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Top 14 Miami Street Art Spots

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Top 14 Miami Street Art Spots

Are you a sucker for Aesthetic Street art but have no idea where to head to witness some of the eye-catchy arts ?  

As aesthetics lovers, we are always hungry for street art and usually discover graffiti art spots and have been dying to talk about Miami street art spots

Everyone loves beautiful art. However, if you have immense love for street art, then there can be no other place better than the streets of Miami.

Being the hub for beautiful, eccentric art, Miami has art inscribed in its every corner. So, today we will help your dream come true by dishing the most artistic street arts for you. Here, you will get to know some of the amazing artistic spots in Miami and arrange that perfect stylish yet artsy corner at your home. In this article, you will learn

  • 14 awestruck Miami street art places
  • How can you create Miami look in your home

At the end of this blog post, you will know a lot about street art in Miami and be able to discover its best spots. You’ll have an excellent roadmap for getting around all that artistic goodness !

miami street art district

14. Art Basel

If you ever get to visit Miami and miss Art Basel, then you are actually going to regret it for your life. The visuals you are going to have here are just worth drooling over. We are sure you will want to own some of them or even all of them.

Beautiful art is indeed a treat for the eyes. At Art Basel, you will find pieces with their own unique origination giving that ecstatic yet cool vibes. The pieces presented are way too vibrant and lively, as if they are coming into real life.

Art Basel is located in the heart of Miami Beach and has plenty of masterpieces to offer you. To have your trip scheduled, you can log onto their website to know the exhibition’s dates. 

Also, you can use the hashtag #ArtBaselMiami to have a look at some of the beautiful bits out there.

153 nw 29th street wynwood art district miami fl 33127

13. Umbrella Sky

Who doesn’t love beautiful, colorful umbrellas? Everyone does! And if you are a sucker for vibrant-themed lively surroundings, then this is the spot you need to visit. The ambiance of colorful umbrellas seems as if they are splashing a new life onto you.

Arranged in perfect symmetry, giving just an ASMR effect, these umbrellas will give you just a perfect background for that Instagram’s selfie you have been dying for. This perfect vivid outdoor art, with the hint of greenery around, is just indeed a blessing to witness.

These aesthetically lovely umbrellas are located just in the surrounding gorgeous Coral Gable neighbourhood in Miami. Before you plan to visit there, do confirm the timings and the availability schedules of the event. 

Besides, you can use the hashtag #UmbrellaSky to share some unforgettable memories.

art deco street miami

12. Fly’s Eye Dome

This is the ultimate place if you have a deep love for historical sculptures with a touch of elegancy and creativity in them. This beautifully placed dome-shaped structure will surely amaze you and give you that ecstatic look. You won’t be able to do anything except fall for it.

Being a piece of history, this Fly’s Eye Dome stands distinct in the district of Miami. Its ancient ambiance indeed delivers the message as it has been created by one of the best artists of the time Buckminster Fuller.

He wanted to give the districts of Miami something to remember through the language of art. He has crafted this beautiful dome-shaped sculpture known as the Fly’s Eye Dome at Miami's design district. 

The look of this 50-foot sculpture radiates a rich hue that looks way too pleasant and unreal. You must visit this place at night to click some beautiful shots of the lightning.

art deco street miami beach

11. Brazilian Wolf

This place is just more than perfect for anyone who has a deep passion for graffiti art. This is the spot where you will actually witness some artistic visuals coming to life. Art here seems like it is speaking to you in a hundred different languages.

Located in the Wynwood Walls Miami, you can have some of the finest works of the artist Arlin Graf. His art has been some of the masterworks every other person falls in love with. What he creates is not less than magic on a wall.

One of the famous works of Arlin Graf remains the Brazilian wolf he has crafted on the walls of Wynwood Walls. The color combinations and the patterns used are just way too incredible.

If you ever get to visit the place, capture some of the best portraits, and don’t forget to tag @Arlin_Graff to honour the sparkling visuals his art has given us.

graffiti street art in miami

10. DASH Fence

Having a love of huge artistic sculptures and you never went to see the DASH Fence? You need to head out to see this beautifully carved Fence that is 100-feet. The design, placement, and subtle color have an incredibly soothing effect on the eyes.

Initially, this Fence was crafted at the Design & Architecture High School (DASH). Located in the Miami district, it gives artistic as well as sophisticated vibes at the same time. The design has been based on a wave pattern and is crafted using 400 vertical fins.

All of the fins used are of different depths; this variation gives the sculpture a unique design. It may seem like a single fence when seen from far; however, the spectacular view it gives is different at every angle.

miami street art area

9. Perez Art Museum Miami

If contemporary art is what your taste seems like, you have to visit this incredible art museum. Usually called PAMM, the Perez Art Museum Miami has every kind of euphoric art the 20 and 21st century has ever endorsed. 

The museum is arranged with some of the most unique, ground-breaking art pieces. In a real sense, you could actually smell art in the air at this museum. And not only this, it offers art for every kind of taste.

Being located in the museum park, it has been able to attract many artists. Not only nationally, but international artists are also dying to have their pieces featured here. Being Miami’s flagship art museum, you will get to enjoy the diversity of art it has.

