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Decor Trends in 2022

Do you want to get inspired by some of the best home decoration trends to revamp your space? Or do you just want your home to look Instagram-worthy while you replicate the current interior trends at home?

A brand-new year is always an excellent reason to decorate your home according to recent trends. However, it is not necessary to follow every new home decor trend religiously, but getting a tiny glimpse of what is currently "in" within the interior industry can be a lot of fun! 

To adopt a trendy and original decoration, you can add greenery to your interior, as well as technology-driven accessories, such as mention-sensor shelves. This year, there is a greater emphasis on natural and sustainable interior design than in previous years. Canvases are probably the top decorating trending items.

In this article, we will see: 

  • The Top home decorating trends in 2022
  • What is the top trending color of the year

Read on for some home decoration experts' curated picks trending on top in 2022, which you will surely adore! 

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I) Top Home Decorating Trends In 2022

Are you ready to revamp your space for this year? Expect a lot of subtle palettes, curve furniture, soft textiles, and welcoming indulgences, like substantial entertainment spaces, decked-out dining rooms, etc. The following home interior trends will help you in replicating the exact look at your very home. 

1) Welcome back to the 70s retro look 

Adding a retro touch to your home decoration is enough to spruce up the space. Add tones of moss greens, burnt oranges, and other warm colors to brighten up and make your interiors more welcoming. You can easily find these color pops and patterns at the local boutiques or flea markets. Another great idea for giving a retro element to your space is to re-upholster your vintage couches and sofas. 

However, we understand that finding retro decoration material is quite challenging. Therefore, a few tips might help you secure a vintage touch to your space before it goes out of the trend.

  • Visit local fairs, markets, and antique stores regularly to find out whatever you are looking for at the best suitable price.
  • Opt for smaller brands, since the more high-end you go, the more costly they will be. 

2) Curved Furniture

As we are moving towards cozier and comfy interiors in the current year, away from straight-lined designs, trending furniture designs are becoming more sculptural and softer. Therefore, this year it is all about natural-shaped and round-edged furniture, rather than sharp cornered ones. These rounded edges and curved-design furniture offer an individuality touch, blurring the decor's lines to make the home interior feel more inviting and welcoming. 

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Similarly, simple sculptural furniture has made its way among the top design trends as they help combat modern life chaos. To add depth to the white spaces of your house, consider adding ecru, cool gray, and brown furniture with bolder patterns like arches and bright lines.

3) Get inspired by nature

Bring life to your home by going the extra mile and adding greenery to your space as much as you can. Adding plants would breathe fresh air into your room and complement the warm and woody tones in the house. Here are some of the names of the plants that work well when used as interior decoration pieces. 

  • Fiddle leaf fig plant: this plant is hardy and bushy that needs a sunlit room with weekly watering.
  • Sweetheart plant: a climbing plant that can easily grow in full 0r semi-shaded spaces.
  • Snake plant: a gorgeous leafy plant that requires very less watering and indirect sunlight. 
  • Monstera: a wide-leafed plant with a unique shape of leaves that can fully grow in low-lit spaces.

4) Look for sustainable decor options

More and more people are shifting towards shopping for sustainable options in recent times, and we do not expect that to stop anytime sooner. People are becoming more attracted to eco-friendly decors and organic materials such as glass. For example, adding more and more glass to your walls and hanging oversized glass pendants are great ways to celebrate the material. In addition to this, here are a few ways of making your home decoration more eco-friendly:

  • Choose energy-efficient designs that minimize the need for heating, lighting, and electric appliances. 
  • Go for decor materials that are either reused, recycled, or from a reliable sustainability source. For example, you can buy bio-glass, reclaimed wood, jute, recycled metal, etc.

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5) Bring the colorful tones out

Colors can significantly affect well-being and moods. A perfect way to display your emotions! Adding brighter colors with natural uplifting effects into your space will make it look unique and radiant from every corner. Consider using a primary color palette to add vibrancy, optimism, and visual interest to your area, which is trending this year-expressing your individuality through color blocking and active color therapy. 

However, you must keep a balance between the colors you choose for your house decor. While going for brighter color pops, add a few muted tones to keep things subtle and bold simultaneously. Also, keep checking online for what colors are the most trending in recent times. For instance, lilac or light purple color has been trending this year inspired by very peri. You can always find every color to fit your taste: therefore, start incorporating your favorite shade in your house with small things before covering the entire room. 

6) Luxe touches

For many interior designers, adding small touches of luxury to home decoration is what the current interior trends are made of. Therefore, consider adding chic statement decor pieces, like wall art canvases, to every room of your house, from bedrooms to living rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, laundry rooms, etc.

Incorporating a few luxe items will make your home decor feel shiny, new, and bright, thus sprucing up the whole area. There are hundreds of ways to do this. For example, you can add velvet items, metallic or mirrored details, along with a few oversized decor accessories like a huge statement clock or a full-length mirror to give depth to the room.

