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how to decorate a living room with vaulted ceilings

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How to decorate a living room with vaulted ceilings ?

You would like to decorate your living room with a vaulted ceiling, but you have no idea how to proceed? Perhaps you are looking for new decorating ideas? 

Having vaulted ceilings means there's a lot of empty space above the 8-foot line. It has the ability to make a place feel vast and sumptuous while simultaneously making it feel chilly and empty. In fact, if not properly addressed, a room with vaulted ceilings might seem rather bad.

Vaulted ceilings may provide the impression of additional space and volume, while the materials used for ceiling beams, such as hardwood, can offer character and warmth.

To decorate your living room with vaulted ceilings, you must use various techniques. First, you will have to choose the lighting system (pendant light, recessed light, etc.). Then, you must add architectural details, furnitures and accessories, such as wood beam, wall arts, hardwood tables, sculptures, etc. Make sure to use warm colors to stir up your room.

In this article, some major design ideas with vaulted ceilings will be discussed, which include the following: 

  • Vaulted ceiling lighting system 
  • Painting ideas of vaulted ceilings 
  • Choosing the perfect ceiling door 
  • Paying attention to architectural details. 

Vaulted ceilings are popular among designers these days because they may make spaces appear bigger and more dramatic. Of course, they'll make your design project a little more difficult, and you'll have to keep them in mind for any future décor decisions. It's more of a premium living room choice in most circumstances. So, does designing a living room with a vaulted ceiling make sense?

Before we chip into the decor ideas, let's go through some of the often asked questions about vaulted ceilings that you might have.

half vaulted ceiling living room

1) Is it costly to have vaulted ceilings?

The cost of vaulted ceilings is more than the cost of normal ceilings. This is due to the fact that they need more time and effort to construct. They also employ a greater number of materials. The high roofline of vaulted ceilings expands the space above you. Because of these characteristics, vaulted ceilings are more expensive to build.

2) What makes a cathedral different from a vaulted ceiling?

Cathedral ceilings are commonly used to describe vaulted ceilings. This is due to the fact that cathedrals were among the earliest buildings to feature lofty ceilings. There are, nevertheless, some distinctions. A cathedral ceiling is symmetrical, according to architects.

A cathedral ceiling reaches a peak in the center, mimicking the roof's design. The slope is the same on both sides. The form of a vaulted ceiling does not always match the curve of the roof.

3) What does it mean to have a vaulted ceiling, and what exactly is a vaulted ceiling?

Vaulted ceilings are high ceilings that give a place a feeling of spaciousness. Although some vaulted ceilings are arched or pitched, this is not always the case. Instead, a vaulted ceiling is one that is taller than the conventional 8 feet. Vaulted ceilings can take on any look or form, and their appearance and design will alter through time as structures grow and change.

farmhouse vaulted ceiling living room

5) What exactly are the benefits of vaulted ceilings?

By expanding the ceiling or room, vaulted ceilings serve to create space inside a room. In addition, a vaulted ceiling will improve the amount of light in your space. They will also give a room more visual impact.

Vaulted ceilings can be created by raising the ceiling in an above-ground space or by lowering the ceiling in a subterranean area. The roof's vaulted thrust necessitates a counter-resistant area. The ground's surface will give counter-resistance when a room is created underground.

When considering this concept, here are some intriguing vaulted ceiling living room ideas and helpful hints to consider.

6) Painting a Vaulted Ceiling

The hue of the vaulted ceiling living room paint should either complement or distract from the solution's nature. Making the walls darker than the ceiling, or in complete contrast to it, is a fantastic idea so that the attention is immediately drawn to the gorgeous ornamentations.

When used in the other direction, this approach helps to make the space feel more personal despite the official ceiling, and you can make it even more harmonic and appealing by covering the ceiling with a few wooden boards. 

Make sure that all of the planks are the same design and color, and that they add to the present flow in your living or dining area. An excellent alternative would be cedar planks, which would give the space a more rustic aspect thanks to the tiny cracks and knothole spots.

