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colourful graffiti street art

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Best colorful graffiti street art

Buildings all across the world are adorned with vibrant Graffiti street art. Graffiti are a broad phrase that refers to inscriptions on walls, a tradition that dates back thousands of years and includes everything from simple sketches and messages to complex artistic representations. Nowadays, graffiti is used to characterize street art that consists of wall paints, which poses a number of difficult issues, including social, legal, political, and aesthetic concerns. 

Though urban graffiti may be the first thing that spring to mind, street art may take many other forms, from sculptures to 'yarn bombing', and it can be seen in a wide variety of settings.

In this article, you will find the work and motivations of artists which vary from merely beautifying their surroundings to making political remarks. But whatever their intentions, the work that has resulted is inspiring. Some of these colorful graffiti street arts going to be reviewed include: 

  • Tiled Steps: 16th Avenue 
  • Cryptic Artwork
  • Dulk Street Artwork  
  • Art of David by Kobra 
  • The Lennon wall 
  • Purple shall Govern Artwall 

If you're looking for some inspiration, have a look at the top 18 collection of excellent graffiti fonts and incorporate the impact of graffiti street art.

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1) The Purple Shall Govern

Shepard Fairey produced this renowned graffiti art to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa, which became known as the Purple Rain Protest. The demonstration was given its moniker as police officials sprayed demonstrators with purple-colored water in order to identify them afterwards. This sculpture, which is 10 floors tall and covers more than 2,000 square feet, looks out over the Nelson Mandela Bridge. Let’s take a look at 4 interesting historical facts surrounding this art piece:

  • The police painted the masses with purple paint in an attempt to identify everyone who was demonstrating so that they could be caught later and prosecuted.
  • Shepard Fairey, an American Rhodes University student who is part of the Obey group, created the eight-story picture, which is based on the events of that day. Fairey's street art, graphic designs, and passion for skateboarding culture inspired the formation of the group.
  • They've created a number of statement art works across the city, but The Purple Shall Rule mural —a spin on the pre-1994 ANC slogan 'the people shall govern' – was painted to honor Nelson Mandela's spirit on the 25th anniversary of his iconic demonstration.
  • Braamfontein and Shepard Fairey have brought history to the people by painting the iconic mural, which contributes to South Africa's rich culture.

2) Robbo Incorporated Artwork 

King Robbo was a British graffiti artist who founded Robbo Incorporated close to the Regent's Canal, immediately under the London Transportation Police Headquarters, in 1985. Since all of his other art was removed by authorities, save for this one, which was only accessible by water, it became London's oldest piece of graffiti.

Interestingly, another British graffiti artist, Banksy, painted over most of King Robbo's work, sparking a graffiti war. Banksy only stopped firing when Robertson died of a catastrophic head injury.

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3) Sonora Artwork 

Hazard, alias Harriet Ford, is a British street artist known for her striking, serene portrayals of women with intricate hair and headdresses. Sonora (2017) was painted on a warehouse in the desert hamlet of Ajo, Arizona, near the border with Mexico.

This was part of a crowdfunded initiative that aimed to start a conversation through an artistic residence in a historically significant location at a historically significant moment. The female figure shows a serene Mexican woman with a headpiece embellished with creatures from the Sonoran desert.

4) Facebook Graffiti Artwork

Sean Parker, the founder of Facebook, was a major fan of David Choe's graffiti work and commissioned him to paint a mural inside the company's initial Silicon Valley headquarters. Choe complied, creating a painting that was both gory and erotic — all of Choe's usual themes. Choe was given two payment alternatives by Parker. 60,000 dollars in cash or the equivalent in Facebook shares.

Although Choe wasn't certain that Facebook would be a success at the time, it's a good thing he accepted the shares because it's now worth well over $200 million. Mark Zuckerberg then ordered Choe to re-paint the Facebook offices once they were relocated, but this time with more subtle motifs.

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5) Tiled Steps: 16th Avenue 

The Tiled Steps on 16th Avenue are a community initiative that was finished in 2005. Residents picked artists Aileen Barr and Collette Crutcher to create a design that spans 163 mosaic panels, inspired by Rio de Janeiro's famed Selaron steps.

The stairs have a sea-to-sky motif, with handmade tiles in the forms of animals, fish, and shells donated by locals. Three mosaic workshops were arranged in the community to allow everyone to participate in the production of this spectacular piece of public art.

