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how to decorate a corner wall in bedroom

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How to decorate a corner wall in a bedroom ?

You have the ideal bedding in place. But how do you design a bedroom corner wall? You've planned out your bedroom concept, from lighting to furniture layout, but have you considered bedroom corner wall ideas?

You can decorate your bedroom corner wall by painting it with a brilliant color scheme like white and lavender or brown and cream. Then, you can add a gallery wall and a stylish storage such as shelving in layers, a wardrobe or corner wall-mounted rack. 

In this article, we will see how to: 

  • Go for a Vibrant wall color scheme
  • Create a gallery wall
  • Add a Stylish Storage 
  • Extend your Headboard
  • Go for a Curtain 

Your bedroom should be built for comfort and relaxation, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring. There is a profusion of remarkable ways to convert dreary corner walls with distinctive wall decor, whether you have a little sleeping quarters or a huge master bedroom.

Furthermore, you won't have to break the bank. Check out this post for the greatest bedroom corner wall decor ideas, including anything from unusual artwork to glam mirrors. Nothing is off bounds, whether it's trendy gallery walls over the bed or inventive methods to display antiques above your dresser. 

Here are some great ideas on how you can turn your gloomy bedroom corner wall into a wonderful sight.

bedroom corner wall decor

I) Go for a Vibrant Color Scheme

When it comes to picking the color scheme for your dream home, especially the bedroom, the most personal place in your home, you must be quite picky. The color scheme of your bedroom walls is a direct expression of your family's individuality, and selecting and establishing the proper color scheme is one of the most challenging tasks for novices. Colors for wall paint come in a variety of shades, and choosing between the many shades available for a single color can be confusing.

Here are some of the best two-color combo ideas for your bedroom walls, as well as the precise paint colors to replicate them.

1) Go for White and Lavender

The mix of Reserved White and Lavender in your bedroom makes it more unique and personalized. It's one of the few bedroom corner wall color choices, and it creates a relaxing and soothing atmosphere that encourages sleep.

2) Shades of Gray is a smart choice

Gray is a classic choice with the added benefit of blending nicely with its own colors. As a result, gray is a must-have color for creating the ideal two-color combination for your bedroom walls. Gray is one of the most basic shades that accentuates the elegant appeal of the corner wall of your bedroom, despite its monochromatic appearance.

3) Light brown goes well with the outstanding Muted Green

Not every bedroom paint color has to be the center of attention. In reality, some colors make the room appear larger. Light Brown and Muted Green is one such combination that, while not very eye-catching, gives your bedroom an earthy and natural vibe.

tree decal on bedroom wall corner

4) Light pink with Lime Green Combination

These are two complementary colors. This combination creates an invigorating and refreshing atmosphere in your bedroom.

5) Indigo and white combo can give that spark 

A relaxing hue for your bedroom corner wall is Indigo Blue and White. Indigo, being warmer than blue, fulfills the aim of blue by creating a warm atmosphere. The combination of rich Indigo walls and white creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.

6) You can opt for brown and cream 

Brown, when combined with cream, creates an attractive and urbane style for your bedroom. A dark wood makeover with this combination will elevate your bedroom's aesthetic level. This color combination's sparkling shade makes it a terrific color scheme concept. 

7) Peach and white is a perfect Combo 

Peach is an intriguing color since it contributes to the comfort of the area and can have a relaxing impact. Warmth may be achieved by painting your bedroom walls in peach and white. These colors will provide a unique level of comfort for a more restful night's sleep. 

8) Burgundy and Beige can make your corner walls bright 

Burgundy and Beige is an excellent bedroom corner wall color combo. This light tone may seem warm or cold, and it makes a soothing backdrop in any bedroom decor. Beige is a neutral color that looks great when combined with burgundy.

gold world map wall art

II) Create a Gallery Wall 

Most likely, you have a sad bedroom corner wall in your home that needs some love, and a corner gallery is the perfect solution! This may appear intimidating at first, but really isn't. Hanging a gallery wall in a cluster or geometric display is a striking way to dress up a blank wall and makes a significant impression in bedrooms. However, creating a well constructed salon-style wall might be difficult: The dimensions, color palettes, and frame designs must all be taken into account when creating the ideal display. 

