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Wall Art Installation Tips and Tricks

Wall Art Installation Tips and Tricks

What are the best tips and tricks in a wall art installation? Are you one of those aesthetes looking for a stylish way to create your wall displays? Well, luckily, you are here with us! You are in the right place!

Welcome to the realm of wall art display, where you’ll learn tips and tricks on how to carry out your wall display plan effectively. Here, you’ll be able to widen your perspective and imagination, which are essential tools when it comes to wall art installation. You’ll be able to unleash your creative personality to make your wall art a representation of your true self and interests. Isn’t it great?

Also, in the following, you’ll discover tips and tricks when it comes to a wall art installation that you thought was impossible to do. Included in this piece of information is also a brief reminder on how you should do wall art installation. Aside from the steps, would you also want to become familiar with the basic tools used commonly in this kind of project?

By the end of this article:

  •  You’ll discover a variety of useful tips and tricks on how to accomplish your wall art design and installation effectively. Whatever comes into your mind, we’ll help you to make it happen.
  •  Despite the complexity of your wall art designs, you’re guaranteed a successful installation of it, even with yourself only.
  •  With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to transform your bland wall into a magnificent one; and you’ll be able to represent yourself through artistic ways!

wall art inspiration

I) Unleashing Your Room’s Potential With Wall Art

To hang your décor like a professional, there are some things you might want to consider for a more desirable look. We make the wall installation easier for you. Whether you are a beginner or simply want to explore the wonders of hanging wall art, you have the ability to display wall art like an expert.

As you read further, you will learn how can you optimize the appeal of your artwork in your insides. With the tips and tricks we will provide you in this blog, we hope to help change the design and layout of your wall.

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II) Our Best Tips in Hanging Wall Art

Hanging a piece of wall art makes your home complete. However, to perfectly display your decal, you don’t simply hang it on a bare wall. You sure don’t want to waste the beauty of the art by having a failed installation.

So, before getting started, keep the following tips and tricks in mind.

1) Measure your Wall

Size matters – correctly measure your wall and remember to provide at least four inches between the frames because if not, your wall art will look overcrowded. When your wall decors are too close to each other, imperfections are apparent, and it is the one that will stand out. So, it is essential to hang your wall art perfectly level.

2) Be Unique

Don’t settle for something simple and basic – you need to think outside the box. When designing your room, your personality should radiate the pieces of art hanging on your wall. Your unique choice of wall art will significantly affect the overall look and beauty of your space. Therefore, quit being basic. Instead, opt for something extraordinary.

wall art installation ideas

3) Consider the Color of Your Wall

What is the color of your wall? Most homeowners forget about the color of their walls. It is essential to consider the color of your wall in looking for wall art. Establishing a presentable and decent style will depend on the color of your wall, as it will serve as a clean backdrop. Most interior designers suggest neutral colors as the wall color as these give more room for your options when it comes to wall art designs and colors. Neutral colors will allow your wall art to stand out and make the art the focus of every eye.

4) Don’t forget the Lighting

This is very important – don’t ever forget the lighting of your space. Concerning your chosen wall art, the lighting of your room also affects the overall look of the artwork. Sconces or picture lights can significantly highlight your wall art. Find out if some enormous pieces of furniture might obstruct the source of light that could affect the line of sight of your wall art.

living room wall art inspiration

5) Hang Wall Art at Eye Level

If you have hanged some of your wall decors too high, then it is the perfect time to adjust them. Your wall art should be hanged 57” on the center. Take note that the center of your wall art should be 57” (the art piece and not the hook). This measurement is the standard average and suggested height of your wall art from the floor. Most of the museums and galleries used this measurement in hanging their paintings and other wall art. Hanging your wall art at an eye-level creates balance because your art piece will share a give-out midline.

6) Use Frames Appropriately

Try not to use the usual frames you have tried before. Choose something new, and don’t be afraid to blend and match frames. When thinking about the focal piece of your wall art, don’t neglect this critical detail. If you plan to place the wall art in your living room, remember that it will serve as your wall anchor. Try new frames, and don’t forget to hang the art you love. You can also opt for monochromatic frames, and if you want, you can also mix your art with some picture hangers and different vintage frames.

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7) Let your favorite wall art shine

Everyone seems to have their favorites. So, why not hang your favorite wall art? It is always essential to start decorating your space with the piece of art that you love. After starting with your favorite, create everything from there. Also, pay attention to proportion and scale and the details of what you want your eye to view first.

