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how to decorate a minimalist home

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How to decorate a minimalist home?

You like minimalist style, and you would like to adopt it for your home decor? Would you like to know more about the basic codes of this style? 

Simplicity is always a good idea, after all, minimalist designs are trending like anything. There is something unique about minimalist homes; their serene plain walls, soothing color shades, and lots of appealing floor space. Luckily, you can enhance the charm of such minimalist interiors with some easy and unique home decor ideas. In this article, explore the ways to decor your minimalist home in a way that it transmits the same warmth and cozy feeling with a twist. 

You can decorate your minimalist home by choosing a simple color palette (gray, white, black, pink, etc.). Then, you can add some wall mirrors, canvas, plants or dual-use furniture. Make sure that the areas are spacious. You can make the flooring by adding some light hardwood. 

In this article, you will learn:

  • What does a minimalist home mean
  • Why you should decorate your minimalist home
  • The most popular and unique ways to decor a minimalist home

Take a moment and look around your home, its furniture, furnishing, the portraits hanging, objects placed on the tabletops, the curtains swinging along the walls, the flooring and carpeting, and so on.

Do these all need to be there, or you would like to sweep some of those? If yes, you are on your way towards a "minimalist" home decor.

minimalist boho home

1) Features of a Minimalist Home 

As the name suggests, a minimalist home depicts the true essence of minimalism; an idea of subtracting redundant objects and frills from tour decor and making your home looks and feels simple. Many homeowners are turning to new ways to decor their minimalist home since it is a refreshing way of organized, neat, refreshing, and clutter-free living.  

2) How decorating your minimalist home enhances its looks and value

Even if you already have a minimalist home, you always have room to keep it exciting with some new twists. A minimalist home may sometimes look dull, especially if you do not go for any changes in its decor for years.

Making smart changes in decor not only keeps your minimalist home looking exciting, but also feels full. Above all, the resale value of a well-maintained minimalist home is often much higher than you expect.

minimalist concrete homes

3) Ways to decor your minimalist home 

Do you want to know some unique, easy-to-use, quick and budget-friendly ways to decor a minimalist home? Read on below.

A) The refreshing restrained color palette

Light colors like white with the understated neutrals, low-shaded grays, and pastels are vital to minimalist home interiors. You can always use some brighter colors, though; however, go for one or two and limit the dosage. The shades of white and beige are getting popular to make a well-lit room. Adding a marble dinner table in such an ambiance also uplifts such minimalist style. 

B) Emphasize upon focal points & empty spaces

In minimalist home design, space interacts well with the objects to define a look. By having a focal point, you can create a visual balance. Make your living room have lots of empty space with no undesired distraction. You can hang some of the family's important decor elements on the wall to redefine such a look.

minimalist luxury homes

C) Add accent decorations

While decorating a minimalist home, you can always use bright colors and different types of decor elements. The only rule to follow is not to overwhelm the home with many things. If you want to use art, select a focal piece rather than many smaller ones. In a living room, for instance, a pair of portraits hanging along a bare wall serves as a focal point that does not look like a cluttered distraction.

D) Experiment with textures

Make a minimalist home look interesting by adding different textures. For instance, in a bedroom, an upholstered headboard, and a mint-hued, textured wallpaper look perfect with each other and give the space an overall refreshing appeal. The wooden floorboards also add to the textural legacy of a minimalist design. 

E) Have patterns

Minimalist homes generally have no or least patterns. If you want to add patterns, put them on a small scale, tone-to-tone, or go for an unobtrusive pattern. Moreover, you can always go with a patterned carpet placed in the center of the room. It gives the space a much-needed break from typical monotony.

etsy minimalist wall art

4) Decluttering

If you want to have a true yet stylish cozy minimalist living room design, you must be ready to declutter your space quite often. To achieve this purpose, you should be observant of the displays on your tables and shelves and creative to edit the settings often. When it comes to decorating a minimalist home, it is advised to focus the essentials only and put the rest into the cabinets. We have seen many kitchens for instance that truly show how only a few well-selected design elements can do wonders to the counters.