Use glossy-finished black and dark brown planks for a futuristic look, while pristine white and more exposed planks provide a fresher, more peaceful environment. All you have to do to make your living room appear like a timeless and magnificent villa is use Venetian plaster and joint compound.

Here are some more suggestions:

A) To get to the high points, use a pole

A vaulted ceiling frequently has difficult-to-reach places. To reach high spots, use a pole that slots into the end of your roller. You'll also have access to a larger surface area if you use a pole. When used in conjunction with ladders, you will be able to reach all of the difficult-to-reach spots with ease.

painting vaulted ceiling same color as walls

B) Make use of a big roller

Use the biggest roller you can find when painting a vaulted ceiling. This is usually an 18-inch roller. A huge roller will feel pricey and perhaps heavy to operate at first, but it will be well worth it in the end. Working efficiently will be aided with a big roller.

Remember to use drop cloths to protect your floors and surfaces from splatters while painting a vaulted ceiling. Painting your vaulted ceilings will give your area a fresh, clean look.

C) Purchase high-quality drop cloths

When painting ceilings, you'll want to keep splashes and paint splatters away from your floors, surfaces and furniture. Purchase the highest-quality canvas drop cloths you can locate. This will result in a high level of absorbency. Plastic drop cloths are frequently used to protect furniture or wooden surfaces.

Again, quality is the way to go. Your clothing will be less likely to fly away if your plastic is thicker. This will protect your furnishings as well as you from any accidental streaks or leaks.

D) Invest in a brush extension pole

Add an extension pole to your brush while painting the trim. As you clean up the edges, you'll have more control over your brush.

how to light a vaulted ceiling room 

E) A cloth and a bucket of water should be kept nearby

Your drop sheets will protect your surfaces, but you can prevent spills and drips from spreading by clearing up any major drips or spills. To clean up any spills, keep a bucket of soapy water and a couple of clean towels on.

This will keep your work surfaces clean and easy to manage. Your clothing will be protected by your garments as well. Cleaning up wet paint is much simpler than cleaning up dried paint.

F) Make use of a variety of ladders

Vaulted ceilings are frequently of varying heights. To paint your walls in certain sections, you'll need a basic step ladder, while at the pitch, you'll need a 12 foot ladder. Instead than hauling heavy equipment around, use ladders or stools at the appropriate heights. As a result, your painting will be light and efficient.

G) First, paint your moldings

Your moldings might be fussy, leaving bare edges. You'll be able to smooth out the edges later if you paint them before you start painting your walls. Use a paint guide to protect your carpets when painting. To keep it clean, wipe it down each time you enter a new location.

living room vaulted ceiling ledge decorating ideas

H) To keep your moldings tidy, tape them together

Painting your moldings will always help you, no matter how accomplished you are as a painter. The lines between your moldings and the walls will be clean and clear if you use tape. However, because there will be defects, you may need to go back and touch up after removing the tape. Remove your tape as swiftly as possible. This is because old tape is difficult to remove and might ruin your paint work.

I) For cut-in lines, use a new brush

When you use a brush to paint, the bristles begin to spread and lose their crisp, clean edges. Always use a new brush when cutting in lines. Your lines will be clean as a result of this. Brushes like Wooster and Whizz are known for their sharp, clean lines. Remember to choose the right sizes for the work. For problematic or hard-to-reach surface regions, a smaller brush is more effective.

J) Clean your brushes on a regular basis

You'll want your paint brushes to last as long as possible if you spend the money on them. Cleaning them on a regular basis keeps them free of dried paint, which stiffens the bristles and makes them less flexible. While taking a break, some painters keep their brushes wrapped in a plastic bag. Paint might, however, dry into the brush.

vintage music wall art

Rather than risking it, wash your brushes while you take a rest. Soak your brushes in water and then massage them with dish soap until the water clears. Rinse them again after cleaning them out with a painter's comb. This will keep your brushes from being too dry. Allow the air to dry upright.

K) Complete any remaining flaws

When you paint, you'll always have little places where the paint is uneven or hasn't fully covered the surface. You might not have the energy to touch up after a long day. They may go unnoticed by you. Touch-ups, on the other hand, will make all the difference in your task.

