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how to make a room look vintage

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How to make a room look vintage ?

Are you looking for ideas on making a vintage room? Do you want to know exactly how to make a room look vintage?

There is no doubt that technology, innovations, and other contemporary conveniences have taken over our life. While they have made our lives a lot simpler, there is something attractive and nostalgic about having a home with a rustic, old feel to it. If you can't commit to a complete home that is evocative of the 1940s and 1950s, create a distinctive and stunning vintage room.

There are several methods to make your room look vintage and turn it into a comfortable exhibition of your expensive purchases. These ways include building furniture out of luggage, adding vintage canvas and utilizing an old workbench as a kitchen island, you can also do that by incorporating colors and adding patterns as well.

  • The idea of transforming the use of old suitcases into tables
  • Incorporating various textures
  • Adding Patterns 
  • Mismatching your furniture and decoration

Check out these guides on design ideas for building a vintage room below!

craft room vintage

1) Pick a color scheme

Choosing objects for a space that are in the same color palette might help you create a vintage look. For an ancient farmhouse look, use a black leather trunk as a coffee table and a neutral Persian rug to bind discordant wood frames together. 

2) Choose a Room Theme

Nothing like a themed area to show off your vintage collections! A room dedicated to 1950s tin signs, complete with a wacky chair and a jukebox, transports you back in time. 

3) Concentrate on a single area First

You don't need large parts straight away. When it comes to decorating with  vintage antiques, start small! Choose a single room or even a single corner to build your design around. Starting with a decorative armchair and gradually placing things around it may be plenty.

store room vintage

4) Combine several vintages finds to create a unique look

Mixing old furniture with your eccentric antique artifacts is one of the greatest room decoration ideas. 

5) Books may be used to create vintage wall decor

Do you have a stack of old books that you've accumulated over time? Use them as vintage wall decor instead of putting them on a shelf or coffee table! Make a collage with torn-out pages and ornate old frames for a statement piece, or attach books to the wall for a statement piece.

6) Display a Credenza

A credenza may provide a classic ambiance to a living room, foyer, or dining area. It may be used to hold fine china, serve as a TV stand, or serve as a mini bar. To provide warmth and contrast to the modern style, match a credenza with a circular old mirror on the wall or a milk jug vase.

vintage eclectic living room

7) Converting Doors into a Headboard

Say goodbye to trendy tufted headboards and welcome to old doors that have seen better days! You may get a distinctive rustic style by painting ancient doors the same color as your bedroom furnishings.

8) Make use of a vintage bar cart

A bar cart is a multipurpose antique decor piece that adds a sophisticated touch to any area while also providing additional storage for knickknacks, crystal decanters, or ancestral cocktail shakers.

9) Suitcases may be turned into tables

Do you have any old bags lying around that you aren't utilizing for travel? Use them as a side table in your living room or a nightstand in your bedroom by stacking them! You can also use them to keep any additional trinkets.

vintage wall art for bedroom

10) Use a variety of design styles

Mid-Century Modern tables and chairs are a great way to inject some vintage flavor into a minimalist living room with plants, thanks to its streamlined form, which helps to create clean lines while keeping your space open and airy.

11) Mix and match different textures

While texture may be secondary to the space's purpose, it is just as important to the design's success. Consider attempting to become comfy on a granite sitting set instead of the textural samples above. Always think about how texture might improve your design's overall experience.

All the reasons why you should employ texture are valid, but they'll only get you so far if you don't know how to successfully incorporate it into your house. Here are a few ideas for incorporating texture into a room.

  • Make crown molding, chair rails, or tray ceilings a prominent feature in your home if you have them.
  • Wooden benches, satin reading seats, and marble tabletops all contribute to the space's unique ambiance.
  • Shadow boxes, knickknacks, and even flowers might be employed as decor.
  • A well-placed throw rug or even a patterned wall design will give the space a lot of depth.
  • To make the space pop, use fabrics like slipcovers, throw cushions, and even blankets.

vintage reading room

Mix antique and vintage decor textures to provide warmth to the environment. On top of big Persian carpets, layer neutral fur rugs. On a leather couch, add silk pillows. Knitted blankets can also be stored under a Mid-Century Modern table in an old woven basket.