6) The Lennon Wall Mural

While anti-establishment themes have been painted on the Lennon Wall since the 1960s, it gained cultural significance with the killing of Beatles vocalist John Lennon in 1980. The wall became a mural wall devoted to John Lennon after an initial image of the musician was painted on it, a western icon of independence, creativity, and modernity.

Since then, the wall has been adorned with a variety of political and peaceful Beatles-themed slogans and artwork. The Lennon Wall's artwork has been whitewashed and covered by police, but artists continue to embellish it with political statements. Let’s take a look at some facts surrounding the overview of the Lennon Wall: 

  • The wall was initially known as the 'Crying Wall,' since it was a place where people could vent their discontent with the government and authorities. Western pop songs, such as those sung by The Beatles, were truly outlawed during the Communist era, and people were even imprisoned for playing them.
  • John Lennon's music symbolized freedom and grabbed the hearts and minds of Prague's young. After John Lennon's death in 1980, when people gathered in droves to grieve his passing and celebrate all he stood for, the moniker for the wall was born. Yoko Ono, John Lennon's widow, paid a visit to the memorial in 2003.
  • This specific wall is owned by the Knights of the Maltese Cross, not John Lennon's family or the Czech government, as some accounts may lead you to believe.
  • In terms of significance, some argue this wall is Prague's equal to the Berlin Wall. The wall, which is covered in inspirational poetry and uplifting sentiments, is unmistakably a symbol of freedom, free expression, peace, and opposition against Communism.

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7) Colorful Image of David by Kobra 

Eduardo Kobra, a Brazilian street artist from Sao Paulo's south side, created this colorful image of David. The artwork is painted directly on the marble in a quarry in Carrara, Italy, where Michelangelo and other artists obtained the marble for their sculptures. Kobra has been a graffiti artist since he was a youngster, and his artwork for the 2016 Rio Olympics set a world record for the largest mural, which he has since broken. 

8) The Giant of Boston Mural

The Giant of Boston was a temporary sculpture created by the Brazilian twin duo Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo for an exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. This enormous graffiti piece, which covered 70 square feet, portrays a giant, yellow figure pushing himself between the buildings around it.

The Pandolfo brothers, known as Os Gemeos, brilliantly account for the curves on their unique canvas, and the painting was very successful, although causing some criticism. 

9) Reskate Studio Artwork

Reskate Studio in Barcelona created the Harreman Project, which employs glow-in-the-dark paint to create public art with hidden depths. During the day, each piece of artwork in the series displays one picture, but at night, another is exposed.

graffiti color combos

According to the studio's website, "the objective is to attempt to brighten up gloomy areas of cities, both placing new lights and inviting inhabitants to participate with the wall, painting with light on it." Asombrar, a piece for Fisart Romania, was produced in 2015.

10) Dulk Artwork

Dulk, or Antonio Segura Donat, grew up copying exotic animal images from his parents' old encyclopedias and carrying his sketchbook around with him. After studying illustration and subsequently graphic design, he now works as a multidisciplinary artist who works in drawing, painting, sculpture, and advertising, but it's his large-scale street art, which features strange animals in fantastical environments, that stands out the most.

11) Ethnias Magnificent Mural 

Eduardo Kobra, a world-renowned graffiti artist, produced Etnias for the 2016 Rio Olympics using his characteristic squares and triangles style. This remarkable achievement took two months to complete and covers approximately 30,000 square feet. It even set a Guinness World Record for the world's largest graffiti painting.

Etnias portrays five faces from each of the five continents in order to convey the notion that we are all one. The Huli people of New Guinea, the Mursi people of Ethiopia, the Kayin people of Thailand, the Supi people of Europe, and the Tapajos people of the Americas were all represented.

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12) Tuttomondo Mural

Tuttomondo, which means "all world" in Italian, features the iconic characters that were prevalent in most of Keith Haring's work, who is considered as one of the founders of Pop Art. Haring met a Pisa-based acquaintance in New York who asked him to visit the city where the painting was completed.

The figures are entwined and linked to represent world peace and unity. It is Europe's biggest mural, stretching roughly 180 square meters, and it was Keith Haring's final public work before his death a year later in 1990.

