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how to decorate a split level home

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How to decorate a split level home ?

The decoration of your split level home lacks character, and you want to rectify this? Maybe you don't know which decorating styles are suitable for this type of home?

Split-level homes aren't very common. Many individuals are perplexed by their value, as well as how to distinguish their entertainment areas from their relaxing areas. However, these one-of-a-kind houses have a personality that typical houses will never have.

A split-level house is a multi-story residence with a short set of steps connecting the levels of the living area. A living room is normally on the main floor, with bedrooms, baths, and a kitchen on the top floor, and a den or garage in the basement. In the 1950s, split-level homes, sometimes known as tri-level homes, were popular as a cost-effective choice for increasing families relocating to the suburbs. 

To decorate your split-level home, you need to use a uniformed color since it is stylish, knock some few walls down, add some canvases, make a storage wall out of the entrance wall, and most importantly, improve technology by reconfiguring the heating and cooling system.

In this article, we will see how to: 

  • Change the look of the outside
  • Knocking down some walls 
  • Improving technology 
  • Setting up areas for entertainment 
  • Creating a uniformed color 

You're probably thinking about how you're going to decorate the space to make it your own, whether you're dreaming of a split-level house design or are ready to move into a finished project. Investigate these options for modernizing your split-level home.

how to decorate a small split level home

I) Change the Look of the outside

House exterior design is more vital than ever, and ensuring that your house looks great from the outside will boost your curb appeal, as well as your daily enjoyment when you come home and its total worth.

Whether you have a modern or classic house, there are easy adjustments and larger improvements you can make – from windows and cladding to even the color of your front door – to assist boost your home's saleability, so it's worth looking into your alternatives. It must be done sympathetically to your home's present style, as with any house renovation.

The outside of your property is revealing its age. Simple split-level house upgrades like new siding, lower façade materials, and paint have a big impact. Try the following ideas.

1) One section should be re-sided

You may create a more contemporary look without breaking the bank by updating the siding on the higher half of your house. Substitute vertical siding, narrow lap siding, or architectural panels for your wide horizontal siding.

2) Repaint the outside of the house

Is the outside of your home currently painted a dreary brown, tan, light blue, or yellow color? Repaint the siding in a more vibrant hue, such as a jewel tone, for a more contemporary effect. If you employ painters, make sure they thoroughly prepare the space first.

decorating a split level home

3) Purchase new garage doors

Because your garage occupies a big amount of the façade, it makes a strong first impression on your visitors. Aesthetic for one-of-a-kind, contemporary garage doors to completely transform the look of your property. Alternatively, you could paint it!

4) The bottom facade should be updated

If the lower part of your home is covered with old stucco, brick, or tile, it's probably time to replace it. Replace the bottom façade with a different material, such as cedar clapboard or stone. Alternatively, keep rocking it and simply add landscaping to match the current materials!

5) Consider changing the color of your roof

Avoiding a roof color that is too light or too similar to the house color is one of the finest ways to update a split-level property. For on-trend style, contrast is essential.

II) Outside, add trim; adjust it on the inside

When your property was built, efficiency was the name of the game, which is why the façade and inside may be missing in modern trim. The split-level improvements listed below will work for the majority of properties in this style.

1) The twin front windows should be framed

If you have two small and far apart front windows, frame them both in, which will visually bind them together. You may also make a decorative accent panel that matches the trim or adds an unexpected splash of color between the windows.

vintage nyc wall art

2) Enhance the molding and trimming

Simple molding and trim, sometimes dark-painted or stained wood, may be seen inside many split-levels, particularly those from the 1960s and 1970s. Painting the trim a lighter color is a terrific technique to make it look more contemporary. Remove some trim, such as around entrances, for a more bare aesthetic. Consider painting your antique wood paneling using these techniques as well.

3) Trim around the soffit

Your home's soffit is the overhanging roof. It creates a powerful highlighting effect when you add trim beneath and paint it a color that contrasts with your siding.

4) Corner boards should be added

Adding corner-board trim to the inner and outside corners of a split-level home can update it for a low cost.

III) Focusing on the Entryway

Entryways say a lot about your house and the welcoming vibe it gives off. However, decorating this space in a split level house can be a little trickier. We've done our homework and want to share with you the best ways to furnish and accessorize the entryway.

The feel of your home is conveyed through the entryway. That's why split levels may be challenging: how can you create a large impression in a little space? There's no need to be concerned; just remember our fundamental ideas.

split level home decorating ideas

When a room is at a premium, it's important to keep things simple, include light, and make use of mirrors. Because the doorway is so... divided, it may be challenging to come up with split-level entry concepts. Is your doorway tight on the inside and overly deep on the outside? 

