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how to hang a gallery wall

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How to Hang a Gallery Wall ?

Are you one of those who feel at ease by looking at the artworks displayed in a gallery hall or museum? You find that their layout is perfect and you would like to reproduce it at home.

If you have some paintings and other crafts stored in your storage room, you may be probably thinking of hanging them on your wall. With that, you may be asking how to hang a paintings perfectly.

Hanging a gallery wall can be done in various ways. The most common method is using nails or pushpins. Alternatively, you can also use adhesives. But, this may only work with small- to medium-sized gallery walls.

This post will discuss the interesting topics listed below:

  • The Rise of Art Work in Most Households
  • The Do’s and Don’ts in Hanging a Gallery Wall
  • The Easiest Way to Display a Wall Art

At the end of this article, you can now fill your room with stunning gallery walls hassle- and stress-free. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

how to hang a gallery wall apartment therapy

I) Why Hanging Gallery Wall Became the Hobby of Many Homeowners

Do you think that the decoration in your room seems boring? Do you want to add splashes of colors to your wall? If yes, one of the best ways to light up any space is by hanging a gallery wall. This project is simple and easy to do since it is composed of big or small collectibles you want to show off to your guests.

The following are five common reasons why many homeowners love to hang a gallery wall in their room:

1) It Could Be The Centerpiece of Your Home

Exterior and interior design follow the same chief concept, which is the focal point. You should create a focal point in your home to immediately captivate your guests’ attention. A special wall consisting of your valuable collection can summarize everything. This gallery can give a good first impression to your guests.

how to hang a gallery wall of pictures

2) It Gives Life to Dull Walls

Artworks displayed on your wall may not directly affect your life. But has it ever occurred to you its significant impact on your subconscious mind? A good artwork with deep meaning can put your mind in a mood to dream. Thus, looking at art can be a source of strength and relaxation for most people.

Places with blank walls with no splashes of colors could create a depressing setting, which will give you a hard time thinking and relaxing. One way to bring life to your white walls is by having a gallery. This will fulfill the blankness of plain walls. But make sure to hang only a few pieces to avoid making it look a little crowded.

3) It Shows Your Personality

Did you know that blank walls without any impressive decoration can adversely affect your personality and add to your boredom? Most people, especially those who are first time visiting your house, know your personality by just looking at the art displayed on your wall.

Thus, to create a good first impression, it would be best to create a wall of art that displays your interests and likings. Take, for example, if you are a fan of music, you can display pieces containing artwork with notes and crowds.

how to hang a grid gallery wall

4) It Encourages Productivity

One of the benefits of having a gallery on your walls is that it promotes productivity. You can include motivational quotes. Through this, you will always be reminded to work hard. Motivational quotes, such as “try and try until you succeed,” are an effective way to motivate you to start working when you feel unmotivated. After all, art is all about creativity that will help you better improve your productivity.

5) Hanging a Gallery Wall Improves the Overall Aesthetics of Your Home

Another reason why many homeowners adore doing this project is the fact that it improves the aesthetic value of a room. Aside from that, it also helps many homeowners to improve their creativity by adding furniture items that can make their home a beautiful and comfortable place to relax.

minimalist wall art

II) Hanging a Gallery Wall is Simple But Not Easy, and Here’s Why

Hanging artwork pieces on your walls is the easiest way to upgrade the interior design of most houses. This is popular among homeowners because it does not require any special skills to complete the work. You need not be a skilled interior designer to know the right artwork to display on your wall. However, before you do the work, make sure that you know the type of wall in your house.

As we mentioned earlier, you can fill any space with your personal touch. But, before you can start working, be sure to be are aware of these do’s and don’ts.

Hanging a gallery wall is fun, especially if you do this with your loved ones. But, there are some considerations you need to keep in mind before you start working. Check out these do’s:

how to hang a level gallery wall

Choose the Right Wall Type – The first thing you should do when hanging any art piece is assess what type of wall you have. This is because some wall types may need a gentler way of hanging things.

Know Where to Display Your Gallery Wall – Remember, not all walls in your home are perfect for creating a gallery. Homeowners would like to display their favorite artworks in rooms where guests will notice them quickly. These spaces could be your living room, stairway, or entry hall.

