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How to Hang Wall Art Without Nails ?

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How to hang wall art without nails ?

Are you experiencing some trouble regarding cracks on your wall? Are you tired of repairing holes made by nails but still desire to put up your beautiful art collections for display? 

Since our team has been trained with designers for years, we can give you the best advice and solutions, such as "how to install wall arts without nails?" To simplify, we’ve already explored and gathered the most effective techniques to hang wall art without using nails.

Sticky hooks are the most frequent way to hang wall art without nails. Simply plan out how you want your artwork to be hung, then attach one side of the hook and latch strips to the walls and the other to the frames. Then you adhere them to the wall by sticking them together. You may also use your molding, mantel, or bookshelves to display the artwork.

Moreover, in this article, we will help you deal with wall arts, minus the use of nails, where you will learn :

  • The importance and beneficial effect of wall art
  • Various tips in hanging wall your wall art or frame without using nails
  • Techniques on hanging wall arts like an artist

Additionally, at the end of this article, your struggle in cracks and holes caused by nails will all be gone. You may then confidently display your wall arts without any worries, especially regarding nails. So, let's not delay any longer and get to the things you've been waiting for.

disney wall art

I) Wall Art: Its Importance

Wall art has become a crucial aspect of interior design that can boost the appearance of your home by determining the kind of color palette your space needs. It also creates a finishing element that harmoniously unites the furniture, lighting, and decor in the room.

Furthermore, wall arts are not just part of an interior design, but wall arts also do provide importance to an individual or one's home, such as:

1) Aesthetics

Displaying wall art pieces on your home will give it an aesthetic boost. Through the use of colorful impressions, patterns, and styles, an aesthetically created wall art is really capable of changing a minimally furnished space into a sophisticated setting that you can relax in.

2) Center of Attention

Among the highly important fundamental rules of interior design is that each room needs a centerpiece or one design element that will immediately capture the spectator's focus into the home and provide the visitor with an idea about what to assume. And putting up wall art is an alternative solution to it. Wall arts may serve as the center of attraction and provide importance to your apartment.

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3) Beneficial to Mental Health

Whenever we view something aesthetically appealing, it quickly improves our mood, and wall art is one of those aesthetically appealing things. Certain images or colors from artwork could light up and inspire one's soul, mental health, and whole being. The atmospheric nor the aesthetic pattern or design of artwork would surely benefit and give importance.

However, some of these importances could go to waste due to one factor if you are not that aware or reckless, and that one factor is "nails." It may sound simple as it is, but nails often ruin the aesthetic, uniqueness, and precision of your wall art. Moreover, nails commonly cause cracks and holes in your wall, which are stressful, and also, in the worst-case scenario, they may fall off with your hanging wall art.

So, to ease your mind while giving you satisfaction, we will provide some of the effective ways of hanging wall art without nails. Now, if you have already suffered from nails, well then, urgently try some of these ways.

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II) Ways to Hang Wall Art Without Nails

Collecting art is enjoyable, but not when it is time to hang it up on your wall, for it would be a challenging process. So, to help you with this problem, continue reading as we have compiled a few efficient and convenient ways of hanging your masterpiece up on your walls without the necessity of utilizing nails.

1) Use of Sticky Hooks and Bands

Since the use of nails in hanging wall art can be troublesome, this alternative might help you out--adhesive hooks and strips. Using strips and adhesive hooks are relatively easy; they simply require adhesive paste to be attached.

Moreover, I know that you might be doubting the use of sticky hooks due to their capacity. But, one thing which you may not be aware of is how this has several kinds and options which you may choose from, all of which are capable of carrying a wall art or medium-sized poster up your wall.

However, certain disadvantages are also present when you opt to use sticky hooks and strips. An example of these is a massive and hefty poster hung on it. That is why sticky hooks and strips should only be used for small and medium-sized art projects. 

luxury brand wall art

2) Use Your Molding

Molding are almost rare to find, but if you’re fortunate enough to land somewhere that still has them, take advantage of them. All you need is to find a hook that fits the width of your molding, an aesthetically pleasing string or thread, and design your walls. This technique is very compatible and enables you to modify your artwork quite easily. It’s also a good way to use different types of frames and even a variety of wall art as the cohesive component that holds all the parts together is the string. 

3) Make Use of Your Mantle or Mantel

If there is indeed a fireplace or mantle in your place, you can be innovative and use it in presenting your wall arts. But how will you do so? Well, that is what we are going to discuss here.

