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what makes a luxury home

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What makes a luxury home ?

All of us have come across unique luxury home advertisements listed at the top of the real estate search listings. But have you ever given a thought to what actually is a luxury home? What defines it, and how can a house be considered a luxury place? 

Well, for beginners, we would like to define the term luxury homes first because most people think that the word luxury is solely associated with the price of the property. However, it is a more subjective topic to discuss, involving many factors that make a house luxurious. 

High-quality materials, big square footage or harmonious colors are the three main factors the can make a luxury home. It is also necessary to get some new technology within your home to make it feel luxurious, like heated floor, smart lightning system, etc. If you have the budget, you can add a swimming pool or a security system. 

In this article, we will see: 

  • What are luxury homes
  • What are the elements that make a home look luxurious

After reading this article, you will know all the main characteristics of a luxury home. Let's get started!

what are the elements that makes a luxury home

I) What are luxury homes?

We will walk you through some points about what defines a luxury home and what you should be expecting from it.

Traditionally, luxury homes are often categorized by how costly they are, basically the top 10% of the properties listed in the market. 

However, this term has been overplayed for the past few years, making it difficult for the property dealers to understand if the house is luxury by checking off all the associated boxes. 

Although this makes it hard to precisely define luxury, the fact is that luxury properties have a few features in common. 

Therefore, if you are thinking of investing in a posh property or just wondering if your current place checks off all the luxury-related boxes, this article will discuss a few features that make the home luxury and high-end.

II) What makes a high-end or luxury house?

Many houses seem to have that "it" factor, but if you want to give a luxury touch to your home, you may wonder what it takes to call a house a luxury place? Or other than its price, what makes a place extravagant?

There are no single straightforward answers to these questions because it all depends on your personal preferences.However, talking about the few things in common that all luxury houses have, we have compiled some essential factors that make a luxury house. Have a look.

what makes a home luxurious

1) Greater square footage

Sizes matter a huge deal when it comes to buying or building a luxury house. Expensive homes are already considered luxurious by default. This is because if the house is expanded on more extensive square footage, it gives the designers, architects, and builders more and more space to show their creativity by customizing things and adding bells and whistles to dictate a greater value of the house. For example, adding more rooms, custom luxury bathrooms, and rooms specified for specific amenities can create an exclusive high-end vibe that most buyers drool over at the price they are paying. 

However, the expanded house area depends on the location of the house. For instance, while an apartment in New York may be only the size of a few hundred square feet, it can be made luxuriously by adding extravagant features inside it instead of a greater foot area. Finishes like custom cabinetry, exclusive decors, luxury closets, or even a private outdoor space will all contribute to making a home luxurious, even when its area is not that expensive. 

2) High-quality materials

What is the point of having a huge home when it is only filled with basic, cheap, builder-grade finishes? Because no buyer or an expert real-estate professional would consider it a luxury place to live in.

To make a luxury house, quality is just as essential as quantity, as both these factors are mutually exclusive. Therefore, the entire area of the house needs to demonstrate that it has been given time and dedication to using premium materials.

how to build a luxury home for cheap

Depending on how the house is built, it will help you choose the suitable high-quality building materials. For example, if the property is built on a specific architectural design, it will command a particular interior design for the place to make sense. Therefore, before finalizing the house's interior, make sure you study its character first and research what kind of design will suit them best.

You must remember that everything does not need to be new to define luxury. For example, adding an antique touch like stained-glass windows can give a house a unique, luxurious look, but in a suitable capacity. 

4) Location is the key!

As an investor or a builder, you can buy or build the most expensive, unique, bigger, luxury home in the world, but if it is located at an unsuitable location, the house will lose its luxurious prestige. Specific zip codes are known for having luxury homes, and once you buy or build a house there, your home will get a luxury stamp on it.

However, having a popular zip code is not necessary to define a luxurious home. For instance, if the house is located on a prime location like a waterfront or a beautiful hill overlooking the city's skyline, it will be considered a high-end home, even if there is nothing special in the zip code or mailing address. It is important to consider the area surrounding the home to call it a luxury place.

Peace and quiet are harder to find everywhere these days, but they can make the home a super comfortable place to live in. Hence, in any classy house, its location plays a significant role in its pricing and, of course, the luxury tag!

hermes wall art

5) Living smart with technology

With everything digitally transforming with changing technology today, most high-end and contemporary homes feature innovative and smart technological aspects for the convenience of the residents. With a single click or tap, you can easily control your home's ambient systems, which include temperature, lighting, and security features.

Some homes even offer you the complete control of managing the functions and settings of every electronic appliance present in the house by using a single central system and controlling it on your smartphone. You can set the lighting of your house according to the time of the day and even manage the settings remotely from anywhere if you are not at home.

While this is a highly luxurious feature for some people, others may find it pretty frivolous. However, it is up to you to decide how smart you want your home to be. Some people also prefer adding home lift systems in their houses, completely eliminating the concept of having stairs and conveniently moving from one floor to another. 