Consider Unconventional Artworks – Most of you may think that unconventional art pieces don’t deserve a space in your wall. But in most situations, you will be surprised with the beauty offered by unconventional artworks. Take note that these types of arts are stylish and cohesive without being obvious and boring.

minimalist horizontal wall art

If you have done something like this before, you may think you can do this the second time around. Consider some factors to avoid making mistakes and causing damage to your wall. Here are some don’ts you need to remember when doing this:

Do Not Start the Work Without a Plan – One common mistake of many homeowners is not making a plan before they work out with hanging a gallery wall. Take note that you need to gather everything you need before doing the job. This will help you to finish the task fast.

Do Not Display Anything You Found – If you have a huge art collectible, you may want to hang each piece on your wall. Well, that is not a good choice. Make sure that you only hang pieces that complement your wall’s current design and paint. Through this, you can create a display area that matches not only your wall color but also the furniture items around it.

III) The Most Convenient and Efficient Way of Hanging a Gallery Wall

A museum-like gallery is a beautiful decoration to add to your hallway, staircase, bedroom, and living room. With that, you may be planning to add some of your favorite artworks to your wall. Well, you may very well do that by following the steps below.

how to hang a symmetrical gallery wall

1) Prepare What You Need

Gathering the artworks to be displayed and other supplies is the first thing you should do. Matching artworks with the same frame style or nature of photos could give you a consistent look of a gallery wall. Some supplies to start your project include a pencil, hammer, nails/anchors/screws, roll of paper, and different gallery-worthy pieces you want to display.

2) Prepare the Wall

Aside from preparing your needed supplies, you also need to prepare the place where you want your gallery art pieces to be displayed. If your wall is already blank, you may consider adding new paint to it. In addition, if your current wall has existing displays, it would be best to remove them first before adding a new coat of paint.

Aside from that, it would be best to move other furniture items away from the wall to give you a more convenient space to work. You may also consider marking the position of your furniture items to give you a holistic view of where to hang your gallery wall.

how to hang a wall gallery

3) Create Templates

You can create templates by tracing and cutting out your gallery pieces on a piece of paper. Used or unused paper can do the trick. Before you cut, make sure to name each paper template. This will help you to avoid any confusion when you start hanging them.

4) Mark the Spot Where You Will Drill the Screw or Nail

The next thing you should do is mark the nail or screw placement on the template you made earlier. Make sure to do this before the actual work to avoid confusion.

5) Lay Out the Templates

It’s time to lay out the templates on the wall. A simple tape or any adhesive could do the work. You can create minimal adjustments in this step. Adjustments are ideal to ensure that you are satisfied with your gallery wall’s placement and overall look.

It would be best if you would place large-sized wall arts in the middle and the small to medium-sized frames around them.

how to measure and hang a gallery wall

6) Add the Screws, Anchors, or Nails to the Wall

Once you are satisfied with the final arrangement, it is time to do the actual work. You may use either nails, anchors, or screws to hang arts to your wall. Make sure to drill your preferred hanging equipment through the wall as accurately as possible. This will help you to achieve a perfect look on a gallery wall.

We highly recommend you to try anchors in hanging heavier and larger art pieces. On the other hand, you may use nails or screws to hold small, lightweight pieces.

7) Hang Your Art Pieces

Once the nails, screws, or anchors are drilled through the wall, the last step is to hang your art pieces finally. You can now return the furniture items to their actual placement and enjoy the final look of your hard work.

A wall with no decoration could be depressing and fill your room with sadness. Adding colors and decorations to it is a simple way to remind you to get up and start hustling. After all, what you display on your wall shows your personality.


Before, you may think that hanging a gallery wall involves a complicated process. But after reading this article, you realized that you could do it by yourself without hiring a professional contractor.

If you decide to hang your own gallery, make sure to follow the do’s and don’ts that were mentioned above. In addition, you also need to determine the size and weight of your gallery art pieces to determine the right hanging equipment. Again, consider using anchors if you need to hang heavy and large art pieces. On the other hand, screws and nails are designed to hold light and small wall art pieces.

Hanging a gallery wall by yourself not only helps you to save money but also promotes your creativity. Through this, you can turn your boring, dull house decoration into a livelier and brighter one!