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how to decorate a navy blue wall

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How to decorate a navy blue wall ?

You have just painted your wall in navy blue, but you don't know how to decorate it? Or maybe you don't know what other colors to use? 

Navy blue is a trendy choice for deep tones that may work wonders in a space to create a comfortable, inviting sense. Use it as a backdrop for dramatic color and pattern, or pair it with soft neutrals to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Navy blue is a warm approach to embrace on-trend dark side tones like gray. It's sophisticated, clever, and pretty darn seductive. It also has a luxurious vibe to it, as seen by all the châteaux and grand mansions when it is paired with abundance of gold or utilized as a backdrop to Old Master collections. 

You can decorate your lovely navy blue wall by pairing with certain colors to prettify it, like white, orange or gold for example. You can also go halfway or even showcase some little wall art canvases. Feel free to add some colorful furniture like a red sofa, a blue closet or a brown table.

In this article, there’s going to be a clearer understanding on how best to decorate a navy blue wall, these points are listed below: 

  • Color combinations with Navy Blue wall
  • Halfway up or down with any preferred color
  • Incorporating Artwork
  • Using Navy Blue differently on walls 

Navy blue offers a welcoming, cocooning sense since it is on the warmer side of the blue spectrum. This is due to the fact that all blues inspire emotions of peace and tranquility while also boosting attention, making navy the ideal antidote to our nonstop lifestyles. 

See how best to decorate a navy blue wall in your house with these ideas.

navy blue and white wall decor

1) Color combinations with Navy Blue wall 

Navy blue is a versatile shade that fits to most color schemes and decor styles, thanks to its powerful presence and classic-meets-cozy appeal. Its dark tones draw the eye in, making brighter colors sparkle, and complementing coastal, classic, and modern interiors. Although navy blue has many advantages, it is a fairly dark hue that has to be balanced to avoid overpowering and creating depressing, closed-in room designs.

Overall, navy color combinations should be bright, clear, and crisp. Dusty purple, hunter green, and maroon are black-shaded colors that match navy's strength but will fade when coupled with the dark-blue hue. Fortunately, navy blue pairs well with a variety of colors, including mustard yellow, hot pink, cherry red, and even metallic gold. 

Here's how to put together a navy blue color scheme.

A) Orange and navy blue

The color wheel can help you figure out what colors work well with navy blue. Look to blue's opposite on the color wheel for a complimentary color scheme. The flaming red adds warmth to the navy blue, which is cold and deep.

Use a medium-tone orange, such as tangerine or papaya, to create a bright, vivid appearance that will stand up to its dark counterpart. In coastal-style interiors, lighter colors like coral or melon create lovely accent colors.

B) White with navy blue

Imagine whitecaps breaking above dark blue waves, and you'll understand why whites and navy blue work so well together. White is a traditional high-contrast mate that brightens navy and shows off the deep color. To create an invigorating appearance, pair navy blue furniture, door, or cabinets with clean white walls.

White furniture, textiles, and airy sheer curtain panels may also be used to complement dark, inky blue walls. Off-whites and creams, in addition to cold snow-white, go well with navy blue.

navy blue wall tiles

C) Brights and Navy Blue

Introduce bold hues that complement your design choices and produce an active vibe to lighten up navy blues. To give off joyful, welcome vibes, layer in terracotta, lime green, lemony yellow, orange, and coral. Introduce floral textiles with hints of navy blue, leafy green, cornflower blue, daffodil yellow, and carnation pink to create garden-inspired cottage designs.

Accent navy blues with Kelly or emerald greens, golden yellows, and raspberry reds to breathe new life into formal rooms. If you're stuck on what colors work with navy blue, look to bright textiles or wallpaper designs for inspiration.

D) Mustard Yellow with Navy Blue

Pair navy blue with a much lighter, brighter hue to create a dramatic color scheme. Warmth and brightness are provided by yellow tints such as soft butter yellow and rich mustard yellow, which contrast dramatically with navy blue's frigid, deep tones.

For a revitalizing impression in living rooms or bedrooms, use this color combination, which is a very popular 2022 decor trend. To add interest to a navy blue and yellow color scheme, choose textiles and materials with modest variances in patterns and texture.

E) Neutrals and Navy

Look outside for relaxing hues and earthen textures that compliment navy blue to create serene settings. Nature-inspired features like rich wood furniture, straw-hued wicker and rattan accessories, leather upholstery, warm neutral paint colors, and concrete-gray accents complement navy blue tones nicely.