6) Unique designs

Homes that look distinctive hold a higher luxury prestige than the cookie-cutter houses in suburban areas. Adding unique architectural details to your home with state-of-the-art construction will generate special attention towards themselves, which is precisely what a luxurious house demands.

To make your house appear unique, you should focus on frameworks like indoor-outdoor living, open floor plan, multipurpose smart garage, and other modern exteriors, affordable to only a specific class of people.As this pool of people is narrowed down, the house's value rises automatically, thus making it contemporary, high-end, and luxurious.

luxury homes with indoor pools

7) Luxury interiors

Another crucial factor that makes a home luxurious is its interior design. It is one factor that will set a luxury home apart from other houses. Today in the modern era, luxury interior means giving your house a unique look by customizing the design according to your personal taste.

The top luxury interior designers would encourage you to add a few pieces that reflect your personality and interests in your home. However, today's modern luxury interiors mean more space and less clutter. Whether you choose to be subtle or bright, the less cluttered your house, the more luxurious vibe it will offer.

Another thing to notice in all luxury homes is their light-filled interior. If you want to make your space look bigger, add more light. Modern chandeliers, lamps, and hanging an oversized mirror are all the features that make a house interior luxurious and high-end.

8) Luxurious bathrooms

We think it is safe to mention when we say that all of us can recognize a luxurious bathroom as soon as we see it. Stepping inside, it looks like stepping into another realm. Whether it is the unusual space, high-end decor, more than usual lighting, or modern accent details, these features make a bathroom look expensive and extravagant. But what exactly are the luxurious elements associated with bathrooms? Here are some of the following features:

  • Heated floor tiles to soothe sore feet and offer instant relaxation.
  • A sauna or a jacuzzi with a screen in the front gives a spa-like feeling at home while watching your favorite show.
  • A smart technological system with a single central controller to heat water in the tub, or manage the lighting and sauna temperature.

luxury girl bathroom

9) Extravagant kitchens

A kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most important areas of a house. While looking for a luxury home, you should visit its kitchen first, which can instantly tell you if the whole place comes under the high-end label or not. For a luxury kitchen, details matter the most, from the kitchen's layout to the shape of the counter. You can also find features like heated drawers, double sinks, dirty kitchen space, and every single electronic appliance. 

Innovative technology is also incorporated in a luxurious kitchen like touchless faucets, a central system to manage all electric appliances, motion sensor lights, automatic stoves, motion-activated drawers, built-in fridges, ovens, cabinets, etc. 

10) Indulgent amenities

When it comes to buying or living in a luxury home, more is always more. Gone are the days when having a theater system in the house was considered a luxury feature. Hence, you need to level up the luxury game today by adding as many amenities as possible by creating unexpected spaces. This luxury home feature blurs the lines between indoors and outdoors for the owners, thus eliminating the need to leave the house and go out to socialize and enjoy outdoor activities. 

For example, swimming pools, backyards with modern patios and decks, and tennis or squash courts have now become standard upgrades for a home to be called a luxurious place. Many luxury house owners have leveled up the game by expanding these amenities into fully functional outdoor kitchens, separate game rooms with snooker or pool table, and gyms and spas with all the latest equipment to allow their guests to enjoy the outdoor entertainment features within the house's area.

luxury gold living room

11) Pet-friendly spaces

If you have a house that accommodates pets and their needs, it is the ultimate in being luxurious. It doesn't mean we are talking about just a litter box or a pet bed that most houses have. A pet-friendly luxury house means it has all the facilities to accommodate animals' needs, like a separate boot room or a shower for muddy pets, a separate play area for them, and grounds or stables for keeping larger animals like ponies and horses, etc. 

12) Privacy and security

If you pay close attention to the developments happening in the neighborhood, you will know where the construction culture in the area is moving towards. Privacy and security are essential aspects that buyers look for when buying a luxury home.

Even those people who are nowhere famous look for a house shielded from outside people while they enjoy all the luxury house facilities inside. High walls, thoughtful landscaping, security systems, and smart-lock gates are all features to integrate into a home space to increase its luxurious value.

luxury high ceiling living rooms

The term luxury home is generally subjective. So it comes down to you and your choice of what you would like to have in your house as the pinnacle of elegance and style. So whether you want an extravagant theme park in your garden or a tennis court outside, or just a simple patio near the swimming pool with all bbq equipment to enjoy the night with your friends and family, the ultimate decision is yours and your financial situation.

Therefore, you should focus on the above-mentioned key elements to call your home a luxury-filled place, including the places' craftsmanship, performance, exclusivity, sense of time and place, design aesthetics, innovation, sophistication, relevance, and creative expression, responsibility, and heritage. After all, luxury is not only the name of spending money or other valuable resources to buy a bigger house, outdoing your neighbors.

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Making a home feel luxurious is more about how it makes you feel while you live in the house, how it expresses your personality and individuality from its interiors and exteriors, and how it can stimulate one's senses with opulence, beauty, and comfort. 

See you soon.

Splash of Arts Team.