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7) Earthy touches

Brown or earthy tones can open up a vast sea of options to decorate your home interior. In fact, by staying loyal to the earth's shades, you can give a forever forgiving canvas. Therefore, opt for colors to make your raw material feel connected to your home. For example, shades of tinted blacks, stone grays, and warm chocolates would be an excellent pallet for home decoration. However, if you want your space to look brighter, you can choose from navy, terracotta, sage, or rusty hues.

8) Multifunctional spaces

This is not any surprise, right? This trend is a perfect idea for homes with limited spaces and those who crave extra space and practicality. Multifunctional furniture and areas are continuing to become popular in every home interior trending list. 

Single used spaces have now become a thing of the past as people are looking forward to bringing every inch of their house to use. Therefore, multi-purpose rooms and furniture with storage capacity are becoming the staple pieces of every modern home decoration. For this reason, consider adding shelves, ladders, or vertical layers to your interiors. Mirrors are an excellent choice to add because it not only gives an aesthetically pleasing look but also adds depth to the room, opening up smaller spaces. 

9) Technology-driven homes

With the world transforming digitally at a real-time speed, technology is becoming the center of choice for home decoration and design. A technology-driven, up-to-date home will speak volumes, even if it is left as minimalistic as possible, and it will definitely make your home look luxurious. Many homeowners prefer convenience over fancy decors and are looking for ways to control the house tasks with a tap on their smartphones, such as music, temperature control, security cameras, etc.

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Today, smart furniture is also available in the market, which includes pieces integrated with innovative technology. For example, tables with speakers and other controls, motion-sensor shelves and cabinets, heated flooring, sculptural storage, etc. 

10) Glazed exterior tiles

Glazed exterior tiles offer an attractive cladding solution for decorating modern home extensions. They inject a radian color burst along with standard brickwork, with several benefits. These tiles are durable, robust and can stay as they are for up to 100 years, just with a bit of upkeep. They highly satisfy the current increasing demand for decorating facades, thus giving your house a unique, personalized, and crafted exterior. 

11) Fine outdoor decor

Talking about exteriors, we must mention the outdoor area of your home, as the home decoration trends of 2022 are not just limited to the inside of the house. Since people are always looking for ways to escape their homes for entertainment and fun, the outdoor decor has leveled up its game to a greater extent this year. With modern decks and bbq areas, swimming pools have made their place in the top trending list of outdoor decors. However, people have incorporated fully functional outdoor kitchens and dining areas in their front or backyards.

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12) Timeless choices

While many trends come and go with the passing time, some just come to stay forever. Hence, sustainability and using vintage pieces play an essential part here. More and more people are shifting to recycle and reuse their old furniture and vintage decor pieces, refusing to trade or even upgrade them. 

However, it is up to you to choose those decors that would last for years and still work well with the new trends. Therefore, choose quality items wisely like credenzas, sofas, and accent chairs. 

13) Glass lighting

This year, pendant lighting is set to level up its game to a whole new chapter by offering statement designs that show individuality, personalization, form, and function. The use of glass lighting has become more experimental as it enables deep warming shades of color with variations in the texture. These lightings are available in many shapes, from ridged designs to bubble-like spheres, thus becoming the star-stale pieces and the center of attention in every modern home interior.

II) What is the top decoration trend for 2022?

Texture talks have become highly popular as interior decoration gets super tactile day by day. Additionally, sustainable decor options and manufacturing methods are also on the rise while leaping toward a more thoughtful, conscious, and considered home. Texture has made its place to stay as the top decorating trend in 2022, seen in every aspect of a modern home from walls, decor, furniture, etc. Shades of green are being noticed more and more in these trending textures.

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People are choosing mint to incorporate in their kitchens, shades of olive and sage in the living rooms and lounges, with pistachio and neons in the bedrooms. The key here for decoration is to perfectly balance the depth of the color with the texture. Can limewash be used instead of matte paint? Can emulsion be replaced by clay plaster? These are some essential questions to understand as the richness of pigments entirely changes the space's feel. 

III) What is the top trending color for 2022?

Shades of yellow, especially mustard, have taken over from last year's terracotta as the top trending color of 2022. With the similar sunniness, mustard color evokes the same Mediterranean vacation feeling while being the most versatile color ever. Therefore, think about painting your living rooms with mustard to breathe life in darker spaces or paint your bathroom or kitchen cabinets with this color. We are sure that you will not regret it for once!

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Trends can come and go faster than you think, especially regarding home decoration. Therefore, it is essential to carefully choose items and materials that will remain trendy for a couple of years and simultaneously make your space look modern and functional.

With the top decorating trends mentioned above, we are sure you will get a lot of inspiration and ideas when you plan to revamp your home into a new space this year. 

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