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how to modernize a split level home interior

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How to modernize a split-level home interior ?

You would like to renew the decoration of your split-level house, but you don't really know where to start? Or maybe you don't have particular decorative idea? 

Split-level homes often have unique floor plans that can present a challenge for homeowners who want to make major changes to the house during renovations. However, if you have a forward-thinking strategy, you can quickly transform a 1950s inspired house into a trendy and comfortable home.

It is predominantly characterized by its high ceilings, compact designs, functional basements, and plenty of natural light, making it an incredibly desirable style. 

It is relatively easy to renovate a split-level house to become more open, functional, and modern by removing walls and ceilings, adding some skylights and making it more functional and modern.

Furthermore, apartments are frequently multi-levelled so that owners can live in the apartment while renovations are being completed.

In this article, we will see: 

  • The best decorative ideas for a split-level house
  • Some tips to modernize your interior

If you are interested in finding out how to modernize an existing split-level home interior while preserving the integrity of the building's original construction, or maybe to gut the space to design a more modern layout for the home, here are some great remodeling ideas that will make it feel brand new again.

split level house living room design

1) Installation of skylights

Lighting is one of the most essential features of any home layout, but it is more so the case for very modern homes. Skylights are a great modern addition that can help raise a split-level home's value by bringing it into the 21st century.

In addition to providing natural, warm lighting to a room, skylights will permit daylight to pass into the room. The result is not only that it looks more spacious, but it also makes it appear more inviting.

In the master bedroom, an addition of skylights will provide the room with a whole new dimension and will allow it to shine as the stars intended.

As well as letting natural light better penetrate into dark corners of the house, skylights can be used to exhaust the need for electric lighting during daylight hours because they give the room ample natural light.

This type of fixture is also great for regulating the internal temperature inside the structure, which lowers the overall energy consumption of the building.

skylight housing

Therefore, it would make sense to look at what about modern design principles dictates that a home should be beautifully designed with great ventilation and lighting. Incorporating skylights into a split-level house will bring a contemporary feel to the home.

So, as you can see, when used in remodeling, Skylights are not only functionality, esthetic and financially beneficial, but they also play a crucial role in giving your home a perfect look.

2) Knock Down a Few Walls

Older homes often have excessive walls, which can make them feel disjointed and choppy, causing discomfort. However, period properties, including large split-level buildings, can resemble a maze of fully segregated rooms that give them a cramped, old-fashioned feel by virtue of the many segregated rooms.

Modern interior decoration continues to be dominated by an open concept living space, which is an existing trend that looks set to continue.

split level house inside

As large, airy spaces become more desirable in older properties, an increasing number of older properties are now being renovated by removing interior walls from split-level open floor plans and placing the floors onto one level.

Despite the fact that load-bearing walls can't be removed, these split-level home remodeling projects can still be done.

A) Open up the kitchen

You can create an open, social space by knocking out part of the kitchen wall, regardless of whether the kitchen is adjacent to the dining room or living room. Consider installing a new kitchen island in the middle of the room or a half wall with built-in shelves.

kitchen in split level house

B) Shuffle doorways

Imagine how different rooms can be connected by moving doorways. For instance, the hallway bathroom could become the master bathroom. If you isolate a linen closet from the adjacent bedroom, the isolated one can be converted into a walk-in closet.

Nevertheless, you should still take structural considerations into account. Remember that you should seek out the assistance of a structural engineer before attempting such a project, since it may not be evident to you whether a wall performs a structural function.

4) Change the Exterior

The exterior of your home (the faux brick or another type of lower façade) is telling the world that it is older than it really is.

split level house exterior

Simple split-level home renovations such as new siding materials, lower façade materials, and new paint may seem insignificant, but they can create a huge difference.

The following options might be helpful.

A) Re-side one portion

Changing the siding on the taller side of your home can give you a more modern appearance without spending too much money. Make sure your wide horizontal siding is changed to vertical siding, thin lap siding, or architectural panels. 