A professional painting work will always be completed to a high standard. Wait a day or two and look for flaws while the light is still brilliant. All of the portions that are unfinished or defective should be touched up.

7) Selecting the Correct Furniture

The finest furniture selections for a vaulted, cathedral ceiling are always statement pieces and overstuffed features. The smaller or more delicate your furniture is, the larger the area will look, and the more it will appear that you haven't correctly utilized space.

Consider robust hardwood tables, plus-size sectionals, and the biggest pillows you can locate instead. Arrange them neatly and near to the walls to make the area appear more open while yet maintaining a pleasant and intimate atmosphere that your family will enjoy.

living room vaulted ceiling paint ideas

8) Selecting the Perfect Accessory

The nicest part about a vaulted ceiling is the many decorating possibilities, including the ability to add enormous and lofty objects. We suggest wrought-iron bird cages, sculptural themes, and even higher flower arrangements that you couldn't fit in your living room before. Hanging exceptionally large artwork, such as stunning tapestries, murals, and contemporary framed prints, is another fantastic choice.

High silk trees will enhance the proportions of a vaulted ceiling living room while also making the ambience lush and comfortable. Those of you who already have recessed shelves on your walls could consider hanging plants as eye-catching decorations that break up the monotony of huge, seemingly empty walls. Below are some accessories you can implement in decorating your vaulted ceiling: 

A) A chandelier hangs from the ceiling

Adding a magnificent chandelier to a room with a vaulted ceiling is a terrific way to dress it up.

B) Beams That Have Been Aged

White beams that have weathered and have some darker wood showing through provide a distinct appearance.

room dividers for vaulted ceilings

C) The use of contrasting wood helps to define the space

Living rooms with vaulted ceilings and beams can be updated with dark contrasting wood on the ceiling. This instantly transforms a standard vaulted ceiling into something much more spectacular.

D) Wood Beams in Contrast

Dark wood beams, which contrast with a lighter ceiling and lighter walls, assist to define and define the area. This is an eye-catching design that works best in vast, open spaces, and it will definitely make the room look vintage

E) Natural Wood and Gray Ceiling

This stunning gray ceiling with natural wood illustrates that updated vaulted ceiling living rooms don't have to be all white. This contrast is just enough to pique curiosity without becoming overpowering.

F) Warmth is added with brass and wood

Adding brass to a vaulted ceiling living room is one of the greatest decoration ideas. This is a unique take on a living room that incorporates a neutral that isn't plain or uninteresting.

black vaulted ceiling

9) Choosing the perfect lighting for a vaulted ceiling living room

The most powerful weapon for enhancing the beauty of your vaulted ceilings and making them seem both relaxing and dramatic is lighting. If you want to draw attention to them, install recessed light cans in the ceiling or replace them with a single huge and spectacular pending fixture. Uplight the space with modest floor lighting to create a more personal and warm feel.

Recessed lights are the greatest lighting choice for vaulted ceilings. Skylights provide much-needed natural light, while pendant lights give a splash of color. You may also use track lighting, which allows you to move the lights to where you want them. Wall lights are another alternative if you don't want lighting directly on the ceiling. 

Let's take a closer look at the five greatest lighting alternatives for vaulted ceilings. All of these lighting solutions are excellent for vaulted ceilings, so picking which one to use comes down to personal opinion. 

A) Using Recessed Light

Recessed lighting is concealed within the ceiling. They come in square or circular shapes and may be hung from any point on the ceiling. The light shines downward and may be directed to anywhere you want it to shine. Because you'll need to drill holes to position the lights, this is a more long-term option. If you have one light for every four to six square feet of ceiling, you'll be fine.

This will ensure that the light is evenly distributed around the space. If you want to add recessed lighting to your vaulted ceilings, you should hire a professional to ensure that the installation is done correctly and that your house does not become a fire danger.

half vaulted ceiling lighting ideas

B) Using Pendant Light

For a vaulted ceiling, pendant lights are also a good option. They may give a sense of personality to any space. Many pendant lights feature interchangeable shades as well. Changing your shade allows you to update the look of your space without breaking the budget.