12) Wooden Crates Are a Must-have

Wooden crates are a must-have vintage decor piece for every home! They may be used as a coffee table in your living room or on your patio, as well as for storing tiny plants on a windowsill or holding documents in a home office.

13) Make a Vintage Decor Gallery Wall

Cool black-and-white images, ornate frames, vintage mirrors, ancient company signs, and so much more may be found in local antique shops. Making a gallery wall is a great way to integrate these colorful pieces into your house.

14) Experiment with Patterns

If you have a few pieces that you really want to incorporate in your room design, don't be scared to mix patterns! A colorful rug, colorful cushions, and an Afghan blanket may all work together to liven up a neutral couch or a room with light walls.

fairy vintage room

15) Bringing the Outside in

Humans are drawn to the outdoors by nature. The sky, soil, water, and other natural elements renew, soothe, and unite us with the rest of the world. How do we bring these natural components into our homes?

Bringing plants into our homes is the most obvious method. Although this is a fantastic concept, there are many additional easy ways to bring the outside inside.

A) Natural fibers, textures, and patterns should be used

Wicker, rattan, hemp, and jute are all natural materials. Choose these materials for your furniture to create a relaxing retreat. Baskets, carpets, and even lampshades will bring the outside into your resting place in terms of style.

B) Use hues that are influenced by nature

Greens are associated with the soil, grass, and vegetation. Blues, like water and the sky, are energizing. Yellows, like the sun and new flowers, generate a sensation of freshness. Whites, tans, and beige are neutral tones that make your rooms feel natural and clean. Use these hues on your walls, window treatments, beds, and other decor.

vintage chairs for living room

C) Outdoor cues are usually a treat

Woodsy incense and flowery potpourri fragrances are always welcome. Rain, wind, and beach sounds are employed in luxury spas to help the body relax and connect with nature. This similar sensation may be replicated in your own house.

D) Use natural components in your decor

Rocks, seashells, jars of beach sand, wood, and straw are just a few examples of natural things that may be incorporated into your daily life to bring the outside in. If you don't have the genuine item, try using images and murals of these aspects.

Consider repurposing an old workbench as a kitchen island if you want vintage kitchen decor that is both attractive and useful. It will not only provide you with extra counter space for cooking, but it will also provide you with additional storage room for goods such as antique bowls and water pitchers.

16) Make the decision to have an Apothecary Cabinet

Add apothecary cabinets to your antique living room decor to maximize storage space. As an entrance table, place one behind the sofa or in the hallway. You could even use it to keep stationery in a home office by placing it on top of a solid desk.

vintage metal apothecary cabinet

17) For a Drop Zone, collect old lockers

Create a drop zone with ancient lockers to showcase your vintage home decor directly as guests walk in. This will keep shoes, jackets, and any other additional items tucked away and off the floor—plus, if you have children, each one may have their own dedicated spot!

18) Mismatching your furniture and decor is a big yes

By combining various vintage decors and furnishings, you may create your own unique home designing style. While matching decor may bring a place together, mismatched decor can give it personality and liveliness. Your kitchen or dining table is one of the simplest locations to test this out!

19) Using a Ladder to Create Storage

Ladders aren't just useful for getting to high places; they're also terrific antique house decor! Make DIY built in shelves to keep your little antique items, or place one near the shower to hang towels.

vintage motorcycle wall metal art

Vintage rooms are a terrific way to incorporate timeless aspects from bygone eras while complementing today's facilities and pleasures, regardless of your budget or personal style.

If you are ready to make your room look vintage, you can follow the ideas in this article and make your home a wonder. 

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