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how to decorate a two story wall

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How to Decorate a Two Story wall?

Beautiful two-story walls can enhance a living room or an entryway, don't they? Nevertheless, how can you maximize the space and design it effectively?

When it comes to decorating an ample space, it can be difficult at times to know where to begin. 

There is something captivating about a grand two-story foyer or a large living room with high ceilings and sprawling corners. A home with higher ceilings has various advantages, including the sensation of feeling lighter and bigger in the homes. People who have opted to construct their custom home with two-story rooms often regret the move when it comes time to decorate the home.

Throughout this blog post, you will: 

  • Get to know innovative ideas of how to decorate a two-story wall
  • Find loads of brilliant tips on how to get started

It takes only a few simple ideas and tips to transform a tall, two-story wall into something really beautiful! Let's give your space the majestic, sophisticated feel it deserves.

two story wall decor

1) Use Large Curtains

A curtain is a necessary component of almost every room. However, if you're only using them on your windows, you might be missing out. Whether you're looking to soften the background of a room or delineate areas in a large room, there are myriad creative ways to make use of curtains in your home that don't have anything to do with blocking out peeping Toms. 

Taking the opposite edge of the spectrum from patterned accent curtains, minimalist designers may feel more comfortable with curtain shades that are the same tone as their walls. By picking a window dressing that has the same color as the room's shade, the curtain material will be seamless, and this ensures the window dressing blends into the décor without a hitch.

So, add long curtains in front of your two-story wall if it is adjacent to a large window, so as to heighten the magnificence of the window and distract from the two-story wall. It's a great idea to keep the space looking and feeling clean and elegant by eliminating the cluttered furniture.

big thick curtains

2) Add Wallpaper

The paper decor is increasingly becoming the center of attention. Walls in home offices and workspaces are no longer a sterile white, for it has become evident that those areas make the most of the right mood just as much as living spaces. Adding wallpapers to a working area can make the space feel more inviting, adding a comfortable, cozy ambiance.

Prior to choosing a certain style, it is important to consider what effect you are trying to achieve. Mood and atmosphere can be influenced by colors, patterns, and surface characteristics, and structures. Therefore, we must analyze various work environments, consider questions that lead to the correct decision, and consider the criteria to be applied when choosing wallpapers to be used in work areas.

There's nothing that stops your eye from running all the way up to the ceiling when you see a fireplace kind of wallpaper. By breaking the wall up in this manner, your eye stays lower and therefore more on the bolder pieces, and you don't get distracted. The path to the ceiling is no longer simply a long runway.

fancy design wallpaper

When the architectural changes are completed, you can paint the white stripes under the ceiling area to match the wall color. If you did so, it would give the fireplace a cleaner look and let you focus on the bold consoles and the fireplace material.

It is one of the best and probably unique ways of decorating a two-story wall with wallpaper. You can truly make the whole area come alive by adding interesting and well-designed wallpapers to the space!

3) Add Library Bookshelves

Wouldn't it be great if you could have bookcases that went from floor to ceiling? Nowadays, modern homes should have a dedicated space for working on assignments, reading, and writing, no longer the dining table. By doing this, you can focus on what you do rather than moving around the house looking for space. Make sure the style matches the interior decor of your home.

You can opt for a wooden wall bookshelf if your home has the look of a traditional farmhouse. Consider selecting a bookshelf whose design complements your existing furniture products. 

wall library unit

It is a good idea to give yourself a two-story wall since it has the perfect opportunity to make it happen! If you do not plan on building floor-to-ceiling shelves, adding library bookshelves or other display pieces can lead to a new dimension of a tall room. 

4) Large Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures of large or even oversized sizes can build up a room's grand feel and balance out the length of a two-story wall. In order to achieve the look and feel that you're looking for here, it is essential to find the right lighting fixtures for the space that will achieve what you desire!

With each passing year, larger lighting becomes more popular. Whether they were chosen to complement the scale of a similarly oversize room or create an exciting and audacious statement in smaller spaces, oversize pendant lights, chandeliers, and even floor lamps all have a unique and dramatic presence. 

electrical fixtures and fittings

A focal point that commands attention and creates the desired spectacle artfully, oversized lighting captures attention immediately and effectively commands the space it occupies. Adding a piece of illumination of enormous proportions to any room, from the entryway to the dining room, is sure to add a dramatic element. 

5) Add Wall Paneling

Wall paneling is an excellent way to add style and texture to a plain room or to hide imperfections. Traditionally, wall panels served as insulation between stone walls and the room. These days, wall paneling is often installed to add aesthetic appeal to a room. Besides enhancing the aesthetic value, it also avoids wall damage, hides unattractive electrical cables, and offers structural support. 

