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How to hang canvas panels ?

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How to hang canvas panels ?

Are you one of those who are fond of collecting paintings ? Do vibrant hues of artworks satisfy you ? If so, you may probably be thinking about how to hang canvas panels.

Just like you, we also love viewing different artworks displayed on the wall. We adore their simple beauty with deep meaning. We believe that splashes of colors on a canvas board give everyone a sense of satisfaction.

There are lots of ways you can hang a canvas panel on the wall or anywhere that interests you. Canvas panels with hooks are the most recommended as they can be hung with ease and convenience. On the other hand, if your canvas board does not come with a hook, you may consider using adhesives, which are widely available in every store.

This article will cover the following topics :

  • Tools necessary for hanging a canvas panel
  • Essential tips to remember when hanging a canvas panel
  • Different methods to hang a canvas panel

Once you finish reading this post, you can now hang multiple art canvases on your wall hassle-free. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

how to hang canvas panels with ribbon

I) Things to Know When Hanging a Canvas Panel

If you are a certified paint collector, then you may be probably thinking of how to hang them. Canvas panels are patronized by many art enthusiasts because it provides support and stability to different artworks and paintings. In line with that, they became a handy solution in hanging art crafts on walls.

In most cases, canvas panels are made with smooth and durable woven fabric extracted from linen or cotton. One of the good things about canvas panels is that they are water-resistant and sturdy at the same time.

Aside from paintings, canvas panels are also used for different items, including coverings, shoes, tents, other furniture items, and more. Paintings that are hung with canvas panels look more aesthetically pleasing and attractive.

As mentioned earlier, you can find several ways on how to hang a canvas panel. But make sure that you will examine the pattern and size of the canvas panel. Aside from that, checking the type and condition of your wall is necessary to determine the proper method of hanging a canvas panel.

canvas panels how to hang

II) What You Will Need to Hang a Canvas Panel and What to Do Before Hanging a Canvas Panel ?

Do you find your current home interior design monotonous and boring? Add some colors onto it by hanging art paintings with bright shades. A simple canvas hanging on the wall can make a huge difference. Moreover, impress your guests with your sense of creativity by displaying some of the crafts you made or purchased from well-known artists.

Before you hang a canvas, the first thing you should do is to determine the wall type you will be working with. Walls made with concrete or brick require a specific method for hanging a canvas without causing much damage.

Luckily, the hanging methods we will share with you today are ideal for almost every wall type. Before we dive into the heart of post, let us give you the necessary tools you will need for hanging a canvas panel. Don’t worry since most of these tools are available in your home or can be purchased in a hardware store near you.

  • Tape measure
  • Wall protector pads
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Spirit level
  • Pencil

Now that you know the basic tools needed for hanging a canvas panel let us proceed to the basic tips you need to keep in mind. Consider these tips no matter what type of method you will use.

how to hang multiple canvas panels

  • First thing first, make sure that your wall is free from dirt, dust, or grime. You can use a damp cloth to clean the wall.
  • You always want to hang your canvas panels as accurately as possible. Thus, make sure to determine the center point measurements of your canvas board.
  • Mark the part of the wall where you want to display the canvas.
  • You also need to ensure that other wall decorations complement the position of the canvas. Thus, make sure to measure the canvas distance from the side objects, floor, and ceiling. It would be best if you would place the canvas panel 8 inches above any furniture item and 50 inches higher from the floor.
  • Before you start working, we recommend you set aside other items that may interfere with your work.
  • Of course, you always want to hang a canvas panel without causing much damage to the wall material and paint. Thus, it would be great to put some wall pads on the back part of the panel.
  • Hang the canvas panel and make some adjustments until it looks appealing to your eyes.

III) How to Hang a Canvas Panel Perfectly ?

 After knowing the basic requirements, it is time to share with you the easiest and safest ways to hang a canvas panel. Again, make sure that all the necessary tools are placed in one area for easy access. These methods will allow you to finally hang the beautiful canvas you have in your room.

pink pop art canvas1) Hang Canvas Panels Using Adhesive Strips

Using adhesive strips is the most convenient and easiest method to hang a canvas panel. One of the good things about using adhesive strips is that they won’t cause any scratches to your wall paint. Aside from that, they are available with Velcro and adhesive combinations.

