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minimalist boho bathroom

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How to have a minimalist boho bathroom ?

Boho aesthetic has infiltrated our living rooms, patios, and even our bedrooms. So why not include some boho minimalist style into your bathrooms as well?

From the perspective of design, having a minimalist boho bathroom features, textured fabrics, organic materials and forms, rich tones, and a "more is more" attitude.

Minimalist boho bathroom can be made by adding vintage flair with a mosaic tile flooring, also creating a tile accent wall and inducing mix and match tiles can contribute greatly, most importantly, make sure to take advantage of wall spaces and hang some wall art.

So in this article we are going to stress on how you can design your minimalist boho bathroom by taking into account some few points which include the following:

  • Getting the foundation right
  • Making the most of wall spaces
  • Hanging some artworks for beautification
  • Focusing more on plants 

Skip the conventional all-white selections for bathroom design necessities like shower curtains, window treatments, bath mats, and toiletries in favor of something with a bit more personality.

Here are little minimalist boho bathroom designing ideas to get you inspired.

boho master bathroom

1) Begin with a strong foundation

To begin, create a boho-style bathroom by using a basic foundation color. Warm, earthy tones provide the ideal backdrop for experimenting with patterns and colors without being too overpowering or noisy. If you choose anything too bright, it may be overly cluttered, and you may quickly become bored. A neutral hue is always a good choice for the greatest outcomes.

2) Keep the door to your Bohemian bathroom open

While minimalism emphasizes keeping clutter out of sight, bohemian style promotes a more open mindset. Installing a set of floating shelves, which also happens to be a tiny bathroom storage mainstay, instead of storing your goods in a cabinet, puts them on show.

Filter in candles and bud vases, as well as a bigger vase of flowers, to create a relaxing and welcome environment in true bohemian style. 

3) Make the most of the available wall space

The terms "small bathroom" and "near to zero storage space" are sometimes used interchangeably. Look to the walls if this sounds familiar. Install a small shelf next to the tub to keep shampoo and soap (particularly if your area lacks built-ins).

mid century boho bathroom

Choose a rattan choice, such as this tiny, arched wall shelf, which promises to deliver on both form and function. Rattan is a trademark of boho style. You can think of some of these designs to fill out that space. 

A) Teal Glass Sink situated in a Boho Bathroom

Teal Glass Sink looks so wonderful when placed in a boho bathroom. 

B) A clay pottery jug in a modern boho bathroom

Warm, earthy tones abound in a neutral boho bathroom decor.

C) Towels for the Turkish Bath

Choose striped Turkish bath towels and put them on a bamboo leaning ladder for a boho chic bathroom.

D) Make a statement with a large piece of furniture

Although a statement chair in the bathroom may seem uncommon, we've seen similar furniture in bohemian-inspired bathrooms. An all-white environment is made more interesting by the texture and color of this papasan chair.

boho farmhouse bathroom decor

4) Switch out the hardware

Aside from rich colors and lush vegetation, establishing a sense of warmth and comfort is an important component of boho style. That may be done in a bathroom with the correct hardware, particularly if a luxury brass finish is used.

5) Gather your belongings in bohemian-style baskets

Baskets are another boho style standard and a must-have for small-space organizing. For towels, laundry, or toilet paper, a lidded container on the floor may be a terrific option to larger units - and they're easy to move about. If you don't have a medicine cabinet, use a woven container to keep bathroom accessories and beauty items on the vanity.

6) Some artwork should be hung

In a Bohemian environment, there is no limit to how much wall art you may have, and a small bathroom should be no different. Make a blank wall into a canvas by adding tiny display shelves, framed artworks, colorful items, and anything else that makes you happy.

minimalist wall art set

7) Plants on plants should be embraced

A little boho bathroom isn't complete without a potted plant or two (the more the merrier), and the secret to making it work is finding unique places for them. For a fragrant bath time experience, hang a bunch of eucalyptuses around the showerhead, hang a macrame planter from the ceiling in a lone corner, or set a pot of trailing greens on a cabinet or shelf to create a jungle-esque atmosphere.

The purpose of boho decor is to make your bathroom seem and feel more tranquil. What better way to do this than by incorporating a variety of plants into your bathroom? It's one of the simplest and most affordable ways to get the boho look while also adding a sumptuous touch to any bathroom.

Here are a few examples of indoor plants that function well in bathrooms.

A) Add Potted Plant

The conventional potted plant is one of the best plants for indoor use. It doesn't take a lot of upkeep and may simply be used to breathe new life into your bathroom.

Adding some potted plants to your bathroom can instantly brighten the space and elevate your spirits. If you can keep the plant near natural light, you'll get bonus points.

bathroom boho decor

B) Add Air Plants

Air plants are popular right now because they provide a beautiful touch to every area, even your bathroom. If your bathroom is cramped, it's simple to make room for air plants. It's just as vital to get these plants closer to your window for natural lighting as it is with potted plants.

C) Add Shower Plants 

Shower plants have made their way into bohemian décor trends in recent years. Ivies (or Hedera) are the logical option because they can withstand the hot and humid atmosphere of your shower. It's as though you've become one with nature!

