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How to success minimalist modern boho living room ?

Do you want to enliven your living room and yet still keep the minimalist decor? Or maybe you don't know how to incorporate a bohemian style within your living room? 

Establishing a minimalist modern boho living room entails creating a completely unique and individualized environment. The nicest part about this style is that you may use any art pieces, even your own, and blend colors anyway you like. 

In order to success a minimalist boho living room, you can add vintage items, plants, candles, a Persian rug, some minimalist wall arts or even some floor pillows. Make sure to choose natural materials, like wood or handmade items. 

The color palette of a minimalist modern boho living room is distinct, with: 

  • varied styles of furniture, 
  • soft textures, and 
  • ethnic patterns.

Minimalist modern Boho living rooms are an unusual yet harmonious marriage of two very distinct styles, combining aspects of minimalist and boho design.

In this article, various basic modern boho living room ideas to liven up your space will be provided! But first of all let us understand what minimalist modern boho decor is.

bohemian minimalist boho living room

I) What is Minimalist Modern Boho Decor?

Sleek features with clear lines and more minimalistic embellishments are the emphasis of modern design. Bohemian design, on the other hand, is full of individuality, is whimsical, and showcases distinct personalities. When the two are combined, the result is a more polished and adult aesthetic that is still playful and whimsical. There are several levels of contemporary boho décor, and with a mid-century modern boho living room, you can choose a sleeker version.

Due to the lack of rigid standards, the bohemian style is largely customizable. The goal is to create a soothing, pleasant, and inviting atmosphere with a dash of drama. Although minimalism and bohemianism appear to be diametrically opposed styles, they may frequently be combined well. With an explicit idea about minimalist modern boho design, how do we then create one? We will figure it out in the next session. 

II) How to create a Minimalistic Boho Living Room

There are many different ways to create a vibrant boho living room with a modern twist! Let’s focus on easy methods to create a modern boho living room. To establish a foundation for the space, the first step is to pick which design style will be your dominant style. Bohemian. It incorporates a variety of bright, vibrant, and whimsical materials, as well as old objects, to anchor the room. Marble bookends, for example, are ageless, elegant, and add a lot of interest to a room.

boho chic living room minimalist

Here's a step-by-step breakdown of how this appears!

1) Experiment with different materials

Boho style isn't about perfection; it's about warmth and feeling at ease, the way you should feel at home. Experiment with materials when it comes to decorating your urban bohemian living room. Even if your area is restricted, don't be scared to experiment with new materials. Colorful Persian carpets, light boho drapes, and floral-print cushions. 

2) Various lighting sources

It's difficult to envisage a bohemian space with only one light source. It's critical to have a variety of light sources to help you create the mood you choose, whether you're planning a romantic evening with your spouse, a relaxing Saturday reading a book, or having a party at your house. You may choose from pendants, chandeliers, or even string lights, depending on your preferences.

3) Try getting a Persian rug

Why not go for a comfy Persian style rug if you only need one element to turn your living space into a bohemian paradise? They are available in a variety of sizes and forms, as well as any design you like. You may match it with pillows or use opposing colors to create contrast. Don't be frightened to try new things!

minimalist hipster living room boho

4) Wall with a bohemian flair

For your feature wall, you might go for an urban bohemian look. You may mount your mirror on the wall behind your TV or on the wall behind your TV. Purchase boho style wallpaper - there are many options to choose from, and everyone will find something that works in their living space. You may even build your own wall art using macrame and miniature mirrors if you're feeling very crafty.

5) Choose natural materials

Natural, wooden furniture is required in a bohemian living room design. Light wood bookshelves and a coffee table are a good choice since they make the space appear larger and more spacious. This sort of furniture can simply be mixed and matched with other bohemian accents, allowing you to vary your design without having to buy new furniture.

6) Make a collage of your images and hang them on the wall

Make it unique. Your living room should tell the tale of your family and special occasions. You may hang photos from your vacations, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions on the wall, and every time you look at them, you'll feel energized.

modern farmhouse boho living room

7) Floral accents

If you're unsure what sort of design to use in your boho living room, opt for flowery prints with floral embellishments. It's always a fantastic choice, and its theme may be seen on a range of décor, carpets, and cushions. The best part is that you don't have to choose just one flowery design; you may mix and match.

8) Use of Candles

Who doesn't enjoy the smell of candles? Boho candles are usually an excellent choice for home décor since they are so lovely. But there's more to it than that. In the evenings, they provide a unique ambiance in which you may unwind and rest before going to bed.

