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vintage wall art ideas for bedroom

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Vintage wall art ideas for bedroom

Want to give your room a vintage look by redecorating your walls? Or maybe you don't have any wall art ideas for your vintage bedroom? 

Besides enhancing the ambiance, wall arts provide more presence to pretty much everything in the house by adding more presence to it. There is only one rule for choosing the right wall art, and that is you should not choose the wall or corners that are not very visible. Simple. As for other considerations, you have no "lookout" features when planning your wall decor.

Vintage Wall art adds a stately touch to your decor in a subtle way. Creating a vintage bedroom can be a lot of fun! The rustic factor of vintage wall art gives it a sense of minimalism and creates a personal style statement wherever it is displayed. Your home will be enhanced by these pieces of art, and they provide a lot of value as well. Unlike traditional decoration items, one of the most intriguing things about these items is that they offer the opportunity to change their look from time to time to give your home a new look depending on where you place the object.

As vintage wall art becomes increasingly popular, people are falling in love with it more and more. From picking a theme and mixing and matching old and new furniture to browsing thrift stores for some vintage finds, there are plenty of thoughtful details that go into creating a cohesive vintage bedroom.

In this article, we will see: 

  • The best vintage wall art ideas for your bedroom
  • How to implement them 

The following is a glimpse of how you can design your very own vintage bedroom that is an equal mixture of new and old.

vintage wall decor for bedroom

1) Botanical Vintage Art

The popularity of botanical in fashion seems to be on the rise again. It was probably because we have all become such crazy plant ladies and gents lately that this has something to do with it. Indeed, botanical did not wholly disappear. It's probably because of their versatility and general inoffensiveness. 

Despite our criticism of mass-produced art, most people appreciate these pieces' visual impact, even if they are not real.

Choosing botanical-themed vintage artwork for Mother Nature-inspired gallery walls. These don't have to be large and bold to make a statement. Flea markets are often full of smaller botanical and copies of old botanical in books; therefore, it is often easier to find them there than the originals. In addition, flea markets and antique shops have antique books and prints of flowers, leaves, and other natural elements.

vintage botanical wall art

Complement the display by framing some real pressed flowers and dried leaves displayed on the bookshelves. Then, put your vintage art on a wall above the headboard in your bedroom or on the sofa wall in your living room. You may also consider displaying botanical charts in your restrooms. These are definitely pricey, but the benefits could be great. Wait a minute! How about if you purchased an old book of botanical prints you could cut out and make something similar on the cheap?

Additionally, you can create a gallery wall that incorporates a couple of different kinds of botanical. Whether they're super-science and in chart form or more romantic and dainty, botanical are hard to go wrong in an interior design. 

Regardless of their size, small or large, they just seem to work, whether they are single or grouped. 

You can use DIY vintage botanical wall art ideas on your wall art if you love indoor plants so much! This will enhance the indoor plants' theme by adding more appearance to your decor.

2) Vintage Clocks

Decor wall clocks are available in a variety of styles, from vintage and industrial to modern and sophisticated, making them functional accents on walls. If you have an unused wall space just waiting to be filled, you might consider putting up a wall clock. 

Having a large wall clock for your bedroom is usually all the rage these days and for a good reason - they are impressive the very first time you see them and are eye-catching on the first glance.

vintage bedroom clocks

Large clocks are great in the farmhouse and industrial spaces, but they also come in a variety of styles that can be paired with a more modern or eclectic scheme. 

Having access to such a wide variety of wall decor allows you to save a lot of money without sacrificing the quality of the function.

Go with a cuckoo clock if you want a much more unique, detailed piece than a typical wall clock. A Cuckoo Clock is a timeless piece of home decor that is an essential addition to any country, rustic, or cabin-style decor. This intricately designed, a charming piece will quickly enhance any room, adding the perfect touch of intrigue to it.

You can also choose a metallic style wall clock with oversized Roman numerals that will add a vintage touch to this modern living room. Also, the stark contrast between the black metal against the pristine white panelled wall in this cosy living room for design purposes is striking, and it serves as a lovely point of interest in its decor.

3) Distressed Hand Painted Love Story Sign

Wood is one of the most versatile materials, which can be used in virtually any type of structure, whether it be for kitchenware, furniture, sculptures, walls or flooring. 

Nevertheless, hand-painted signs are ideal for placing in living rooms, bedrooms and other areas of the home. It is considered the most resourceful material in the architectural and design industries. With different patterns and colours in the grain that vary from species to species, wood has its charisma. As a result of their enticing qualities, they appear in vintage-themed furnishing trends more and more often.

vintage love sign

Having the wood painted with a cream paint and having it distressed gives off a beautiful country-like atmosphere. Beautiful calligraphy should be used for the lettering. You can use it to express your love for your significant other. You can also craft some cool vintage signboards using wood and paper. Those exquisite but unbelievably expensive wooden signs at Pottery Barn or other furniture shops are to die for. Make these yourself; they're hilariously cheap and easy.