Paneling walls are one of the best ideas for decorating a two-story wall! Using different wood panels can break up the large wall, making it easier to look at and adding texture and beauty. So, there is no end to the possibilities when it comes to your wall panels.

chanel wall art

6) Decorate at Eye Level

A room is often thought of after considering the elements which are seen from an eye level, such as furniture, artwork, decorations, etc. But it can also be just as important to think about what is happening around you as it is to think about what is happening inside.

So, another simple idea is to decorate your walls at eye level. There's no need to decorate the whole wall! Decorating it might seem simple because it works just like decorating a normal wall, only it will be covered by an imaginary ceiling, which will help keep things at eye level and give you some breathing space.

Listed below are a few ways in which you can bring the eye high in any room: 

A) Adding a splash of color overhead

You can design your space with a predominantly white interior topped off with a vibrant blue archway. A single spot of color in this space serves to draw the eye upward, while it also emphasizes an architectural feature that frames the space and emphasizes the tall ceilings. 

tips for painting high walls

Whether or not you have an archway like this in your home, you can still use the same trick to highlight doorways, pillars, or even edges of a room. The set has to be strategically positioned in this space, as it is in this case, but when done correctly, it adds just the right amount of sparkle.

B) Paint out the trim

Painting the trim the same color as the walls allows you to keep the same architectural interest throughout the room without reducing any of the room's height or breadth. In this regard, the space feels more open, more connected, and perhaps even more dramatic.

The gallery arrangement is tried and true for a reason. By extending your art all the way to the ceiling (and sometimes even to the floor), you can create a more spacious feeling for your wall space.

2 story wall decor

C) Use opposites to widen the space

Tall plants draw the eye upward, while decorative accessories can hang from the ceiling, also accentuating the height of the space. Having elements that stretch skyward alongside those that hang makes the space feel expansive.

7) Use Shelves

Shelf units can be used to break up a large wall and add character to an area at the same time! Ideally, start off by adding a tall, thin accessory such as a vase and add a small addition in front of it and to the sides. 

Consider displaying a framed photo, art print, or mirror nearby. Creating some variety in your accessories is important to remember when choosing your accessories.

simple wooden wall shelves

It is also possible to utilize a lot of the shelf space that is already taken up by the television and the speakers, and the area above the desk has some wood cubby spaces that may also be useful.

So, there are endless ways to decorate a two-story wall using shelves, including shelves with unique brackets and interesting bookshelves.

8) Two Story Wall Art

Many people immediately think of adding a gallery wall as the best art solution for a two-story wall when it comes to artwork for your walls. Although this can be tricky to achieve, and it heavily depends on the architecture of the space when trying to achieve it!

chanel perfume wall art

To convert the two-story wall into a cohesive piece, consider adding one large art piece or multiple large pieces of art. A beautiful piece of art on the wall is a great way to balance the space on the wall while presenting stunning art.

9) Oversized mirrors

For those of you who are on the lookout for some vintage charm with oversize mirrors for their home decor, this tip will prove very informative for you. An aged mirror, the distressed mirrored look is the perfect way to make a vintage statement in the walls of a modern farmhouse or a classic traditional home. 

If you find antique mirrors at estate sales or antique shops that are starting to lose the silvering, you might be able to salvage them. The result will be a charming and uniquely crafted space that is authentic and a reflection of your personality.

With your decor, you can tell a story by using different themes to match the room's theme. A well-loved, vintage mirror will still reflect light and add a sense of spaciousness to the room, but more importantly, it emphasizes the history and the story you want to tell about your house. You can rely on it to reflect your taste in fashion. 

oversized black mirror

It is also possible to decorate with a tall mirror in a two story foyer so that the height of the room is elicited. You can put this mirror on the wall, prop it on the floor, or place it over the entry table to make a statement. The mirror should be placed at a height that will allow people to check their appearance before leaving the house from that point on.

10) Large Chandelier

Make your two-story foyer look even more impressive by hanging a large chandelier above it. The chandelier is the focal point of your room and will add a wow factor to your entryway, so don't skimp on the size and buy a small one.

There are two options here: whether you center the chandelier in the window where the front door is situated or whether you place the chandelier a little lower so that it can be more visible from the foyer.

coco chanel wall art

By following the above decorating tips in your room, you can decorate two story walls. Be selective about the decor ideas you choose for your ledge so that it stands out.

There are many ways to use the half wall space that you have, depending on where it is located on the wall and how you want to make that section more lively and aesthetically pleasing.

If you want to complete your two-story wall decoration with some original wall art canvas, feel free to check our online store. 

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See you soon.

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