Before purchasing adhesive strips, you must determine the approximate weight of your canvas panel. Through this, you can pick the right adhesive strips that can accommodate the weight capacity of the canvas.

Typically, if you have a small or medium-sized canvas panel, you will need at least four pieces of adhesive strips. However, if you need to hang a relatively bigger canvas board, four adhesive strips might not be enough to handle its weight.

When hanging a canvas panel with adhesive strips, the first thing you should do is put some markings on the wall where you want to put the canvas. Adding a straight line will also help you to ensure that it will look straight. Next, place the necessary strips on the corners of the frame and press the panel against the wall so that it will not fall off.

how to hang a panel canvas

2) Hanging Canvas Panels with Sawtooth Hanger

Hanging a canvas panel may be difficult, especially if it does not feature any hanging hardware. Luckily, you can use a sawtooth hanger for displaying any art crafts on the wall.

You can use sawtooth hangers for installing any size of canvas panel anywhere. These are available in a wide range of sizes that you can choose from. Because of their simplicity, sawtooth hangers are considered one of the best hanging hardware you can get in the market.

Conversely, we cannot say that they are the sturdiest hanging hardware available. Sawtooth hangers may fall off from the canvas panel, especially if it is made with soft or less durable materials. But if your canvas panel is made from heavy materials, sawtooth hangers could be your best choice.

When using a sawtooth hanger, make sure to place it in the center of the canvas panel using a nail installed at a slight bend angle. Since sawtooth hangers are popular for their stability, it is highly recommended for hanging medium-sized canvas panels.

how to hang canvas panel on wall

3) Hanging Canvas Panel with J-Hooks

Large-sized canvas panels look great as a centerpiece in your living room. If you have a relatively huge canvas panel, you may be asking how to conveniently hang it on your wall. In that case, using J-hooks could be handy.

The good thing about J-hooks is that they come in different sizes and are available with two small nails. If you have small and light canvases, we highly recommend you to use small-sized J-hooks. On the other hand, J-hooks with two nails are ideal for holding large-sized and heavier canvas boards.

Make sure to check the manufacturer’s packaging to select which type and size of J-hook are ideal for the type of canvas panel you have. For additional stability, it would be best to place at least three J-hooks forming a triangle shape on the wall.

Take note that the size of your canvas panel will dictate how many J-hooks you will need. When using J-hooks for hanging a canvas panel, the first step you need to accomplish is to mark a space on your wall where you want to display the canvas. Next, place the J-hook on the wall with the nail pushed at a slight angle. After that, check if the hooks are perfectly aligned to ensure straight canvas position and angle.

how to hang canvas panels on the wall

4) Hanging Canvas Panels Using Nails

Using nails is the most inexpensive and easiest way to hang a canvas panel. This method works best in hanging small-sized canvas panels. But make sure to choose nails that suit the size of the canvas panels you have.

For example, if you have 8 x 10 inches of canvas panel, we highly recommend you to purchase small ails. On the other hand, medium-sized nails are ideal for hanging 20 x 30 inches canvas panels. Aside from that, nails are also made with different materials. In line with that, we highly recommend you select steel or brass nails as these materials go smoothly through the walls.

When using nails for hanging canvas panels, the first thing you should do is to ensure that your wall is clean. Use a damp cloth to wipe undesirable dirt. After that, create the markings using a pencil. Hit the nail once and ensure that it will leave half an inch out. This is where you will hang the canvas panel.

It is important to hit the nail once or twice to ensure that your wall will look smooth, scratch-free, and clean.

how to hang framed canvas panels

5) Hanging Canvas Panel Using Eye Hooks

One of the good things about using eye hooks is that they do not take up much space between the canvas panel and the wall. Aside from that, even small-sized hooks can handle heavyweight canvas panels. Moreover, eye hooks are widely available in most framing stores in your area.