There are so many various kinds of pendant lights to choose from that you'll be able to discover the perfect match for your own taste. The cords are available in a number of lengths as well.

C) Using Track Lighting

Track lighting is a great alternative since the lights can be moved to the desired location. You may even adjust the lights on the track to focus on the area where you need the light if you wish to alter your room.

These are also available in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes. Some of the tracks may even be bent into the desired form. When it comes to lighting for vaulted ceilings, this concept allows you a little more flexibility.

D) Using Skylights 

Skylights are an excellent method to bring natural light into any space. They're not only attractive, but they're also quite practical. It may help you save money on your power costs and even give heat when the sun shines through. They are low-energy and reduce the demand for illumination during the day. On vaulted ceilings in any area, they may be a terrific focal point.

recessed lighting on vaulted ceiling

E) Using Wall Sconces 

There is another alternative if you have determined that ceiling lighting on your vaulted ceilings isn't for you. Wall sconces, also known as wall lanterns, are a great way to add light to a space. They are available in a number of styles and at various price points.

Sconces may give your room's lighting a more intimate feel by reflecting light up towards the ceiling. You may use them to create a variety of themes and decorations. Wall lights in conjunction with skylights would be a fantastic choice. During the day, you'd have natural light, and at night, you'd have lights on the walls.

10) Selecting the appropriate color for your vaulted ceiling

People go through the trouble of converting standard ceilings to vaulted ceilings because they want to add depth and visual spaciousness to their rooms, and picking the proper color for their project is crucial for a successful outcome.

Colors, tints, and the environment influence the look of a vaulted ceiling in a variety of ways: strong and dark hues make it appear lower and more personal, while lighter hues offer more space and a fresher appearance.

In both circumstances, the ceiling must be the focal point, especially if the owner is artistic and seeks to express himself through ceiling art.

11) Stir up the space with warm colors

Warmer colors are advised in vaulted ceiling rooms to avoid the distant and cold mood caused by the ceiling's unique height. This is not a good sensation in a living room that should be engaging and friendly, therefore utilize warm tones as much as possible. Combine cooler walls with medium tan ceilings and warmer accessories if you've previously chosen cooler walls.

accent wall vaulted ceiling

12) Keep an eye out for architectural elements

The architectural elements of your ceiling will play a role in deciding on a hue. The ceiling will look smaller and lower if there are beams, low arches, or floating elements, and you won't need to choose a dark hue to get the same effect. As a result, you can abandon the concept of choosing a solid hue in favor of a patterned design.

Consider the lighting as well, since it will have a significant impact on how the shades are applied. Examine all of the light sources in the room again, and try to estimate how much of their power will be directed toward the ceiling. This will assist you in determining the colors you require and where they should be applied.

13) Plan more Critically 

There's a reason vaulted ceilings are so appealing: designers devote a significant amount of time and effort to achieve a gorgeous outcome. Starting with the correct colors and concluding with vaulted ceiling images or vaulted ceiling frames, you should design your cathedral ceiling carefully.

Whatever you choose, employ the colors your area needs for additional flavor and depth, and make the most of your surroundings. Choose the correct furniture and accessories and arrange them in a pleasing pattern to give the area a pleasing and functional flow.

vintage wall art prints

You now know the essential steps to decorate your vaulted ceiling living room in the best way.  

Keep in mind that there are many options available to you, depending on the design and color palette you choose.

They're also some of the trendiest and least time-consuming methods to make your old, drab ceiling appear new and fascinating.

Every arched ceiling deserves to be admired. The majority of them may be changed in the same way. They won't all look the same, yet contemporary architecture has produced numerous miracles.

Adding a soffit or a rose window to a classic dome may seem ridiculous, but you'll never know unless you try it. A home's ceilings are frequently the most stunning aspect. Why not choose the most awe-inspiring kind for yours? 

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See you soon.

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