The procedure is as easy as what we see on mantles in certain households, where many decorations or family photos are arranged. Now, the thing is, you should first consider having a mantle or fireplace to do this option. If you do have already, then you can now proceed. All you have to do is place your beautiful masterpiece of art above the mantle; you may lean your art through the wall or attach a stand on it. Besides, having a mantle to lean on for your Chanel Wall Art will make it easier to fill a blank wall.

chanel wall art

4) Leave Space on Bookshelves and Utilize It

This option might be puzzling, but this is all true and possible. Besides, who said that bookshelves are only for books? No one, right? Hence, this approach is just an innovative or creative way to have your masterpieces displayed.

Rather than stuffing your bookshelves with books you have not bothered reading for a long time, wipe it all out and create some room intended for your artworks and masterpieces. clear them out and make room for your artwork and masterpieces. Furthermore, this method is ideal for smaller-framed artworks.

5) Use or Have a Cork Wall

A cork wall, like a pegboard, is ideal for everyone who loves to redo their decorations on a regular basis, for it would be tiring and troublesome with nails. Also, cork walls are a wonderful addition to a child's room, art shop, or office room.

Furthermore, a cork wall is an excellent choice for displaying or hanging artwork quickly and simply, for you would just pin artworks, and voila! You now have a wall art. Cork walls also possess the adaptability and capacity to hold certain objects. Thus, they cause less hassle for you.

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6) Place Your Artwork on an Easel

Easel art can often be and only seen on auctions, right? Well, let's bring the auction to your home with this idea. 

Now, this approach is not ideal for some, especially since it needs to fill up your space with easels. However, if you really do have an artwork that’s appealing or a favorite of yours, then displaying it on your easel may be the best option for you. However, be reminded that an easel may take up much of your floor space, so it is not good for small rooms or studios.

Moreover, because it will not seem as two-dimensional as if it were placed on a wall, this way of displaying your art will provide another degree of engagement to it.

III) Tips for Hanging Art Excellently

The enjoyment of collecting artworks may be lessened by failing to display them on the wall accurately. It's like wanting your artwork to seem flawless but being unable to do so owing to technicalities, such as a cracked wall, loose nails, hefty frames, and so on. Hanging wall art is so troublesome.

So, to help you out, we have provided here some tips to hang your wall art perfectly. Continue browsing in this post, and you will see that a lot of things will change in your home.

1) Have a Distinct Pattern or Theme

The general rule is that artwork should be easily visible, whether it is a single piece or a collection of works hung together. So, in hanging artwork, having a distinctive pattern or theme to follow may be necessary for you. Also, you can create anything that you desire; you can create a basic pattern that optimizes the use of line, or you can have a natural arrangement which matches your style. Also, you may make it look consistent if you put and maintain a space between your artworks.

hermes wall art

2) Take Advantage of Your Available Space

This time, instead of conserving, you will use up all of the available spaces in your home, or let's say that this may be a better option for small houses. Now, if your room has two or more windows and doors, then line your artwork up in the middle of two window frames to optimize the space left, rather than putting it on above, below, or anywhere.

3) Create a Detailed Draft Before Hanging

Nothing is more flawless than a well-planned project. Hanging artwork is not something to do recklessly; it should be planned and drafted properly. Now to draft your wall art, you should have a large newspaper or kraft paper, then cut it into a template with the size of your art, and there you have it, you now have a movable frame. You can freely move it on any surface of the wall and evaluate if your art would suit there.

Also, one more approach is to arrange the artwork in the appropriate arrangement on the surface; this allows you to experiment with the setup, examine how they appear when put side by side, and select their best outcome.

4) Mix and Match Various Sizes

Massive art is stunning and expresses an opinion; therefore, it demands a specific area where people can appreciate it, while smaller artwork is ideal for filling empty walls amidst doors and windows or forming a group to exhibit together. In addition, hanging artworks in living rooms should only take up a third of a furniture's size, for if not, your masterpiece would look redundant among the other items. 

chanel framed wall art


The End of Nails on Wall Art

In conclusion, nails are both useful and inconvenient due to the cracks and holes that they left. So, hanging up wall art would be challenging, since you will need to know and find ways on ho to hang wall art without the use of nails being problematic. 

Moreover, several techniques exist to help you still display your artwork even without using nails, and most of them were mentioned in this article. For instance, you may utilize sticky hooks and strips among many other options. Also, just be creative, for there are many things available in your surroundings that could help you with the wall art pieces that your desire.