space; instead, look upwards to maximize storage. Install wall shelves to maximize vertical space. Fill the shelves with books, jars, photos, and anything else you enjoy looking at on a regular basis. If built-ins aren't a possibility, a set of bookcases can be purchased.

8) Establish Dining Stations

Now is the time to construct a distinct area for your table linens and serving items, if you don't already have one. Set up a station with all of your dining and entertaining requirements, like the restaurant business does. A basic credenza or cabinet, if you don't have built-in storage, is ideal for holding napkins, place mats, tablecloths, candles, serving utensils, salt & pepper, and anything else you need for eating and entertaining. It's usually better to have things close to where you need them, and this basic setup assures that you'll have everything you need when dinner time arrives.

Navy Blue and Gold Wall Art

III) Focus on Lighting

In a dark environment, thoughtful home lighting solutions may improve décor, emphasize corners, and create a cozy mood. Lighting is frequently overlooked as homeowners concentrate on other aspects of house decor. But listen to the experts: lighting is crucial for highlighting different aspects of décor. Understanding the appropriate use and placement of lighting is critical for best outcomes and a house that brightens your life!

Before you decide on your home's lighting, you need to first learn about the different varieties and their qualities. Each style is appropriate for a certain area of the home. 

So here is a must-know list of lighting room decoration ideas that can turn your home into a model house.

1) Go for Ambient Lighting

The major light source in your space is ambient lighting. It bathes your space in soothing light, improves sight, and illuminates a large area. This type of illumination allows you to securely travel the whole room. You'll just trip on the lovely atmosphere, not your possessions!

2) Stick to Accent Lighting 

Accent lighting creates a mood in a room by directing focused light to a focal point. By spotlighting striking objects and obscuring forgettable parts, this type of lighting produces a dramatic appearance. Accent lighting may be used to draw attention to artwork, shelves, furniture, and architectural details in your house. Remember that no two rooms require the same tone and atmosphere, so pick carefully. 

3) Make your Foyer fantastic

Because your foyer is where people first see you, it's crucial to establish a good first impression. Chandeliers, pendants, and wall sconces create a warm, inviting atmosphere by bathing your space in mellow, golden light. Add some accent lighting using focus lights to draw attention to prominent spots. It's a fantastic house lighting concept that really highlights your property.

pictures of model homes decorated

4) Fabulous Lighting for your living Room 

Because the living room is such a variable place, you should let it swing between quiet and flamboyant. Use a tiered blend of ceiling lights, floor lamps, and table lamps to provide effective illumination. Install dimmers to adjust the ambiance to your preferences.

5) Decorate your Dining Room with perfect Lighting 

It's a good idea to give your dining area a casual, off-duty atmosphere because it's a location dedicated for personal meals and friendly discussion. Install dimmers, just like in the living room, to instantly convert your environment from diner chic to dinner party grandeur. Over your dining table, hang a striking chandelier or pendant, and use floor lights to set the mood. If you just have one electrical outlet for a fan, look for one with built-in accent lights. There's no better way to make a statement in your dining room than with a statement lamp.

6) Pay Attention to your Kitchen Lighting 

The kitchen lighting ought to be a class in utility, but don't be afraid to add some style to the mix as well. So that your counters are well-lit when you're in the middle of a culinary adventure, choose fixtures that are practical, task-focused, and downward-facing. To emphasize your counter space and highlight shadowy regions, consider using under-cabinet lighting. Choose a pendant as your main ambient element to add depth and clarity to your ceiling.

The lighting in model homes is always quite bright. Of course, this makes spaces appear larger and more open, but lighting may also be utilized to attract attention to unique design elements such as backsplash tiles or stunning art. Increase the number of lighting options in your spaces, especially if you're solely utilizing overhead lighting. You'll immediately notice a significant change.

Turning your house into a model home doesn't have to be expensive, and it doesn't require exceptional architectural skills. A few easy methods will help you turn your house into a model house!

interior decorator for model homes

IV) Create a Focal Point

A focal point, such as a window or a fireplace, is a natural area for your eye to travel in a space. Do you lack a clear focus point? After that, make one. A major piece of art or a wall display will undoubtedly become the focus of attention. The goal of model home décor is to create drama, which is exactly what a focal point achieves. Why not make it special? It sets the tone. 

Here are some few ways to create a focal point: 

  • Beautiful curtains positioned towards the ceiling can be used to enclose a window with a view for maximum wow value. Ensure that the view is not obstructed by furniture or a television.
  • If your main point is a fireplace, try using accent paint or wallpaper to decorate the wall surrounding it. Above the fireplace, hang a beautiful wall hanging or a family portrait. To frame the fireplace, build a gorgeous mantel.
  • If you're improvising, place a beautiful old armoire or cabinet in the middle of the wall and hang a wall art exhibit above it. Make a collage out of enlarged family photographs or special moments. Make sure the frames are appropriate for your theme.
  • Create a focal point in your bedroom with a headboard and artwork.

The purpose of a focal point is to balance the space. Create at least one seating group that faces your main point when arranging your furnishings. Now sit back and take in the scenery!

Navy Blue Canvas Wall Art

Decorating your home to the highest quality implies decorating it like a model home. With these few tips, you may take your house to the next level and enjoy your surroundings.

Make your home interior even more beautiful by adding some wall art canvases, which you can find on our online store. 

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The mood and ambiance of your house are determined by the way it is decorated. Home décor reflects your personality and lifestyle. A tastefully furnished house may successfully relax you and relieve worry. The décor in the various rooms makes them more inviting and pleasant. This is why it is essential to decorate and maintain your property in good condition.

See you soon.

Splash of Arts Team.