B) Repaint the exterior

Does the exterior of your house currently have a dull color, such as brown, tan, light blue, or yellow? To give the siding a more modern look, you can repaint the siding a more saturated color, such as a rich jewel tone.

split level exterior paint ideas

When hiring painters, you must make sure the team picks one who prepares the area thoroughly before painting.

C) Update the lower facade

If the lower half of your house is clad in old stucco, brick or tile, then it could be time to replace those materials. Redesign the lower facade with new materials like cedar clapboards or stone so that it looks like a new home. If so, you can just keep rocking it and add landscaping to complement the existing materials!

D) Consider a new roof color

In order to modernize a split-level home, go for a roof color that doesn't have too much contrast with the house color. A harmonious contrast is a necessary element of on-trend style.

change roof color

E) Get new garage doors

A garage occupies a large portion of your frontage, so it will be the first impression your guests will get of your family and home. It is possible for you to update the look of your home with unique, contemporary garage doors. You can paint it, too!

5) Split-level Entryway

The first thing your guests see when they enter your home is your entryway, and this is what can make or break their impressions of your home. This is also the spot that is overlooked when renovating; homeowners prefer to concentrate on the main living area.

Since the entryway is so split, it may be challenging to come up with split-level entry ideas. Is your entrance space feeling cramped on the inside while appearing too deep on the outside?

These are some ways that you can enhance the aesthetics of your entrance by making some simple changes:

Consider adding a plant to the corner. A small hanging plant would work well as well.

pop art canvas prints

Decorate your walls with art or decorations that are eye-catching. A gallery wall can help liven up the space and make it livelier.

By installing a hanging coat rack instead of a regular standing coat rack, you can turn a small area of the entryway into a mini-mud room where dirty shoes can be stored, as well as a shelf to neatly display coats. It will look much more organized that way.

Make your light fixture stand out. Hanging lights that put great emphasis on lines are a perfect fit for an entryway with a modern theme. You can also consider industrial-style wall lights.

Handrails can be changed to suit your style. The mere fact of repainting them in the same colour scheme as your house is pretty impressive.

In case space allows, you might want to extend your entryway by moving the main door outward to the front yard. It gives you more room, especially if you have a split foyer that leads straight to the stairs.

modern split level entryway

Consider that your entryway is one of the tiniest areas in your entire home when you decorate it. The room shouldn't be overburdened with decorations, especially bulky ones. Instead, it should be eye-catching and straightforward.

6) Update technology and safety 

Modernizing a split-level home involves incorporating technology. Even though safety upgrades might not be on your list, your new home comes with its own set of safety concerns.

Take into account the following tips.

A) Adapt the HVAC system

Split-levels are known for having cold and warm spots. Hire a trustworthy HVAC professional to reconfigure the system, so there are separate thermostats on each HVAC zone. An alternative solution may be a whole-house fan if this is beyond your budget.

split level hvac

B) Install a smart security system

If you are remodeling your home, consider modernizing your safety methods as well. It is quite easy to install a smart security system. The hub of your smart home can integrate with a number of smart security systems.

C) Install more carbon monoxide and smoke detectors

It is likely that you need more detectors/alarms because there are several separate rooms and floors. Hardwired smoke alarms are a great option if you want a longer-lasting detector.

D) Check on kitchen ventilation

Make sure to check the range hood and kitchen exhaust fan as you conduct your renovations if they're old or not maintained.

E) Consider mobility

Make sure to be proactive so everyone can stay comfortable at your home if you have elderly friends or relatives or if you are becoming less mobile yourself. 

7) Convert your floors

Instead of keeping your carpeted floors, please arrange to have them replaced with wooden floorboards or tiles that are plain and carry a neutral tone or imitate the look of marble, such as those that mimic the look of marble.

The optimum carpet colour is beige or light gray, although you could choose those shades if you still prefer carpets. Please note that linoleum floors should be avoided.

pop art canvas paintings

If you put in the effort, then even the ugliest split-level home can be transformed into an attractive, modern, and very functional living space.

The above-decorating tips will help you to make your interiors look stylish by following them in your house. Ensure your ledge stands out by being selective about your decor ideas.

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