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How to Hang Wall Art ?

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How to Hang Wall Art ?

What are the ways to effectively accomplish hanging wall art ? Are you a fan of aesthetic designs and views even inside your home only ? Well, luckily, you came right into the right dimension.

Welcome to the world of wall art, where you’ll gain a variety of knowledge on how to hang every art piece you have effectively. Here, you’ll be able to establish a wider scope of imagination when hanging your wall arts at the best spots.

Moreover, in the following, you’ll gain various knowledge of how to do wall art hanging step-by-step. From installing hooks and other hanging support up to the hanging of an art piece itself, you’re guaranteed clear guidance to accomplish the task right away.

By the end of this article :

  • You will discover different tips in hanging your wall arts effectively. You will be taught how to look for the perfect spot and angle to hang your wall arts.
  • You will learn the commonly used tools and equipment in hanging wall arts. Aside from that, you’ll also learn how to operate and use it safely.
  • You will gain a wider and deeper imagination to carry out every design idea related to hanging your wall arts. Whatever is on your mind, you’ll be able to execute and make it happen.
  •  Lastly, with these step-by-step guides in hanging your wall arts, you’ll be able to reduce mistakes and appreciate a satisfying outcome in which the wall arts you hang all represent your personality and interests as an individual.

hang loose wall art

I) Hanging Wall Art- A Step-by-Step Guide

1) Prepare the Art Pieces and Tools

First things first, prepare the art pieces you’ll hang, as well as the tools that you’ll use, such as screws, drills, hooks, and screwdrivers. Ensure that the art pieces have no damage and ensure that it is appropriate to the agenda for the tools.

2) Drill and Insert Hooks

As the wall art will be hanging, drill onto the wall using an electric drill and insert the hooks. You can also use screws, yet hooks are better as it promotes long-lasting cling between the art piece and the hook. Make sure that the hole fits the hook, or else it will only fall and might damage the art piece (e.g., painting, picture).

3) Measure the Distance between Hooks

Next, measure the distances between the hooks on the wall. Ensure if the space in between fits the art pieces that will be hanging on it. This will help to achieve an eye-pleasing outcome.

art deco wall hanging

4) Hang the Art Pieces

Hanging wall arts can be anything such as painting, picture, inspirational quotes, and others else. Right after ensuring the hooks’ grip on the wall, you can now hang your art pieces. Here, make sure that the art pieces have enough and balanced spaces between one another. Make sure that the level of each one of them is the same. If not, make adjustments until you arrive at the best results.

5) Adjust and Add more Details if needed

Lastly, adjust anything you see that needs adjustment. This will help to enhance the appearance and position of your art pieces. Do not settle on the less; always thrive on being the best, even on your hanging wall arts! If you want additional details, then add as long as it is complementary to the designs.

II) Establishing a Creative Side of your Room with Hanging Wall Arts

Hanging wall arts are not only making a trend, but it also helps in establishing a creative side in your room. It may represent your unique interest in arts or inspired wall art by personalities, movies, experiences, books, and so many more.

Establishing a creative side is made easier with hanging wall arts. Back then, many people took this art for granted, yet nowadays, it is rising to the top and is a good thing. People nowadays are becoming more appreciative of different art forms and styles. Now, as you read further in this article, you’ll be able to gain lots of knowledge and tips on how to do this task- hanging wall arts effectively. Let’s start with some useful tips!

ready to hang wall art

III) Tips to Consider in Hanging Wall Art

Hanging wall arts in your home doesn’t only provide additional detail, but it also elevates the ambiance- making it much more relaxing and satisfying to stare at. However, hanging wall arts is no easy task. It requires effort, determination, as well as some tips to make no mistakes. Given that, here are the following tips to consider in hanging wall arts.

