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How to Decorate Slanted Walls ?

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How to decorate slanted walls ?

Are you thinking of decorating your barren slanted wall or possibly you're renovating your home and having difficulty coming up with creative suggestions for your slanted wall? No worries! We got your back, as we have plenty of ideas for decoration be it a slanted wall or the whole home. 

Decorating Slanted walls can be a tricky task. You could paint the wall in light color or wallpaper and enhance it with vinyl decals for temporary effects. Adding low-lying bookcases will maximize storage space while string lights give you a cozy look at night time; lastly, hanging wall artwork.

Explore different ways of decorating your slanted wall bedroom, whether you want something traditional or not. The possibilities are endless and the choice is yours as we show off some creative ideas that will work perfectly in any room décor-style. In this article you will learn:

  • Ideas to decorate slanted walls
  • Procedure for hanging artwork on slanted walls

By the end of this article, you will be able to decorate your barren slanted walls in a cool way with eye-catchy wall art and other techniques. Let's dive right into the article

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I) The Best Ways to Decorate Slanted Walls

Any room benefits from sloped walls, but deciding how to style slanted walls would rather be a bit of a challenge. These ideas will give you some insight into how to decorate slanted walls and get the most out of them.

1) Consider painting the slanted wall if you want to make a strong impact

Painting your slanted room with a light colour creates the illusion of space, which is excellent if the windows are small and give you a striking accent. Bright colours will reflect natural light, while dark features such as beams or frames complement them well to give off that cosy feeling for sleep time snuggles! The tone-on-tone wall design works best because it's visually pleasing without being too distracting--so long as you don't go overboard with different hues in one area.

2) Temporary decorating with vinyl wall decals is fun and easy 

If you look at your slanted walls, you might think they look dull and empty. Possibly you're thinking of improving them but are discouraged by the amount of work needed. Choose vinyl wall decals for a uniquely your look if you don't want to commit to painting or wallpaper. Let the wall dry after wiping it down with a damp cloth, then peel off the decal and smooth it on. If bubbles appear, press them with a thin, flat object, such as a credit card. Choose from various vinyl wall decal designs ranging from abstracts to elaborate scenes to fit your style.

decor for slanted walls

3) Create a patterned accent wall by hanging wallpaper on the sloped wall 

Scientists have determined that sloping walls provide a vast amount of creative potential. This unique ability to create is limited by what you paint on them or how high up they are, and the patterns used in your wallpaper design for maximum effect. Patterns are an essential part of the design process. They can range from romantic floral patterns, geometric or graphic designs that create a more modern look to baroque-themed ones for those who want some vintage flair in their space! The size and positioning play significant roles; consider how different effects like shadows will change what you see on your wall when deciding which pattern is best suited for any given room.

4) Choose low-lying bookcases and storage to maximize the space

If you're looking to make a space feel more open and spacious, installing shelving on sloped walls can create an artificial feeling of being cramped. Instead, opt for furniture that sits low, such as bookcases or ottomans-anything with legs at least 12 inches high will do the trick! This way, your room won't be closed off from sight by tall shelves but instead has an ample floor area where guests could lounge without feeling too overwhelmed by all their belongings in one place. Try using only one piece per shelf - this helps lower eye heights, creating openness within tight quarters.

decorating bonus room with slanted walls

5) Hanging lights in the space will make it seem cosier

Make your space feel more luxurious by finding an eye-catching light fixture and hang it in the centre of the room. Just think about what proportion of light should shine down on each side - usually around 30%. Consider if there's anything sloped or curved so that the fitting won't look awkward when hanging from a flat surface! A dropped pendant lamp could add elegance while still being appropriate for most rooms with curves.

6) Add pictures

A picture on the wall is worth a thousand words. A slanted, crooked orangutan would not be as fun to look at, though! Don't miss this amazing design and hang up some art that will make your place come alive with colour? But it shouldn't be taken lightly, as people might spend hours looking for what they need before settling on something that fits into their style or décor scheme perfectly. With so much time finding just the right piece of art, designing around it from scratch can take away valuable resources like money and energy. We have the perfect options for your slanted wells. Have a look!

how to arrange decor on slanted walls to look good

A) Graffiti Wall Art

You can decorate your slanted wall with graffiti wall art which comes in four different sizes and two different colours. The appeal of this Large Graffiti Wall Art is what sets it apart from others. This artwork featuring looney tonnes and Tweety is perfect for the slanted wall in your children's or the living room. There are also some doodle marks around the word "Love." There is an urban look to it, but you can blend it seamlessly into your interior. Featuring vibrant colours and an excellent feel, the artist's style is evident in this piece. Even though it looks messy, it is a work of art of exceptional quality. With its colours and style, it will instantly enhance your slanted wall and create a livelier atmosphere in your home. 