Imagine a white kitchen given with a pop of wine red; it is going to be an impression of plenty of space that is also stylish. Decluttering is an art; it is beyond making your space free from non-essential or redundant design elements. It is more about your creativity to mix and match few but elegant design elements that complement one another like anything.

5) Clean lines ‚Äď Flat surfaces

Furniture and essentials a minimalist home design usually feature clean, sharp and well-defined lines, curves and flat surfaces. For instance, go for a kitchen having well-defined cabinets, windows, drawers and plenty of flat surfaces. The clean lines covering the lack of handles on the cabinets seem quite pleasant to the eyes.

minimalist family home inspiration

6) Play with lights

When it comes to minimalist home decor, lighting is often a neglected element, as the most of the homeowners focus on the other minimalist design elements more than lighting. Lighting is one of the most essential elements of a minimalist home; it can either make or break the ambience you want to create. Here we also refer to the natural light; i.e. sunlight. Bare windows are loved by most.

If you leave your windows plain and let the light flow in, it significantly adds to your minimalist style. If privacy is the concern, you can go for the thinnest materials to be used for your blinds or curtains. In a living room; for instance, sheer curtains ensure a flow of enough sunlight, enhancing everything it falls on. The pop of the pink just adds to the aesthetic.

7) Simple objects can be powerful too

Decorating your minimalist interiors usually compels you to redefine the quantity of simple or ordinary objects you would like to be around you. In a living room, the first thing that usually catches one’s eye is probably some bright and colorful throw pillows or a striking painting hanging on the wall.

If you set such simple yet powerful objects along a white backdrop or a neutral tone, they can surely stand out. With minimalist home decor, maintenance also becomes easier and less costly.

industrial minimalist interior design

8) Make walls neutral

Neutral paint colors make the key component of simple, cool minimalist home designs. White, blush, tan, beige and earth tones seem great wall color choices for keeping your home calm, bright, calm, uncluttered and neat. If you love darker tones, you can also give a monochromatic scheme to some parts of the home.

9) Toning Floors

Much like the walls, the floors in a minimalist home can be decorated to help brighten and widen up your space. Flooring such as light hardwood, white tile, and polished concrete give your minimalist home a contemporary minimalist feel. If you like the appearance of wood floors but do not have enough budget, you can go for light-colored vinyl planks as an economical choice.

10) Add more mirrors

If the new window's installation is not a budget-friendly option for you, or you are renting a home, mirrors make an ideal alternative to costly window renovations. Not just the mirrors do help open up your small space, but they are also brilliant for minimalist decor since these are simple, functional, as well as stylish.

luxury minimalist interior design

11) Customize staircase

Give your minimalist home design a refreshing and interesting boost with the custom stairs. Floating stairs, stairs having glass panels, and the stairs containing open backs are all highly popular trends for the minimalist homes since they are simple means to open up any minimalist floor plan. This single element has the tendency to uplift the feel of your minimalist home design, if you choose the style well.

12) Replace traditional furniture with dual-use furniture

The trend of using multipurpose furniture is only going to rise in coming years. Furniture that serves multiple functions prevents your minimalist home from looking messy or visually cluttered.

Many dual-use furniture can be DIY. For instance, you can repurpose your old dresser and transform it into a desk for your bedroom, or put a wooden tray on the bench and use it as either a console table or a place to sit to relax or chat with your guests. Dual-purpose or multipurpose furniture has especially become an integral part of small minimalist homes.

living room minimalist wall art

Decorating a minimalist home is often a challenge; you need a perfect balance between the simplicity factors and the new decor ideas by ensuring they blend well with each other.

Reading this article has made you familiar with how you can strike this balance perfectly and decor your minimalist home without compromising its inherent tone and minimalist theme.

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See you soon.

Splash of Arts Team.