Consider the following split-level entrance ideas.

1) The entrance door should be moved

If you wish to keep your present door style, turn it so it faces the driveway rather than the street. Replace the door with high-quality IGU windows, and you'll have a lot more light!

2) Add a tiny porch to the mix

Create a clear line with the front of your house by adding a porch to the doorway "nook". This will draw attention away from the garage and toward the main entrance.

3) Make a storage wall out of the entrance wall

If your doorway is small, you may add storage to make it more functional. There's an empty room behind at least one of the entrance walls in most split-levels! Feel also free to hang canvas panels next to the storage wall! 

split level home decor ideas

IV) Lighten up the space 

Many split-levels feature only one tiny window per room, with no windows on the sides of the house. When this is combined with a large number of internal walls, the house seems to be gloomy.

Consider these home modifications for a split-level house that brighten the entire space.

1) Replace and add windows to your home

A residence with little windows might appear antiquated. Replace some smaller windows with larger ones, keeping in mind visual harmony from both the outside and interior perspectives. Place windows on the house's blank sides and in the rooms where you spend the most time.

2) Consider installing a skylight or solar tubes

Also, let some light in from above! Skylights are usually an excellent choice. Solar tubes are a new way for brightening a room without taking up a lot of space in the ceiling

3) Custom mirrors are the way to go

By reflecting whatever light is there, mirrors may make small, gloomy spaces look both brighter and bigger. Your own style will be reflected in custom mirrors as well.

4) Use light-colored paints

Small areas look bigger when painted in light hues.

farmhouse decorate split level home

V) Doing away some useless Walls

Excessive walls in some older homes make them feel distant. Even if load-bearing walls can't be removed, some split-level house improvements are still possible.

1) Improve your Kitchen

By knocking down part of the kitchen walls, you may create a large, communal environment whether your kitchen is next to the dining room or the living room. A new kitchen island in the middle or a half-wall with built-in storage are also good options. 

2) Doorways should be shuffled

Consider how you might be able to connect separate rooms by moving doorways. The hallway bathroom, for example, may be converted into a master bathroom. An isolated linen closet can be converted into a walk-in closet for a bedroom nearby.

VI) Improved Technology and Security

When it comes to modernizing a split-level house, technology is crucial. Although safety upgrades may not be on your to-do list right now, this sort of property comes with its own set of risks. Consider the following suggestions.

1) Check the ventilation in the kitchen

Get your range hood and kitchen exhaust fan checked out while you're remodeling if they're old or haven't been serviced.

tips for decorating a split level home

2) Reconfigure the heating and cooling system

Split-levels are notorious for their inconvenient chilly and warm zones. Request that a reputable HVAC technician adjust the system so that each zone has its own thermostat. If this option is out of your price range, a whole-house fan can be a good alternative.

3) Increase the amount of carbon monoxide and smoke detectors

You'll probably need more of carbon monoxide detectors or smoke alarms because there are so many different rooms and floors.

4) Consider mobility

If you have older friends or family, or if you're getting less mobile yourself, take steps to ensure that everyone in your house is comfortable.

VII) Setting Up areas for Entertainment

With various levels to work with in a split level house design, you may construct additional gathering areas such as rumpus rooms, theater rooms, or even your own personal cocktail bar!

If you frequently entertain friends and family, consider setting aside some space on level two or three for a beautiful gathering area with views. Consider purchasing an outdoor lounge or table set for warm summer evenings on the porch, as well as comfortable couches for when the weather begins to chill. For a seamless experience, match the color palette of both inside and outdoor gathering spaces. For nighttime movie marathons, consider setting up a flat-screen TV, plenty of cushions, and toasty blankets.

VIII) Using a uniformed Color

The basic contrasting colors give the area a rich feel while also emphasizing the design's multi-dimensional character. When it comes to generating interest and depth indoors, a basic color scheme may make all the difference.

vintage prints wall art

As you can see, you just need to be a little inventive to decorate your split level home. Even if the decoration of this type of house is a little more tricky than a classic house decoration, it is still pretty easy to set up if you apply our precious tips stated above!  

If you are concerned about the decoration of your walls, do not hesitate to add decorative canvas, which will embellish the room if the design is well chosen.
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With high ceilings and smart use of space, split-level houses may be lovely. Stick to a theme and make sure that everything fits together and looks good when your visitors glance up and down. They can, however, feel like a time capsule from the mid-1950s through the late 1960s, and aren't always a reflection of your unique design preferences.

See you soon.

Splash of Arts Team.