1) Always be Unique

Designs aren’t meant to be stolen. As intellectual beings, we are all capable of thinking of a design that we can apply to our hanging wall arts. Uniqueness doesn’t always scream being different from others as it can be of originality, fresh ideas, and passion. Settling with what the less and basic isn’t applicable when it comes to hanging wall arts. There are lots of fresh ideas and inspiration to look at. It only needs a touch of our personality and own artistic magic to make it unique among others. Be and think extraordinary, always!

how to hang art on plaster walls

2) Take the Measurements and Dimensions

Walls can be tricky at some point. Hence, hanging wall arts immediately without even measuring its dimensions can lead to further concerns. Given this, the first tip to consider is to take the proper measurements and dimensions of the wall and other areas you want your art pieces hanged.  Use a measuring tape and list down the exact measurements that’ll serve as your guide in locating the best spot for your hanging wall arts! This tip screams perfection and peace of mind!

3) Proper Lighting

Hanging wall arts can be dependent on your lighting, especially if you added the modern art design- shadow art as a collaborative art. With this, ensuring that your lighting is aligned and complementary to your hanging wall arts is needed. This will give you a better and much more satisfying outcome wherein an aesthetic view is guaranteed.

4) Eye-Level Hanging Wall Art

Hanging wall arts aren’t just ordinary art pieces. It brings out a different kind of detail and inspiration. It also presents views and personalities using a different art way. Unlike the common art pieces, hanging wall art is a modern and must-have inside your home.

Now, hanging wall arts doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be at the ceiling and high wall points all the time. If you want it to look pleasing and beautiful, ensure that its height is only eye level. This helps your wall art to be seen easily by you and your home visitors. Another thing, ensuring the eye level of your hanging wall arts make it easier to clean and rearrange.

So, make sure that your wall art is hanged 57” in the center!

canvas wall art ready to hang

5) Complimentary Wall Colors

Next, the colors of the wall must be complementary to one another, as well as to the color of the wall arts and its theme. This makes the view even better and pleasing to the eye. If the colors are complimenting one another, you and even other people who visit your home will be fond of your hanging wall arts. There will be no bland side nor over-designed one as the colors aren’t contrasting. This is one of the essential parts when it comes to hanging wall arts as it enhances the view and detail. This then results in much more pleasing wall art views.

6) Hang Wall Arts on your Favorite Wall

If you have a favorite wall in your home and want it to look and feel better, why don’t you hang your wall arts there? For example, your favorite wall is the one facing you right after waking up, and then you can hang inspirational quotes and art pieces there to motivate you for the day. Additionally, it isn’t always a bad idea to elevate the appearance and ambiance of your favorite wall. So, why don’t you give it a shot with hanging wall art? Take art pieces that represent your interests and personality, as this can help with your growth as an individual. Besides, there are a lot of wall arts and hanging ways that you can apply to your favorite wall.

However, just make sure that you measure and scale the whole wall properly to locate the spots where you’ll hang your wall arts. By doing this, you guarantee your wall and yourself with satisfying and aesthetically pleasing views.

Louis Vuitton Lips Wall Art

7) Use Appropriate Tools and Equipment

Lastly, for our tips, always use the appropriate tools and equipment such as a drill, screwdriver, screws, scissors, and more. Know how to operate these tools to avoid getting into accidents while furnishing a hanging wall art, especially the drill. When inserting hooks on the wood or concrete wall, make sure that the drill is appropriate. Use the drill bit intended for the wood for a wooden wall and the concrete drill bit for a concrete wall.

Keep in mind: Don’t forget to restore every tool and equipment used to avoid getting played by the children and further cause accidents.

pop art wall hanging

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Above all, hanging wall arts are indeed must-haves. It doesn’t only represent an interest or personality, but it can tell a story and experience to anyone who views it. Hence, may the mentioned tips and step-by-step guide for hanging wall arts helped you to conceptualize designs for a wall art. May the learning you gathered from this article help you establish an artistic and aesthetic wall that’ll make you proud of yourself at all times.

So, what are you waiting for ? Contact us now to make your life and wall even better and happier than before! With our team, we’ll make you think that there’s no other place like home !