To visit this lively and eternal art museum, look at the opening timings on their website beforehand.

miami street art museum

8. Butterfly Girl

Outdoor art is such a sweet treat for the eyes. It gives that lively, vibrant feeling and helps elevate your mood, giving you a different kind of joy. One such exciting, vibrant, and lively art exists on the Wynwood Wall Miami.

The Wynwood Walls have been home to some of the most joyous pieces of art. However, the one that grabbed the most attention of ours was the Butterfly Girl. This beautiful art features a delicate net, giving an effect as if some tiny colorful butterflies are flying around.

One of our pop art canvas is an excellent addition to your home if you are inspired by this butterfly look. Your new addition will be noticed by everyone and will give a WOW factor.

cartoon pop art canvas

7. Wynwood Walls

Being the home to some incredible art, Wynwood Walls are indeed a must-visit if you are ever in Miami. This place has some of the most artistic visuals which you would never have witnessed ever.

As soon as you enter this area, you will literally feel love is in the air mixed along with bright colors. This is the place you will actually feel as if your thoughts just came to life in the form of art.

Tony Goldman is the mastermind behind this creative den. He brought some of the old and boring buildings to life using the outdoor artistic visuals. You will actually feel as if all those vibrant colors have been poured out of the walls.

Besides, you can actually have a good time at those cafes while enjoying the pleasing outdoor art and sipping your favorite drink.

miami street art wynwood

6. Le Corbusier

Located just in Miami’s Design District, you must have seen this beautiful sculpture on your Instagram newsfeed way too often. This spectacularly crafted blue man represents the great artist and architecture Xavier Veilha.

The design portraits how an artist is working while penning his thoughts. The whole sculpture is made of fiberglass and is a favorite for almost everyone who visits this site. If you plan to visit this scenic area, do capture pictures of this artistic sculpture.

street art gallery miami

5. Miami Design District

If you are a huge fan of vibrant colors, then Miami Design District is your final destination. It has some of the most artistic visuals to offer to make you come across colors that you have never seen.

If capturing unique Instagram selfies is what you love the most, then take your smartphone fully charged while you go there. The art here is way too appealing, and you would literally want to capture a picture everywhere.

This district is located just 3 miles away from Downtown Miami. If you ever get to visit this place, do upload your pictures with the hashtag #MiamiDesignDistrict.

street art miami beach

4. Hard Rock Stadium

When talking about street arts, how can we forget the hard rock stadium, which is more than the stadium now? The Miami Dolphins are using their stadium as an opportunity to celebrate the city's artistic side and give it a facelift. They enlisted 18 different artists from GGA, which specializes in bringing together unique visions of all kinds.

Ahead by Ross Jiras, this transformation has brought new life into Hard Rock Stadium through incredible street art pieces that represent everything you love about being alive today! From Vhils who carved faces onto walls or Dolphins who created a piece of art showcasing a man who embodies the dolphin's spirit - You'll love every part of it.

wynwood miami street art

3. Alec Monopoly & Tesoe

What person wouldn't enjoy getting their picture taken with the street art of Alec Monopoly, the god of street art? It can be found in Wynwood, where Alec collaborated with Tesoe, dressed up the exterior of a warehouse with two of his favorite characters, "Rich Uncle Pennybags" and "Richie Rich."

With Alec's bold dripping name in red, both characters are signed by Alec. A light turquoise background surrounds them both.

For those who have been fans of Richie Rich as a child, these paintings may take you back in time and make your nostalgia soar. If you love your old days, adding a rolex canvas in your living room is the best idea. It will rewind your best days, and the color used in it will go perfectly with any color scheme.

alec monopoly miami street art

2. Abstrk & Quake 

The way quake paints seem like an art in itself. His murals near Wynwood Arts District are perfect, and not one detail is overlooked; it's almost as if you can feel what he was feeling while creating them. Abstrk's new mural is a beautiful addition to the streets of Miami. Combining his signature eyes with various graffiti and abstract elements, this street piece can be found around NW 24th Street in downtown Miami. 

1. Adrian Avila

If you're a fan of eroticist street art, then I'm sure that you will love the work of Avila. His subjects are predominantly female and nude; they seem to be objects under male gaze but also simplicity in his color composition as well--he often picks just one shade which dominates each canvas he paints by keeping it relatively monochromatic for attention on those depicted within his murals with focus kept onto them through detail given off from greys and blacks only.

However, if you are a fan of black and white graffiti and want to create an Adrian look in your room, you should go for  this graffiti art as it will surely satisfy your aesthetics and boost your room.

rolex pop art canvas

To sum it up, choosing the perfect street art for your walls can be a challenging task. However, to give those boring, dull walls a new life, we have suggested some of the enchanted art pieces in this article.

We do know as being an aesthetician, you have been fond of creating euphoric artistic visuals around every corner of your home. The masterpieces here will help you have that perfect Miami-inspired street art around your home or even in a small cozy corner.

Using help from this article, you will be able to have that Miami Street art-themed wall in the corner of your house. Do share with us how your decoration game turns out!