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About Us

Why choose Splash of Arts ?

Choosing Splash of Arts is deciding to let color into your life. An incredible choice of exclusive artworks is presented to you to decorate your home

Our focus is to make art accessible to all by breaking the usual rules of the industry. Our mission : illuminate all your rooms and bring a touch of freshness to your walls.

Our paintings and accessories will create a unique atmosphere and identity that will be envied at home or even at your place of work.

wall art team

Our mission: embellish the walls in as many apartments & houses as possible

We offer thousands of wall art to motivate you throughout your day.

Splash of Art started as a project of two art enthusiasts in 2018, and today we are the fastest growing digital art company in Sweden. Our artworks are displayed in thousands of spaces, offices and/or places of all kinds and we thank you for that.

We are dedicated to producing affordable, high quality canvas prints that will make you sit and contemplate them all day long.

email to contact@splash-of-arts.com 

you can also call us at : +1 (408) 548-8959

Our FAQ page covers a lot of common questions about our products, so be sure to check it out first.