Beyond eye hooks, you will also need to use nails and wires for hanging any size of canvas panel. Your initial step is to screw one eye hook on both sides of your canvas panel. Make sure to place it three inches away from the top.

Run the wire through the loop of the eye hooks. Doing so will create enough space where you can hang the canvas panel. Lastly, hammer one nail on each marking you created on the wall. One of the best things about using eye hooks is that you can adjust the placement of the canvas panel when needed.


6) Hanging Canvas Panels Using D Rings

Another great method of hanging a canvas panel is through the use of D rings. This tool comes in a D-like ring form. Sets of D-rings come with screw holes. Before buying D-rings, make sure to determine the size of your canvas panels since plate screw holes and D-rings are available in a wide range of sizes.

One D-ring and a small-sized screw hole are ideal for hanging canvas panels in small sizes. On the other hand, if you have medium to large-size canvas panels, it would be best to use at least two D-rings and screw holes.

If you use D-rings for hanging canvas panels, there are some basic materials you need to prepare, including steel pins, picture hooks, picture cord or wire, pliers, wire cutter, hammer, screwdriver, pencil, measuring tape, and D-rings with the screw hole.

Mark the wall where you want the canvas panel to be displayed. After that, drill the D-rings on the exact place of your markings. Once the D-rings are in place, screw the nails directly through the frame or run the wire through the hole. Using a hammer, gently hit the steel pins through the wall. With a cord or wire, carefully hang the canvas panel over the picture hook.

how to hang thin canvas panel

7) Hang Canvas Panels Using Metal Hinge Clips

Aside from adhesive strips, using metal hinge clips is one of the easiest and simplest ways of hanging a canvas panel. Metal hinge clips are usually made with durable steel and metal materials. It is designed to provide stability to the panel.

Specifically, using metal hinge clips is recommended for holding extra large canvas panels. Here are a few essential tips you can follow when using metal hinge clips for hanging canvas panels:

  • Unlike D-rings, using metal hinge clips requires fewer tools, including pencil, hammer, thumb tacks or nails, and metal hinge clips.
  • Use a pencil to mark what part of the wall you want to hang on the canvas panel.
  • Install one metal hinge clip on each side of the canvas panel.

The metal hinge clip features a hole where you can insert the thumbtacks or nails. Make sure that it will entirely transfix to the wall. Moreover, make sure that the thumbtacks or nails will penetrate directly on your marked line. Two or more metal hinge clips are recommended in hanging heavier, wider, and larger canvas panels.

how to hang up a canvas panel

8) Drawing Pin or Thumb Tacks

Thumbtacks are pins featuring short and flatheads. Generally, it is used for fastening any artwork canvas or paper on a hard surface. The good thing about thumbtacks is that they do not require any special tools. In fact, you can fasten it through the wall using a single thumb.

On the other hand, drawing pins are also ideal for hanging small-sized canvas panels. For this method, you will only need two materials: the thumb tasks and a pencil. You can use at least two pieces of thumbtacks or drawing pins in hanging small and lightweight canvas panels.

9) Hanging Canvas Panels Using Press-in Hooks

The steps for hanging a canvas panel using press-in hooks are straightforward. Aside from hanging canvases, you can also use press-in hooks for other purposes. They are usually made in a wide range of materials and available in a large selection of shapes.

Well-known types of press-in hooks include Gorilla hooks, Super hooks, Hercules hooks, and a lot more. Pencil, measuring tape, and press-in hooks are the three important materials you will need to successfully hang a canvas panel.

When using press-in hooks, make sure to measure first the size of your canvas panel to determine how many hooks you will need for the process.

pop art wall decor

How you will hang your canvas panel will depend on the size of the board and your preference. What’s important is that each method presented above will allow you to proudly display different artworks you have.

Displaying beautiful canvas panels on your wall can significantly improve your interior design and level of sophistication. These methods are designed to help you display your favorite canvas without causing much damage to your wall. Get a canvas panel and try these tips today !