4) Go Pastel

Honestly, there is something in the way colors make you feel at home, welcoming into the house of a friend so that you feel at home and welcomed?

Color trends have changed dramatically over the years, from retro and vintage in the '50s and 60s to bold and bright in the 70s and 80s - we have always been drawn to how color often creates a sense of home in our homes. However, it seems that pastel colors have evolved beyond being only seen in the baby nurseries of our past! The modern use of eucalyptus in your living areas provides more than a relaxed feel, as they lend a retro feel to your bedroom and kitchen appliances, and they lend a unique look to your entire home in neutral paint colors.

Having old-world charm in your home can be brought about by replacing all classic colors with soft and easy colors that are soft and easy to look at, in addition to bold and vibrant hues. Pastels are not just for the young or for those who follow a style that is considered feminine. If you combine the blue tones of navy blue, turquoise, and soft air blue in your bedroom bedding, it would serve to make any masculine bedroom shine. In order to create depth in your interiors, pastel colors should be combined with bolder patterns and colors. If you want to make pastels your focal point, you can use them as accents with your other dominant colors.

vintage world map wall art

If you have any decor pieces or accessories in your house with dramatic and intense prints, patterns, or colors, switch these out with accessories with smaller prints such as flowers, leaves, and other natural, botanical designs. 

Depending on the type of decor you decide to choose for your room, you might consider white, off-white, pastel pink, soft peach, mint green, etc. All of which might be suitable for your needs.

5) Add an Ornate Mirror

A decadent mirror is sure to help you add that touch of nostalgia to your bedroom without going bankrupt. They are probably the easiest way to add one to your room without breaking the bank. With an antique frame painted with a chalkboard paint job, these mirrors are perfect for transforming any interior space. If you want to exude vintage quality, you can choose glasses frames that combine pastel shades and gold paint to really be on-trend. On the other hand, if you choose an antique mirror with realistically distressed patches, intricate frames and dark edges, you can transform a room entirely. 

These items add a sense of glamour to homes decorated in vintage or Victorian style, in addition to making your other accessories work harder. It is most likely that your bedroom and bathroom will have at least one mirror each, and you can also add one to your living room, kitchen and hallway if you have the space. 

vintage ornate mirror

Depending on the size of the mirror you want to use, you will want to place it across from a window to illuminate a dark space. Make the mirror a little farther away from the window, so the light doesn't hit it directly; alternatively, place the mirror near a corner to reflect the light into other areas of the room. Position antique mirrors across from windows that have become fogged and don't create any glare by placing them directly across from windows. 

If you like, you can simply place antique mirrors at oblique angles to any of your favorite antique decor items. The mirrors capture the colors and lines of the decor, but do not reflect or reflect exactly the items on display. Using this effect, you can spread the style of your favorite things throughout the room without making it appear overcrowded. By the way, a small ornate mirror can be a great minimalist wall decor idea for your bedroom. 

6) Four Poster Bed to the Rescue

When you want to transform your bedroom and imbibe the true vintage look completely, you need to invest in a four-poster bed. Also, don't worry, these beds are not as expensive as they may first appear. Its dark wood four-poster bed has an elegant elegance that oscillates between modern and antique styling. Even though the headboard is made of metal, the design of the bed still feels very contemporary. With rods and fittings that can be found in any hardware store for a few dollars, you can make your very own DIY four-poster bed.

vintage four poster bed

Making the bed the focal point of your bedroom, you can drape your canopy bed with majestic looking drapes. The flowing, brown curtains add a sense of romance to the room instead of heavy fabrics. However, this bed probably is not the right choice for you if your bedroom has low ceilings or limited space, making the room appear smaller and cluttered.

While it has classic elements like a framed canopy with four posts, there is no elaborate carving, and the design reduces the bulk on the columns with smooth, curvy lines.

In addition, there is no reason to limit the colour of the four-poster to classic wooden hues. In order to make the bed look ideal, it extends to different colours such as aqua pink wood, and the headboard also extends to the bed. A bed of this type can suit a smaller and contemporary space without requiring heavy draperies or swags for comfort.

vintage wall art for bedroom

No matter your budget and aesthetic preferences, vintage bedrooms are a great way to add timeless elements from bygone eras and complement the amenities and conveniences of the present day.

You now have the opportunity to choose that one design that you have been dreaming of. Irrespective of whether your wall decor is a DIY project or whether professional help is required, you must completely change the look and feel of your living space.

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See you soon.

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