9) Purchase some plants

It's difficult to envision an urban bohemian living area without a lot of plants. Plants provide vitality to every space and help to create a pleasant environment. Maxi plants are an excellent choice for a bohemian living room, especially if you have a large living room. If you don't have enough space for large plants, try using adorable boho plant holders to create at least one relaxing spot dedicated to nature.

grey boho living room

10) Purchase some floor pillows

If you've ever visited a bohemian bar, you've definitely sat on a comfy cushion on the floor sipping your coffee. Why not recreate the same atmosphere in your own home? Of course, this does not mean you have to give up your beloved chair or sofa, but you may experiment with some floor cushions. It could easily become your go-to area for a cup of coffee or tea in the morning, reading a book, or simply relaxing.

11) Add in Vintage Items

Incorporating vintage objects is one of the features that define a modern boho living room design. Artwork, furniture, carpets, fabrics, and home decor elements that are vintage or antique provide a peaceful and attractive element to a living room design. Vintage artifacts provide tranquility and nostalgia to a space where modern design might appear rigid and chilly and boho style can feel over-the-top and chaotic.

12) Comfortable Textures And Luxurious Fabrics

I'm sure you've noticed that there's a significant contrast between modern and bohemian design at this point. When building a modern boho living room, the idea is to combine the two conflicting styles so that they merge and create a welcoming environment.

Using a variety of comfortable textures and velvety textiles is one of the simplest ways to achieve this. To tie the design together, consider a rug with plenty of texture or a velvety fabric, depending on the style you're looking for.

boho living room wall decor ideas

13) A Modern Boho Living Room with Clean Lines

While most of the components we've explored thus far have a bohemian feel to them, clean lines help to keep things contemporary. Straight-line furniture, modernizes a space more than decorative accents, such as my coffee table.

Sleek cylinder lights, straight arm accent chairs, plain marble bookends, and straight legged tables are all examples of pure lines. Because they are basic and unfussy, these clean lines pieces are easy to include into many designs, making them less of a stand-out item.

14) Using Color

It's clear by now that color is crucial when designing a modern boho living space! Many people believe that to create a modern bohemian living room, you need a lot of color everywhere, especially on the walls. However, you may get the same effect by using startling flashes of color inside a neutral color scheme.

On the other side, bold colors may be added through wall murals, accent walls, interesting draperies, or even painting a whole room! This is entirely dependent on your personality and what you find appealing.

bohemian industrial decor

15) Tones of Rich Wood

Consider how to include wood tones when you blend different design components. Rich wood tones serve to create a welcoming atmosphere. It's one of those anchors that connects the two design styles. 

16) Adding Playful Designs

The most well-known characteristic of current bohemian design is that it has a lot of personality and seems quite whimsical. It has nothing to do with rigidity or stagnation. It may appear polished, but it is never dull. Let’s review a few ideas on how to add playful designs:  

  • Adding accent fabrics or curtains with whimsical designs
  • Including unexpected wall hangings
  • Shelf styling with a lot of charm and color
  • Plants with a lot of color and a whimsical nature can be used

17) Implementing Organic Elements, Light & Airy

Make it light and airy using organic elements while designing your modern boho living room. Remember how we said there are several stages to achieving this modern boho design style? Adding a bright and airy sense to a place works with any style and is the most effective approach to lure people in!

mexican bohemian decor

18) Feature Items You've Collected

Bringing discovered artifacts into the house is central to Bohemianism. To give a place a real boho atmosphere, it's important to use vintage objects and gathered pieces from all over the world. 

19) Accept New Trends

Even if bohemianism is not a new notion, it is continuously influenced by current events. It's all about massive macramé pieces and gushing flora right now. 

20) Combining the Old with the New

To get the boho aesthetic, you may combine new and antique pieces with gathered objects. Reupholstering an old item may give it a new lease of life.

Reupholstering antique sofas in vibrant botanical designs, for example. You may also go thrifting to acquire unusual home décor pieces that complement your modern furniture.

minimalist wall art framed

21) Bring the Outdoors Inside

Bring in some lush green plants for a boho vibe. Long romantic vines or more contemporary palms, both of which may be exhibited in a variety of vases, come to mind. Plants should be put in areas where they would thrive, which is frequently near windows.

Hang them from the ceilings, let them cascade down from high shelves, or bring in one enormous tree to make a great impression. Another method to bring the outside in is to choose items that can simply be moved from the patio to the living room.

22) Find out how to tell the difference between clutter and display

One widespread misunderstanding regarding bohemian decor is that it cannot be neatly arranged. While bohemian interiors are often overflowing with things, architectural details, paintings, and fabrics, they may also be very utilitarian. Show off your treasures with pride, but don't let things get out of hand. 