13) Crack is Wack Graffiti Street Art

In the mid-1980s, crack cocaine was a significant problem in New York City, and Haring experienced the misery of addiction via his buddy Benny, who was deeply addicted to the substance. It was painted along Harlem River Drive, but he was detained because he lacked authorization.

But because Haring was a well-known artist at the time, and the painting had been widely publicized — Ronald Reagan's "War on Drugs" campaign was in full gear – when word of his arrest spread, people rallied around him. Haring was freed after paying a fee of $100. The city finally permitted Haring to restore the painting with its intended purpose after it was defaced with pro-drug propaganda.

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14) Balloon Girl Artwork

Banksy is undoubtedly the most well-known graffiti artist of all time, and no one has done more to advance the art form than he has. So we have the most famous graffiti artist's most famous graffiti artwork of all time - Balloon Girl – at number one. It depicts a little girl grasping for a heart-shaped balloon that is being blown away, her hair and clothes drifting forward.

The artwork was taken down from the east London store where it was made and sold for £500,000 in 2014. A print of the photograph sold for £56,250 in 2015. In 2017, a poll revealed that it was the most popular piece of art in the United Kingdom. For a piece of graffiti, all of these achievements are astounding.

15) Herbert Baglione’s Shadow 

Herbert Baglione is a street artist from Brazil. 1000 Shadows, a particularly stunning piece, saw him imprint his mark on an abandoned psychiatric facility in Parma, Italy. Balione cast ominous shadows across the building's floors, walls, and doors, frequently interacting with abandoned wheelchairs for added creepiness.

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16) Flower Thrower Mural

The painting, which is set in Jerusalem, a war-torn city, portrays a rioter prepared to hurl a bouquet of flowers instead of a bomb. The artwork has been copied on T-shirts, posters, and was included in Banksy Wall and Piece, a compilation book of Banksy's work published in 2005. Listed below are the facts in significance of this popular mural: 

  • A LGBT parade was held in Jerusalem in 2005, but it was attacked by demonstrators who stabbed three people and wounded dozens more. Many critics believe the black and white guy in 'Rage, the Flower Thrower' portrays a rioter or protestor.
  • His gears have a reputation for being violent. The flowers are in color, vivid, multi-color, and could be interpreted as a metaphorical representation of the gay pride flag. There is a bandana and a cap worn backwards to conceal the identity, while the flowers are in color, vivid, multi-color, and could be interpreted as a metaphorical representation of the gay pride flag. The flowers themselves represent hope for a peaceful resolution of issues in the mages.
  • Banksy is campaigning for peace by replacing a weapon with a bouquet of flowers, and he chose to place this message in a high-conflict region. The art also conveys the lesson that peace is achieved through diligent hard effort. Furthermore, the bouquet might reflect the remembering of lives lost in the long-running Israeli-Palestinian conflict - and therefore his use of art to communicate important social messages.

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17) Julian Beever 3D Artwork

There's nothing quite like going down your neighborhood's main street and discovering a whole new, 3D universe built entirely of chalk. Many other chalk painters may have made this list, but Julian Beever's fun approach to the material has us completely enthralled. In the mid-2000s, the British artist began as a busker before receiving commercial projects. Pavement Chalk Artist, a 10-part TV series, and a book were both launched in 2011.

18) See No Evil Mural

For two summers in a row, Bristol, the birthplace of Banksy and the epicenter of a thriving street art community, hosted one of Europe's largest street art festivals. The objective of See No Evil, which was organized by the famed street artist Inkie and Team Love, was to turn one of the city's most destitute stretches of road into a piece of beauty.

Nelson Street, in the heart of Bristol's city center, was a bleak, dismal thoroughfare. Artists from all over the world, like Tats Cru from New York and El Mac from Los Angeles, arrived in the city to bring it to life.

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This was our top 18 of our favorite street art colorful graffiti! 

Graffiti, formerly regarded as vandalism and delinquent conduct, has evolved into a well-respected art form. Graffiti artists have utilized their abilities to create work that has stopped people in their tracks in recent years, and some of these artists have established themselves in more "prestigious" art circles.

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Graffiti has only been treated seriously for roughly 30 years, yet it has been a significant step toward making art more accessible. 

You now know the major works that have marked the world of graffiti. The best thing to do is to go and see these works by yourself to make your own opinion on the subject! 

See you soon.

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