You can't just throw any plants in there and expect it to function. You'll need to think about plant size, lighting, and watering requirements. Low-light plants are ideal for a bathroom with a north-facing window. If you have a large south-facing bathroom window with loads of natural light, you'll want light-loving plants.

8) Texture should be used

Texture is very important when it comes to any form of home design. When it comes to decorating a small bohemian bathroom, you only have so many options. Vibrantly patterned shower curtains, towels, and even carpets are a certain way to make the area pop.

boho bathroom floor tiles

Anything strongly textured and saturated in color is a terrific place to start in true boho style. 

9) Add tiles for Enhancement 

Tiles are useful for more than just providing a protective covering for your property. They contribute to the appearance and feel of your living space by contributing to the interior design of your house by creating an ambience.

Because of its importance, selecting among the many styles, colors, textures, forms, and materials can be challenging at times.

This is why it is important to replace your old tiles (whether on the floor or the backsplash) with an on-theme alternative if you're up for a somewhat more adventurous bathroom remodel when it comes to Minimalist Bohemian Bathrooms. You can opt for these various tiles and that includes: 

  • Moroccan Tiles
  • Geometric Tiles
  • Zellige Tiles  
  • Subway Tiles

You'll need to carefully select bathroom tiles if you're serious about having a boho décor in your bathroom. Subway tiles, which may be used on both floors and walls, are by far the most popular bathroom tile.

They're simple to put up and come in a variety of colors. The idea is to use the patterns of the tiles to create a Bohemian ambiance.

boho bathroom hardware

10) Make it a Bohemian occasion

A small bathroom doesn't mean you have to scrimp on design, and the easiest way to bring in a splash of color is with a vibrant wallpaper. Floral themes are more or less a hallmark in the boho aesthetic. 

11) Relax and unwind in a tranquil setting

Don't scrimp on the extras! Make sure your bathroom embodies a relaxing retreat, from the crystals and candles to the hanging bird cages and bamboo curtains. 

12) Selecting the Correct Colors

Color has long been a focal aspect of the bohemian aesthetic, which is mostly influenced by nature. Not only is the boho bathroom décor vibrant, but it also incorporates a range of patterns and textures. Colors range from jewel tones and greens to earthy browns and metallics, and everything in between.

Purple, vivid blue, or orange might be used to create a pop of color. Choose one accent color (such as turquoise) to give the area some individuality for a fun, whimsical atmosphere.

black and white boho bathroom rug

Layering patterns and colors against neutral backgrounds and allowing the space to generate contrast is a smart concept for the most part. In boho trends, a range of fascinating forms may be observed, frequently resembling abstract art - a trademark of bohemian fashion. The juxtaposition of these patterns and current hues breathes life and vitality into the area.

Finally, to finish your boho-inspired bathroom decor, overlay the colors with different textures. The texture mix is also a key feature of this style. For ambient mood lighting, most people choose for canopies and curtains, which are frequently used to soften a space, or silver and iron metal lanterns.

13) Shiplapping is a good match with Bohemian

Imitating the widely wanted aesthetic of shiplap is an unexpected method to freshen up your bathroom. It's a simple and affordable method to bring historical designs into the bathroom.

When it comes to shiplapping your bathroom, you can go as bold or as subtle as you like. The beauty of shiplapping isn't decreased in proportion to its size.

14) Experiment with Containers

From toothpaste and mouthwash to eye treatments and face wash, your bathroom certainly contains a lot of goods that need to be stored. Just because boho décor deviates from simplicity doesn't imply everything has to be crammed in.

boho bathroom accessories

You'll have to clean up the mess by storing objects in designated spots. There are a variety of storage options that may help you create a bohemian atmosphere, and containers are one of them.

Containers made of natural materials like wicker and rattan serve as both storage and decorative elements.

15) Mirrors with a Bohemian Feel

Bathroom mirrors are essential for checking your look, shaving, and applying cosmetics, but their significance extends well beyond that. A mirror is a terrific addition to your bathroom beyond function, as it creates the illusion of greater space, adds light and flair, and hides storage space.

Decorating with boho mirrors is a simple and enjoyable way to brighten up your home. Natural materials and exotic artwork are the first things that spring to mind when it comes to bathroom décor. Larger mirrors are particularly effective in enlarging small areas.

Metallic mirrors, on the other hand, may provide a focal point as well as a feeling of luxury to your bathroom.

minimalist boho wall art

16) Lamps & Lanterns in the Bohemian Style

One of the most important aspects of a bathroom is the lighting. In order to create a comfortable environment, every bathroom design should have good lighting.

Any bohemian setting, including bathrooms, has a sense of imagination, and boho bathroom lighting is no exception. When choosing lighting fixtures for your bathroom, go for exaggerated forms or cubes, such as these arching brass wall sconces.

The appropriate Bohemian backdrop is provided by vintage components such as hanging lights in vibrant color schemes and gold embellishments. It's worth noting that the lanterns and shades don't have to be useful; after all, they're statement pieces.