B) Brand Art

It will be a pleasure to have guests pay attention to your slanted wall when you decorate it with this lavish painting of Hermes. Its orange colour has an irresistible pull, paired with Hermès' Duc-carrier logo and beautifully strewn dots of white and black paint. Using humour to capture the brand's aspirational message, the wall art pays homage to its heritage of craftsmanship and exclusivity. In addition to the two-dimensional nature of the art, it showcases the exclusive luxury of a recognized brand as well as the fun aspect of it. This lavish Hermes painting comes in four sizes and two colours.

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II) How to hang art pictures on slanted walls

Hanging a picture on your wall with the aid of an adhesive will ensure its security. You don't necessarily have to use wooden frames or stretcher bars if the wall slopes, but be aware that this might create problems because there is less space for mounting hooks in sloped roofs than walls without any degree of an incline. We show several solutions ranging from using nails and drywall screws to creative ideas.

1) Attach one keyhole fastener to each corner of the picture with the provided screws

A keyhole fastener should come with two different screws. Use one of those to attach the frame and then use another for mounting purposes. This way, your picture is secure from any jostling or moving around! Keyholes can be tricky as they have slots that allow them to slide onto our wood screw mounts quickly enough, but there's also an extra-wide opening at the bottom, so all we need do now is line up whichever side looks right first before getting underneath things.

2) Lie down the frame facedown, then place a carpenter's level flush with the top 

You can use a carpenter's level to determine if your picture is hanging straight, but it can also be used when marking the screw locations. As soon as the fasteners are attached, lay the frame face down on a flat surface, then rest your level flush against it. Centring the bubble is not necessary on the level at this point.

how to decorate a slanted wall in living room

3) Apply masking tape to the fasteners so that they will not move

There isn't much tape to be used since you're just marking the horizontal distance between the top 2 fasteners with the tape. You should be able to¬†use one or two inches (2.5‚Äď5.1 cm) of masking tape.¬†Each of the 2 top fasteners needs a piece of tape. You can leave the masking tape a little un-centred, but it should be large enough to completely cover the¬†keyhole slot on the bracket. The tape is easy to tear and easily marked.

4) Make a pencil mark on the masking tape to indicate the fastener's location

The next step is to mark the location of your mounting screws. Use a pencil or marker, whichever you prefer, and make sure that it's at the same height as the keyhole slot so when holding up against the wall, it will show where each screw needs to go to secure properly. Use sharpeners because they are easier on hand but if feeling more precise use a pen instead.

5) Choosing the height of the picture

Watch the bubble in the centre tube once the level is flush against the wall. In general, if the bubble is perfectly centred inside the tube, then the level is straight. However, if the bubble is not centred, tilt the level until it is. You will achieve the most stability by anchoring the frame to a beam behind the wall. Identify the beams with a stud-finder, then determine where to hang the picture by using that information.

wall decor for slanted ceilings

6) Mark the location of the top fasteners on the wall 

Mark two dots on the masking tape that correspond to the levels on the level, then use your pencil to draw them. You must mark the width of the fasteners since this will ensure that your mounting screws are perfectly centred. Please verify that your marks are accurate before you secure the frame. 

7) Amount of distance between the top and bottom fasteners

You can easily find the location for your bottom set of mounting screws by measuring the distance on the frame, then finding that distance below your marks on the wall. Write down the exact distance between the keyhole cut-outs in the fastener. Measure from the same point on each fastener. You should also measure down from the top of the second hole if you measure from the top of the first hole. As long as your fasteners are installed evenly, you should only need to take one measurement. If you're unsure, measure each side again to be sure.

8) Measure the height of the wall screws from the bottom with a pencil

Once you've measured the frame, go to your wall and use a tape measure (or level) to create vertical lines down from where it is that will be mounting spots. Mark each end with an accurate measurement so they can stay straight when installed later on!

For example, if there were 10 inches between these brackets, then mark points at exactly ten inches for both sides - this way, everything comes out ideally even after installation.

best way to decorate slanted wall

9) Install the four mounting screws into the locations you marked on the wall

The best way to hang a picture is with the help of your cordless drill. Make sure you use anchors and screws, depending on what type of wall material it will be attached to drywall. For instance, it needs studs or screwing into concrete; brick requires an extra push from wooden stakes driven deep enough they bite securely against their base (cement).

10) Hang the fasteners on the mounting screws

Hold the frame up flush against a wall so that it lines up with where you'll be screwing in the mounting screws. Slide down slowly and feel for those keyholes! It can sometimes take some tries before they all line up nicely, but if your picture is heavy, then maybe ask someone else to hold on to help out?

Trying to decorate slanted walls can be even more challenging than decorating regular walls. Hanging curtains on a wall for a traditional look can be ineffective because it has become outdated. So you'll likely want to think creatively when planning what to put on bare walls. Above, we've given you some ideas regarding angled walls that might help spark your imagination. Let me know how it turns out!

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