8) Balance the Scales

If you are a bit afraid that buying a new wall of art might only destroy your collection of art, then you should follow this tip. To achieve a balanced look, you need to treat your gallery collection as one piece. To do this, make sure that wall art and other wall decors are neither too small nor too huge concerning your sideboard or sofa. Take note: the size of your wall art should be two-thirds of that of your sideboard or sofa. Measure the width and height of your wall and check our collections of wall art for the sizes.

9) Wall Art should not be too expensive

You don’t need to spend too much to create the most pleasing wall art gallery you desire. If you find it challenging to look for large wall art you want, why not try grouping wall art pieces together.  Though they don’t match, they can also create a wall art decor that makes a solid focal point.

diy inspirational wall art

III) Wall Art Installation Décor Ideas

Moving to a new home also calls for a new set of interior décors. You can turn that blank wall into an extraordinary-looking wall gallery. Do you want to bring style and class to every corner of your space? Check out some of our wall art installation décor ideas.

1) Symmetrical Location of Wall Art

Perfect for pieces of artwork similar in shape, subject, and size, this technique lets you develop clustering that provides visual balance. This is also applicable for fireplace mantles or vast collections of furniture.

If you plan to hang up several wall arts, hanging up wall arts of even numbers should have enough space between them. It should be 4 to 6” for standard spacing, and it should be 1 to 2” for tight spacing.

For hanging three wall arts in a row, you need to go vertical. Perfect for sofa and hallway walls, hanging three wall arts in a row helps you achieve the right volume without compromising the look and does not appear overcrowded.

2) Asymmetrical Balance

If you have a group of wall arts available that are not all of the exact sizes but share a similar element, like the color scheme or the subject, asymmetrical balance is the solution. Arranging the wall arts asymmetrically will help you achieve an organic balance.

Do you have two staggered pictures? This is ideal with huge art pieces. Try placing them by putting one higher than the other so that the bottom and top don’t match. Asymmetrical balance helps create energy and interest—also, the same for horizontal and vertical pieces with similar grouping.

IV) Hang Wall Art like a Professional – Wall Art Installation

Now that we are done with the tips let us discuss the stunning wall art arrangement techniques.

1) DIY Installation

We know that it is a daunting task to figure out the proper hanging of your wall art. Most people believe that hanging wall art without the help of a professional might only result in an unpleasant look. Well, let us prove them wrong! If you know the rules and techniques for the proper installation of wall art, you will achieve that stylish look that you want.

diy textured wall art

2) Setting up your Wall Art

Once your wall art and the spot are chosen – it now calls for hanging time! While this job requires two-person for the task to get done, don’t you know that you can do it yourself? All you need is a tape and paper. Using a piece of paper, start tracing your wall art. Then, cut out your traced drawing to create a template. It is important to make a mark on your template for the hook or wire. You can do this by measuring the distance from the top of the frame to the wire.

3) Proper Wall Art Positioning

The nail mark on the wall should match up to that on your template. Then, use the tape to secure it in place. This will allow you to look and see if the wall art is balanced or how the piece of art looks from a distance. If you are not satisfied with its position, feel free to adjust and make necessary adjustments. The moment you are happy with the wall art and its placement, get ready with your hammer and nail. On the spot you have marked, start placing the nail and peel the template away. Finally, your last task is to put the wall art in its place.

diy black and white wall art

V) Our Wall Art – Perfect Addition to your room

Wall art that radiates your personality offers a flawless finishing to every room.  It also helps complete the space and create that eye-catching look. They are also a perfect finishing element that can expand the overall look of a room, making it not just functional but refined.

If you are planning to buy a new wall art or maybe looking for an addition to your wall art gallery, then we’ve got you covered! We have a wide array of wall arts, with the latest in design and art! Art is for everyone. So, to make sure to create a space with your unique style – trust the experts in wall art.

Chanel Wall Art

With us, rest assured that you can find the prints and wall art that match your preference. Whatever your style and taste, our goal is to help you find wall art that best suits your home. Browse our wall art collections created by different photographers and artists featuring their creations.

So, dedicate some of your time to decorating your space. The choices are limitless but don’t forget to choose wall art that you love, making you feel happy and satisfied.

Time to create your home art gallery.

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