They may be suspended from the ceiling with a hook adjacent to a pendant ceiling or with inherent hooks in ceiling roses. The shower can be highlighted with lanterns and lights, while the ceiling can be illuminated with a chandelier. 

17) Heavy Embroidery Curtains and Drapes

Bathroom window treatments, such as curtains, are vital since this is an area in your home where you want to be sure you have privacy. Consider if you want something thick and hefty, something flowing and easygoing, or maybe something altogether different like shades for your bathroom windows.

In a bathroom with a boho theme, curtains are a must-have. For the windows, use opaque curtains with large embellishments, while for the shower, use semi-transparent drapes with mild embroidery.

Exceptionally ornate curtain panels are suitable for an opulent yet practical bathroom. Soft, voile, light, or cotton curtains with the capacity to filter light look fantastic and give seclusion at the same time. 

boho bathroom vanity with sink

18) Natural Materials Should Be Used

These days, rattan pendant lights are all the rage. A fast search for "wicker pendant lighting" provides promising results, which you can see below.

Natural materials are the simplest method to add texture to your bathroom, and they may be done in a variety of ways, including:

  • Upholstery
  • Macramé Wall 
  • Water-resistant artwork 
  • Planters made of natural materials such as wicker

19) Bathroom Accessorizing and Layering

How important are bathroom accessories to you? We spend time arranging the color of the walls, the proper tiles and color scheme, the furnishings that will best suit our new design, and the accessories to utilize whether we are remodeling, extending, or creating our bathroom from the ground up. Keep in mind that you can also use all those accessories for decorating a minimalist home.

When it comes to Minimalist Boho bathroom decor, divergent surfaces and textures are the hallmarks. You may use a range of patterns and colors to stabilize the décor regardless of the size and form of the shower. To refresh the bathroom, obtain unique and colorful cabinets and chests with vivid Moroccan-inspired themes instead of boring wood for the shelf. By combining stone flooring with granite sinks, you may create a more opulent boho-style bathroom.

boho themed bathroom

When choosing bathroom accessories for your boho-style bathroom, try to gather stuff from different nations. Some of the goods you choose may be glamorous. You may, for example, purchase gorgeous gold mirrors and eye-catching crystal chandeliers. Alternatively, browse antique stores for over-the-top vintage things. 

Colors and patterns abound in the bohemian decor. As a result, the primary furniture has been kept basic to generate contrast and avoid crowding the area. With the aid of statement items, you may boost the visuals of your bathroom - and this is where you'll have to be a little imaginative. When shopping for décor, seek for elements that include Moroccan designs to draw the eye.

Don't worry if you're running out of boho accessory ideas. We've compiled a list of some of the most unique goods.

Let’s take a glance at some of the Boho accessory ideas.

A) Jewelry Organizer Made of Driftwood

This jewelry hanging offers a gorgeous focus point in any space, particularly the bathroom. You may specify the length of the driftwood as well as whether you want it straight or curved.

The driftwood is equipped with hooks, allowing you to hang your jewelry in your bathroom. To make a more fascinating display, we recommend using more than one.

B) Moon Phases Garland

This Moon Phase Garland shouts 'boho' like nothing else. The many phases of the moon produce an amazing color play and demonstrate how versatile neutral patterns can be.

It's worth noting that the garland is totally handcrafted and features a distinct concept. Each 'phase' is gold or silver painted and strung on a gold or silver necklace.

bohemian bathroom accessories

C) Concrete Sculpture with Turquoise and Gold

Prepare to pay a lot of money for this rustic sculpture, but it is just as precious as it is expensive. The blue hues are dipped into the rustic sculpture to create a distinctive pattern that runs the length of the block. This one-of-a-kind painting will give the impression that you've journeyed thousands of years back in time!

D) Five piece wall art set

To bring attention to your bathroom, use this bright, maximalist wall art set. The ensemble adds a dash of color and art to the room, paying respect to the Bohemian style's love of handcrafted items. The 2D prints give textural contrast to the rest of your bathroom thanks to the clean, maximalist design of the wall art.

E) Three Rattan Baskets in a Set

These baskets are made of rattan wicker and have a natural hue on top. They perform a wonderful job of organizing your necessities while also serving as a statement piece. These baskets are inexpensive, lightweight, and beautiful in a boho bathroom. Investing in wicker baskets is strongly advised! You can also make your own rattan basket

minimalist wall art framed

The Boho movement is sometimes seen as a response against minimalism, stressing a "more is more" mentality. The bohemian style, at its heart, derives aesthetic features from Moroccan architecture and outdoor components – but it has no political roots. The comprehensive description of boho décor, on the other hand, is purposely left blank — there is no one-size-fits-all explanation for the phrase other than its evident hippy roots.

This gives you the freedom to mix and match different patterns to create your own personal haven of comfort and elegance. We hope you now have a better understanding of some of the minimalist boho bathroom décor options available. You may design your bathroom wonderfully by following the aforementioned decorating techniques. To make your ledge stand out, be selective with the design ideas you use.

You can also perfectly complete the wall decoration of your bathroom with minimalist paintings, for a 100% successful boho decoration. You will find on our website a large panel of paintings that will match your style.

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See you soon.

Splash of Arts Team.