Here are some suggestions to help you make the most of your art collection.

1) Assemble your frames and artwork

Choose between a symmetrical/matching style with identical art and frames, or something more organic with a mix of frames and art when deciding what to hang on the wall. If you choose something more organic, a minimal color palette will help it to feel more coherent.

2) Create a paper template

Trace your frames onto newspaper or brown paper, then cut out the rectangles you'll need to play around with the layout. This is an excellent approach to figure out the optimum arrangement before installing the gallery. Place your rectangles on the wall using tape and move them about until you like the arrangement.

wall corner shelves bedroom

3) Corner layout suggestions

If you want a random arrangement with some structure, line up the sides of the frames with the line of the wall's corner, then let the frames work their way out randomly from there. It's preferable to do this on one wall rather than both.

4) Set up your frames

3M Command Strips, which feature a velcro-like attachment for the walls, may be used for your gallery walls. However, before applying your whole gallery, be sure to try these out on each wall you wish to use them on. Place them somewhere out of sight on the wall for a day, then remove them to ensure they don't remove any paint. They work effectively, however they can remove paint from some walls.

III) Add a Stylish Storage

You have no choice but to be creative with trendy storage if you have a dull bedroom corner wall. Thankfully, there are several options for achieving that aim. 

Here are the finest methods to maximize the space you have, from turning the wall behind your bed into a closet to adding something as basic as a wall-mounted workstation.

1) Install Shelving in Layers

Make one row of shelving run the length of one wall or along the perimeter of the room. Everything from books to accessories, blankets, handbags, shoes, and more may be stored in it.

diy evergreen tree limbs corner wall bedroom

2) Try a Night Stand Mounted on the Wall

Even if you don't have enough space for a full-size nightstand, a tiny wall-mounted corner one is more preferable than storing your water and books on the floor.

4) Purchase a Wardrobe

Do you lack a closet? Wardrobes function just as well and might add some style to your space. Every time you walk by, you will be drawn to this gorgeous sculpture.

5) Turn your desk into a nightstand

This is the ideal choice if you don't have enough space for both. You'll also save money by purchasing only one item!

6) Organize your accessories with your mirror

This mirror serves as a cupboard for all of your accessories, while also hanging just over your entrance. You may use it to decorate your closet door or your bedroom entrance.

7) Make use of a corner rack

Use a corner wall-mounted rack to hang go-to clothing items instead of shoving a chair into the corner and tossing your things on it. It'll keep them in mind while you get ready and let you proudly display your favorite pieces.

8) Vertical shoe storage

The ideal high heel organizer is a ladder. This way, you'll be able to view them all at once and, perhaps, pick which pair to wear with your outfit more quickly.

dark bedroom white walls corner decor

IV) Extend your Headboard

Physical objects that take up floor space aren't the only source of bedroom corner wall ideas. Don't underestimate the power of wall and window coverings to make a space feel more spacious. If your luxury bed takes up the majority of the width of the wall in your bedroom, you can extend the headboard beyond the frame to the wall's margins. The outcome is an edgy, design-driven look that captivates your gaze to the point that the corner demands nothing more.

Anything more would seem crowded and inconvenient. This is a style that doesn't work as well when the bed's edges are far off from the room's two corners–the headboard becomes far too extended and out of proportion.

The headboard and wall effect mix together and flow up to the ceiling and around each corner, guaranteeing that the corner walls are well-dressed.

V) Go for a curtain 

Instead of shutters or a blind, you've chosen to install curtains in your bedroom. Instead of a pole, go for a curtain track and have it sunk into the ceiling, even if your window finishes sooner.

Supersizing, like the extended headboard, makes a bigger statement, but when combined with a window treatment, it gives texture to the very crease of your bedroom corner. Even with the slimmest of finials, curtains on a pole always leave a gap, but the concealed track technique provides for the tightest fit of all.

wall art of world map

Making sure that no corner is neglected is a certain way to ensure that your interior design idea is full and well-thought-of, rather than becoming dust collectors.

Look at living room corners for inspiration on how to fill empty bedroom corners with furniture, or smaller areas like home offices and even bathrooms for ideas on home accessories and lighting in particular.

If you want to brighten up your bedroom corner wall, use the suggestions above to make your space a delight. 

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See you soon.

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