23) Prioritize a Lived-In Feel

Once again, the key to creating a boho living room is to select items that appear weathered and worn rather than sparkling and fresh. The room is kept vibrant with a bright blue accent wall and bright orange cushions.

aesthetic bohemian minimalist room

24) You can Break the Rules

One of the wonderful things about boho interiors is that there are no 'rules' for what works and what doesn't. Simply choose décor that appeals to you, such as kantha and suzani quilts, indigo-dyed pieces from Japan and Mali, Moroccan fabrics like Handira and Berber kilim, and self-designed weaving designs.  

25) Become frugal

Search sites like eBay, Etsy, and Chairish for one-of-a-kind objects that make a boho environment seem unique. Another place to find unique oddities that would look great in a bohemian living room is at flea markets and thrift stores.

26) Fringe is optional

Just a smidgeon of boho? A fringed feature, such as a pom-pommed throw blanket, adds just the right amount of flair. In an otherwise minimalist-meets-modern bedroom, the natural-material ottoman completes the design.

bohemian jewel tone living room

27) More Is More Principle

Do you know how you practise extreme restraint in minimalism? When it comes to anything bohemian, though, this is not the case. Almost every area is filled to help create a room that is rich with color and pattern, feels snug and inviting, and contains a variety of objects that have some worth to you and tell a narrative. Anything is fair game, including art, literature, sculptures, pillows, and lamps. 

28) The Natural & Handmade are Embraced in Bohemian Design

Because bohemian decor is influenced by artists and encourages individuality, you'll discover a variety of handcrafted objects in a boho room. Textiles, sculptures, and paintings, for example, may all serve to build uniqueness. You'll discover plenty of natural components in addition to the handcrafted.

Fabrics such as burlap and sisal, as well as plants, are examples of this. Potted plants, hanging plants, succulents, and ferns assist to bring the outside in and create a relaxing atmosphere in your home. Adding plants is another quick method to make a space seem more calm, vibrant, and alive. It looks nice, it's healthy for the soul, and it's good for the environment. 

29) Boho embellishments should be used sparingly

A few modest boho vibes are all it takes to instantly spice up a minimalist space. Amber Interiors elevates this black-and-white kitchen's minimalist color palette with a few well-placed touches, like a bright rug and boisterous flora.

pink bohemian living room

30) Decorate using a mix of styles or go for electric decor 

It feels very avant-garde to combine minimalism's conventional white walls with a mishmash of design. Don't let perfectionism hold you back: place your plants wherever you want them, and don't bother hanging your paintings.

31) When it comes to design, sometimes less is more

Minimalism celebrates Mies van der Rohe's "less is more" attitude, whereas boho-chic focuses on lively hues. Combine the two types with neutral walls and a few eye-catching, brightly coloured bohemian decorations, such as Moroccan style poufs.

32) Sunlight should be used to illuminate the area

Rooms with a bohemian theme should be light and airy. Keep your wall décor simple and put gauzy, linen drapery panels around your windows to let in natural light while retaining privacy, creating a gorgeous ethereal glow in your bedroom.

boho glam living room

33) Show off your interests

Don't forget to think about yourself when looking for exciting, distinctive accessories for your boho-chic-meets-minimal decor. You can incorporate a love of the beach, bringing the outside in and making every inch of this coastal-inspired sanctuary seem unique.

34) Allow the walls to be naked

There's a simple method to separate your area into boho and minimalist zones: Allow the lower half of the space to run wild while the upper half remains barren. Colorful accent cushions should be stacked on the sofa, and a beautiful patterned area rug should be used to warm up the floor.

35) Shapes and patterns can be used to provide visual appeal

If you're aiming to include boho decor, a minimalist layout doesn't have to imply plain walls and floors. Play with patterns, forms, and textures to add drama and visual interest to your house, like this accent wall with a selection of spherical, woven plates.

minimalist boho wall art

While there are no specific directions for this style, there are several common practices that might help you get those bohemian feelings started. The aesthetic is easily achieved by layering diverse patterns, various forms of lighting, and rich colors.

With a neutral color palette and appropriate furniture arrangement, maintain the sleek inventiveness of minimalism. Furniture with clear lines should be chosen. Texture is a great way to add some boho flair. In the living room, use a choice of fabrics for upholstery and other textiles.

Use boho objects as highlights throughout an otherwise minimalist living space. A few statement artworks, a colorful rug or throw blankets and patterned ottomans and cushions all offer boho flare.

For the eclectic vibe, a characteristic of the bohemian style, display your knickknacks and fills the area with indoor plants. The remainder of the design components should be kept basic. 

Boho interiors, which are still popular among artists, provide for the most freedom of expression among the most popular design trends.

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