To accentuate color variations and provide distinction to each piece, use neutral accessories and materials that are brighter or considerably darker than the room's navy blue finishes and furnishings. Use contrast to avoid a muddy palette and provide resting spots for the eye no matter which colors you match with navy.

navy blue wall art prints

F) Sky Blue and Navy

Various tones of blue combine to create soothing color schemes that evoke pure blue sky over vast stretches of ocean. Use a paint chip for inspiration when creating a monochromatic color scheme. Choose your preferred navy blue color first (which will most likely be the deepest hue on the swatch), then use softer shades around the area.

Muted, dusty-blue tints or pure blue colors, depending on your navy color, can produce appealing compositions. Choose green-tinted hues like aqua and turquoise to match with navy blue for a more tropical effect.

G) Gold and navy blue

Gold, like yellow, is a fantastic compliment to navy blue. Metallic gold accents or gold-toned wood finishes on flooring, furniture, or trim can help bring the hue into your navy blue space. This bright color is very useful for brightening dark navy blue hues and preventing a dismal appearance. A huge gold mirror on a navy blue wall, for example, will reflect light throughout the room, giving the impression of more space.

H) Red and navy blue

This is a traditional interior color scheme. Decorate patriotic country-style interiors and whimsical nautical-inspired kids' rooms with red, white, and navy blue. In modern or unconventional designs, vibrant cherry red or crimson accents may give a dramatic contrast to navy blue. This style is ideal for high-traffic areas such as kitchens, entryways, and living rooms. Combining navy blue with subdued reds like salmon, rich burgundy, or brick red may help establish a refined tone that's perfect for formal dining rooms.

feature wall navy blue

Navy is a surprise versatile neutral that looks great with a variety of colors. Colors like gray-greens, soft pink, and white are perfect for a calm atmosphere.

2) Halfway with any preferred Color

Even in little concentrations, the navy may create a welcoming and protective mood. The color can only go halfway up the wall in your long and thin corridor. If the compact area is painted navy blue from floor to ceiling, it will seem incredibly confining. The area seems more open by having a light shade at the top.

3) Artwork on display

Choose a dark-toned wall as a backdrop to highlight the vibrant colors of artwork. The brilliant reds and yellows in paintings  highlight well by the navy. The sculptures you choose should have blues that match the wall color, and the soft woods in the room should create subdued tones that help to balance the area.

While it used to be considered a significant design faux pas to combine black and blue, times have changed! Now it is all about taking chances and pushing limits. Dark accent walls are also very popular this year. Paint a charcoal-toned accent wall and hang a navy-blue poster to contrast these two bold trends. This will give you a sexy, sophisticated appearance while yet keeping it lighthearted.

Try painting the entire room in a striking, dark-toned color if you're feeling especially daring. If that's a little too much for you, an accent wall will suffice. The navy blue wall art will effectively divide your room while remaining sleek and stylish. Add live greenery and houseplants for a fashionable accent that won't detract from your edgy atmosphere. Brushed metal elements in bronze and matte black complete the design.

navy blue accent wall dining room

4) Backdrop Calming

When paired with traditional white and warm wood, a melancholy blue may have a calming effect. Keep the ceilings white for a more cohesive effect and to make the area feel larger.

5) Use Navy Blues on walls differently

Dark blue is a versatile color that works as well in a bedroom or a bathroom. It's a worldwide color since it's so dark.

You just outfit it differently in different rooms when utilizing it. You could, for example, put a lot of photographs in a child's room. The navy serves as an excellent backdrop, while the photos provide a splash of color and fun.

When paired with sanded blonde flooring, a white marble fireplace, and a white painted wardrobe, royal blue in a living room feels airy and fresh. A bright artwork and pastel-colored accessories also contribute to the room's lightening tone.

navy blue geometric wall art

Now you know all the best tips to complete your navy blue wall decor! 

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Navy tints are versatile, with the ability to balance out other colors and a wide range of seemingly opposing moods: timeless or modern, glamorous or restful. It's ultimately practical and adaptable.

Having a blue navy wall for your interior design brings a dazzling and rich feeling and exudes comfort and peace in your space. You can decorate your navy blue wall by following the ideas in this article. 

See you soon.

Splash of Arts Team.